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:iconjqroxks21:JQroxks21 posted a status
I always like playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. Well since I want to talk about it, I want to tell you how I unlocked the characters. Well here's the list below.

1. Jigglypuff - Cleared Classic Mode with any Character and Continues are allowed. (I did this a Pikachu.)

2. Dr. Mario - Cleared Classic Mode as Mario without losing a Continue.

3. Young Link - Cleared Classic Mode with 10 Characters Including Link and Zelda. ( I played as Kirby to unlock him. )

4. Marth - Clear Classic Mode with the original 14 characters. (I unlocked him as Ness.)

5. Roy - Clear Classic Mode as Marth.

6. Falco - Play the 100 Multi Man Melee. ( Easy way to do this as Donkey Kong. )

7. Ganondorf - Play the Event Match Triforce Gathering as Link.

8. Pichu - Play the Event Match Legendary Poke'mom (I did this as Samus. )

9. Luigi - Okay this was tricky. Play Adventure Mode and beat the first stage with a 2 second. Then you fight Luigi and Peach. Beat them in a 2 second and complete Adventure mode. Then fight Luigi again and beat him. (I did this as Link. )

10. Mewtwo - This character was really hard to unlock. Play 20 hours in Vs Mode. (Tricky way to do it I had 4 GameCube controllers and let the system on for 5 hours. Then I beat Mewtwo as Pikachu. )

11. Mr. Game and Watch - I Cleared Classic Mode with 24 characters. I play as Mewtwo to unlock him.

Well I've already told you my story about unlocking the characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Now tell me yours.

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