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Today is my Wedding Couple contest winning results.

The winner is Boomercup Married Boomercup Married by BeeWinter55

Congratulations to BeeWinter55!

The second place runner up is The Interracial Wedding by Kiro-Kurusu! Congratulations! My Contest Entry, 1: The interracial Wedding! by Kiro-Kurusu

Thank you for entering my contest and the first place winner will get his prize soon.
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Hello friends, colleagues and watchers, I'm doing a contest called Wedding Couple contest. All you have to do is to choose one of your favorite parings and put them in a wedding together. Here is the basic rules for this contest.

- Choose one of your favorite parings
- You can make the bride in a nice wedding dress
- You can make the Groom in a nice tuxedo
- You can either make the bride or groom kiss or you can make The Groom carrying the bride.
- Wedding bouquets are allowed for the bride as well.

If you do a really good job and get first place, you'll win a prize.
If you get second place, I'll make you a request picture
If you get in third place, I'll will give you  a nice music track.

Last but not least, The contest will start on February 26th and will end around March 6.

If you have any questions, please send me a note.
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Get ready to fasten your seat belts because this the Final episode of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and the greatest episode of Season Two.

Race picks up Dr. Quest at the airport in Rockport, ME. Because Dr. Quest got back from Press conference in Washington. At the Quest Compound, Jessie's Mother Estella Velasquez pays a visit to see her daughter. As Jonny and Jessie showed Estella the Compound around but the alarm was triggered because there's some intruders. What's shocking is Dr. Zin's latest creations his Robot Spies. Last time we saw these Robot Spies was in the 1964 Version "The Robot Spy". As Race and Dr. Quest were coming home, they saw the Quest Compound in flames. That's right, Dr. Zin destroyed the Quest Compound. As Race and Dr. Quest were looking for clues at the wreckage, they saw a smart computer and the surveillance computer explained everything. Jonny, Jessie and Estella were kidnapped by the Spies. And one of the Spies planted a bomb at Bandit. After Quest and Race watch the video, they heard Bandit wimpering. He was okay.

I'm here with my favorite character of the series Jonny Quest, Jonny looks like Dr. Zin is not done with you guys.

Jonny : " Race and Dad went to pick up Jade in Cairo, Egypt along the way to rescue us because Jade was a puppet to Dr. Zin all these years. I felt bad for her though. The only way to get in Zin's Stronghold is to find one of his ex employees Stephano Dapache. He knows where Zin's base is at. And he also had the Septor of Osiris. It's looks like a jewel cobra. "

And Jade was there to steal it.

Jonny : " Yes, after they left, Jade obtained the jewel but her driver unleashed a poison gas at Dad, Race and Jade. He was a member of Dr. Zin's lackeys. "

Oh no! What ever happened to you, Jessie and Estella?

Jonny : " Well, we were inside Zin's base in a underground tomb. But we stepping on a trap door and we discovered underground pyramids. "


Jonny: "Don't get too excited yet, the real show is about to start. The Robot Spies were coming after us. We had to run as fast as we can! The only way to stop them is to knock the statues down at them. "

Looks like you got one of them.

Jonny : " Then we heard Bandit. That mean Dad came here to rescue us. But something went wrong with them. "

Are they being mind controlled?

Jonny : " Yes thanks to Dr. Zin. He has the Septor of Osiris and Gauntlet with him. He is totally insane. Bandit quickly bite his ass. Then Dad, Race and Jade were back to normal. "

Looks like your father wanted to settle an old score with Zin.

Jonny : " There was nothing I can do as Dad was fighting Zin. Then Race took care of the Spy. "

You know it was cool when Jade and Estella said both Race together.

Jonny : " Yeah haha Race is popular with the girls. Jessie didn't want Race to die so I had to hold her so that she won't get caught by the Spy. "

Then you guys had to get out of here.

Jonny : Yeah we found our exit. But we weren't done yet. More Robot Spies again! Then we saw jeeps and trucks because reinforcements. They were shooting guns and Rocket Launchers at them. Consider ourselves lucky. "

I guess Stephano Dapache must of changed his mind and he decided to help you out.

Jonny : " That he did."

What ever happened to your dad and Dr. Zin?

Jonny : " Dad defeated Zin. Zin got stuck by a statue but he had a button to bury him and my dad in sand. Zin got his last laugh but Dad hot wired a Robot Spy to escape and reunite with us. "

Did you beat the Robot Spies?

Jonny : " Yeah we finally defeated all of them. We were shocked to see another one but my dad was in one. "

Now that you defeated Zin and his Robot Spies, where will you live now?

Jonny : " Race mentioned the Compound in Key West, FL. And we did move there after that. Jade decided the Septor of Osiris herself. "

And about Dr. Zin?

Jonny : " I think he is gone for good. "

Jonny before we're done, I want to ask you. Has your show ever won any awards?

Jonny : " Yes This show won a daytime Emmy Award. This show will never be forgotten in the United States of America because it's very popular here. I am glad I got fans that support me. Children like and Women love me. "

Jonny Quest, thank you very much for talking this episode with me. I appreciate it talking the series with you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful good night and I enjoy your show.

Jonny : " Thanks Justin! It's been great talking with you man! "

God bless and good night!

Well, this is my final commantary of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. I hope you enjoyed them. Well I thank you all for reading my commantaries. Good night everyone and Long Live The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest! The daytime Emmy Award from Hanna-Barbera!

Hadji was absent in this episode
This Quest Byte features Jonny stopping a bug virus
Jezebel Jade is known as Jade of The East
This episode won an Emmy Award for its great storyline.
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Okay, just to let you know that this was the final episode of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest but however, this episode is doesn't feel like a final episode because half of the cast members were gone. It's the 25th episode of the DVD version and made The Robot Spies as the Final 26th episode which I'll explain later. Anyway let's get to the story.

The Quest Team discovered a huge island mansion. Somehow it has a strange energy inside the place.

I'm here with Jonny Quest. Jonny you seem to had a very bad feeling about the mansion.

Jonny : " I sensed a huge amount of energy. It was really bad. While Dad and Race were talking to the French scientists, Hadji and I saw a huge painting. It seems it was echoing at us. "

Sounded like a ghost.

Jonny : "Yeah it was a ghost entity. We heard the beast and it haunted the hell out of us. You know what it did to us? It grabbed us and it killed the two french scientists. Well they were squashed like a pancake. It grabbed Hadji too but it pulled him into another dimension. I couldn't save him. "

You mean Hadji is inside the House?

Jonny : " Yes, into the Parallel universe of the Entity. The only way to save Hadji was to go into Questworld. Race and I went into Questworld to look for him. All that we found was strange balls with blades after us. It had no effect of our weapons. Then we heard Hadji's voice and he was trapped in a cage. Hadji told us it was trap. That strange creature was inside Hadji's body. Race and I had to escape but we got caught in a dead end. Then the Entity got Race. It couldn't saved him. I had to run!  Then I got stuck in a Quicksand. Dad quickly got me out of Questworld by using an axe to cut the company to save me. "

How are you going to stop the Entity and save Hadji and Race?

Jonny : " A strange old man named Jacobi Sparachi told us that he’s the descent of the Sparachi family and the only way to stop the Entity is to destroy the black pearl. Then we'll save Race and Hadji. "

Where is the Black Pearl at?

Jonny : "In the old Ball room where the painting is at. There was a strange creature in there too. While Dad helped me up to get the pearl,  I had to destroy it. Then the Entity was destroyed for good. Then Hadji and Race were free. But the house was about to collapse. We had to escape to the boat. Then after it was over, Mr. Sparachi thanked me and he was turned into dust. Now he can finally sleep in peace. "

Well Jonny, thanks for talking to me in this episode and get ready for the Final episode The Robot Spies next time.

Jonny : " I'll look forward to it Justin! "

Jessie was absent in this episode.
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This episode is incredible! If you like chases and the movies The Terminator and Speed, you will definitely like this episode. In Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Zin is in his rest bed dying. His daughters Anyna and Melana watched their father make his last request. He wants his daughters to eliminate the Quest Team and fulfill his destiny. Then Dr. Zin dies (Or so he thought......)

Anyway,  The Quest Team are at Tokyo, Japan for a special delivery. Jonny, Jessie and Hadji totally likes Japan.

Jonny I have a question, how much do you like Tokyo?

Jonny : " Oh God man! They have a lot cool anime shit and man I definitely enjoyed it. I really want to live in Japan one day so I can become a ninja. And they have pretty good food. "

Do you like enjoying Green Tea?

Jonny : " Oh man they are the best! Haha! Let's see oh yeah we were in Japan to deliver new prototype shoes for the Japanese Minister. However some strange figure stole the case. Race tried to stop it but that thing is made out of metal. "

Hadji said to me it was some type of Android.

Jonny : " That's right. Except that thing has installed with surikken blades. One hit of them and your dead. Haha! I had the prototypes on my shoes and tried to stop him but he was too quick. I was like Dammit I was so close! We chased that machine to the subway. Then Race an I saw a helicopter and it was the Zin daughters. They are the ones that created that Android. I called it a Zinja. "

It looked like a Terminator.

Jonny : " Yeah that's Deja Vu. But the Zinja got Smashed into the subway cars. But man those prototypes that my dad invented made me so hungry so we stopped at a Chow joint for some instant noodles. Mmm they were so damn good! "

Yeah I bet! But why would Zin's daughters created this machine?

Jonny : " I think they are going to assassinate the US President and Japanese Minister. Well that ain't gonna happen because we're gonna stop them! Race had to infiltrate the storehouse building. Zin's daughters created another Zinja but this time a Zinja version of Race Bannon himself. They wanna ruined Race's reputation. But man I totally blew it before I thought Race left the warehouse and the Real Race was attack by another Zinja. Jessie and Hadji had to stop the daughters but they came into a ambush. Now it's up to me stop this Zinja threat. "

Now you had to go to the President and Japanese Minister.

Jonny : " Yeah. I came in just in time to stop that machine. But it was still a little quicker than me. So the President and Minister had to help me. "

Meanwhile, whatever happened to your comrades?

Jonny : Jessie and Hadji were captured but Race got out of his unconsciousness on shoved a shuriken into the Zinja's body and got haywired. Jessie was glad to see her dad alive. After Jessie and Hadji took care of Business with Anyna and Melana, Dr. Zin was disappointed in them. And we thought that he was dead but he was testing his daughters. Once again they failed. "

Where was Dr. Zin at?

Jonny : " His wear abouts were unknown but a Zinja version of Zin had a time bomb! Race, Jessie and Hadji quickly left the warehouse. They were okay. "

And what of Zin's Daughters?

Jonny : " They escaped into a helicopter. Who knows we might meet them again. So they disappeared without a trace. "

I admit those girls were attractive.

Jonny : " Yeah but they were a lot older than us around 21 but yeah I know what you mean. "

Well.... Jonny, it's was fun talking about this episode with you and hopefully I'll talk to you next time.

Jonny : " Alright Just! I'll look forward to it man! "

Dr. Quest was absent in this episode
This Quest Byte features Jonny stopping a runaway train
The President of US hair is auburn and not gray.
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This episode has full of Serious Action! A submarine was shot frozen solid outside of Anchorage, Alaska. It wasn't just an ordinary bomb, it was an Ice Bomb. Well the submarine was making a special delivery to Russia but it turns out the terrorists from the Soviet Union were after the crew in the submarine. Well the submarine crew were Russians too but they are not terrorists. The terrorist leader himself was General Vostok. The submarine crew leader Captain Rosonov (Voiced by Greg Berger) recognizes Vostok and wanted for terrorism for responsible for bombing 10 countries including Czech Republic. Vostok has captured the submarine crew. He also knows that the Quest Team is on their way to meet an old friend of Benton Quest.

I'm here with Jonny Quest. It's a amazing you are a great martial artist.

Jonny : " Wooden Planks are very easy to knock out. Hadji uses his head as he reads books of karate. "

We call it strategy.

Jonny : " Exactly! Then I got to see a great view of the Aurora Borealis. "

You know it's weird, The writers in Season 2 made you guys didn't know about the Aurora Borealis but in Season 1 in Future Rage you did.

Jonny : " Well there were some idiotic writers which pissed Hanna-Barbera off. "

You guys were shot down by Vostok's men with an Ice Bomb.

Jonny : " Yeah and it totaled our engines in the Dragonfly. Damn Vostok wanted revenge back in Czech Republic. We were supposed to me a friend of my dad's Professor Erikson but Vostok must of held him as hostage and then killed him. We had no choice but to escape in the ice caverns. But Vostok's right handed man Colonel Nikolai (Voiced by Clancy Brown) has surrounded Dad, Race and Hadji. Bandit and I hid in a collapsed rock cave. It was up to me and my pup to get help. But we had to survive the cold weather. "

But thats the key to survival. Find yourself of whatever weapons you find.

Jonny : " Thanks for the advice J. Bandit found an elevator shaft so I kicked the lever and it was warm and toasty. It appears we were inside a base facility. There were a lot of guards patrolling the place including the jail cell area I was in. I took care of the guards and released Hadji and Race. After they were free, we were ambushed by Vostok. Race took care of Vostok in a gun battle while Hadji and myself had to find my dad. Somehow my Dad took care of the guards. Then the three of us freed Vostok's prisoners. With the help of Captain Rosonov, we rounded up most of Vostok's men but Vostok escaped. "

Vostok must be a tricky man.

Jonny : " There's no way he's gonna cheat on us again. Dad fired an Ice Bomb back at Vostok's submarine after he shot a missle. It was a dumb move by Vostok but he paid his price as the submarine blew up. "

So Vostok has finally been defeated.

Jonny : " Finally. (Sighs) After that was over, we surfaced to the top on the water and Captain Rosonov told us a fine crew we got as the Quest Team we are. "

Jonny one more question, Have you evered liked Alaska?

Jonny : "Well it's cold up there but I like dog mushing. I even see Solid Snake dog mush up there. "

Well you can always ask the legend himself.  Jonny thanks for sharing this episode to me and I'll talk to you next time.

Jonny : " Alright J, I will look forward to it man. "

Jessie was absent in this episode
This Quest Byte features Jonny grabbing the Book of Happiness
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This episode is great! I am suprised Jonny Quest has two girlfriends. Besides his love of interest with Jessie, he also loves Irina Kafka too. In the Czech Republic, Jonny and Jessie are going out on a date watching Irina Kafka (Voiced by Tara Strong) playing the Sonata on piano. However the Sonata is written by Milos Duncek. After she played the Sonata, a strange jellyfish ghost came out of the piano and gave everyone a scare. It was supernatural for sure.

I'm here with Jonny. Well Jonny, looks like you're popular with the ladies.

Jonny : " I have to admit that Irina is really cute. But Jessie is beautiful. I'm in a love triangle between these two. But Irina sure has beautiful eyes even the glasses she wears. "

I have say she's a sexy nerdy Czech girl.

Jonny : " She is the same age as me. She loves music and she always wanted to become a Musician. I really do admire Irina too. "

Well what was that strange jellyfish ghost?  And where did it came from?

Jonny : " Well, Jessie and I went to the catacombs in the ballroom. Good thing we have Bandit. That ghost was scaring the hell out of us. After when ghost disappeared, we notice a lost music sheet written by Duncek. Then the President of Czech asked if we were okay. The ghost didn't hurt us. "

Why was the music sheet written by Milos Duncek? The sheet look really old to me.

Jonny : " Well he's related to the Duncek family. They are wealthy, greedy bastards. Long ago, his ancestor France Duncek tried to played the Sonata but he sucked though. So, Irina's relative Anna Kafka was the first woman composer to play piano. And she was great. He offered her money too. "

How are going to solve this riddle out?

Jonny : " Jessie had to explore the catacombs again. But then the jellyfish ghost appeared again and grabbed Jessie. I chased them until it brought Jessie to a wall which there was a body inside. we digged the wall opened and it turned out it was a woman. It was Anna Kafka."

Why was she buried alive?

Jonny : " Well it turns out that France Duncek killed her. Long ago, France and Anna got into a argument and he killed her by falling down on the stairs. It got her on the neck really good. So he buried the body in the catacombs. "

Good God and now Milos wants to kill Irina?

Jonny : " Yeah but Jessie and I are not going to let it happen because we really like her. Then, the strange jellyfish ghost came out again and this time it buried Milos. We were shocked! Then the next morning, Jessie and I watch Irina played the Sonata. Then suddenly, the ripped piece of the music sheet was fixed thanks to the ghost. The ghost was actually her relative Anna Kafka all along. So Irina played the finale of the Sonata and it turned out beautiful. After we congratulated her, Irina asked me if she wants to have breakfast with her. And I definitely wanted to have breakfast with her. "

You should of asked Jessie for breakfast too!

Jonny : " Ughh I wasn't thinking right! But yeah I would of took Jessie breakfast too. "

Have you evered took Jessie and Irina at a nice restaurant before?

Jonny : " Yeah, we ate at a nice seafood restaurant. Just the three of us when we were in college. "

Jonny, thanks for talking with me about this episode, I hope you have a great time with your two girlfriends.

Jonny : " Thanks J, I'm going to have a blast with my two hot chicks! "

Dr. Quest, Hadji and Race were absent in this episode.
This Quest Byte features Bugs in Questworld.
Tara Strong was the voice as Batgirl in Batman The Animated Series and Raven in Teen Titans.
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I like this episode. The first time I see time traveling in Questworld. This episode is where Ezekiel Rage plans to destroy Earth with a nuclear bomb in the Earth's core. Yes, you guessed it Ezekiel Rage is back. This time, he sends a nuclear bomb up at Meteor State Park up in the North Pole. At the Quest Compound, Jonny and Jessie were playing a flight simulator game in Questworld but Hadji logs them out because he has emergency call from Dr. Quest. He tells Jonny and the others that Ezekiel Rage has set the bomb 7 days ago. The military doesn't have enough time to dig the bomb out. After that, The kids lost contact with Dr. Quest.

Well Jonny, you received the message of your father about your mother Rachel Quest.

Jonny: "Yeah, my Dad invented a time travel program in Questworld to see my mother before she died by Dr. Zin. (Sniff) I missed her very much. "

But for now you and Jessie had to use the time travel to stop Rage.

Jonny : " As we enter in Questworld, we notice we went into the past in the portal 60 million years ago where the dinosaurs were up and about. The T-Rex was after us. Thank god we got hoverboards otherwise we be dinobite. Hadji send us into a wrong portal but he'll get it right. Then we sent the T-Rex back in the portal. The next portal was disastrous because it sucked Jessie into Rage's Dark Future because his bomb already been fused. I had to rescue Jessie. She might of not make it but I rescue her before she fell into the lava. After we escaped the second portal, we managed to get to the right portal thanks to Hadji."

And now you have to stop Rage for good.

Jonny : " He must be stopped.  When Rage saw us on our hoverboards, he knew we were after his bomb. After we took care of him and his goons, we went back into the time portal. Hadji tried to shut it down but the system was jammed. I tried to stop the bomb but Rage came after us."

He looked really scary in Questworld.

Jonny : " Yeah without his mask off. He grabbed Jessie and choking her. That made me mad I was going to kill Rage. Nobody messes with my girl!  So he let Jessie go and he went to fight me. After our battle struggle, the bomb was triggered for 1 minute. Then Rage drove the truck back into the portal with the bomb but he went to the wrong door. "

And where did he go to anyway?

Jonny : " To meet with the T-Rex. After when the bomb exploded, Rage is dead. But the shock blast cause a huge amount of the portal. Hadji got us out just in time before Questworld blew up. Hadji thought we were dead but we were okay. We were bruised. "

You guys deserve a Senzu Bean.

Jonny : " Definitely. We stopped Rage and saved our future. As for Rage, he dead. All is left for him is his mask."

Jonny, hopefully one day you'll see your mother.

Jonny : " Yeah..... I hope so too."

Well Jonny, I appreciate talking this episode with me. See you later and I'm sorry about your loss of your Mother. "

Jonny : " Yeah (crying) looking forward to it. ... (Mother.... I miss you.)

This Quest Byte features Jonny in a Airflight Simulator.
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This episode is classic and memorable. This is the first appearance of Jezebel Jade (The Treasure Thief Hunter). She is an old friend of Race Bannon. (Close Friend.) As you know,  Jade made her appearance in the 1964 episode Terror Island. In Djakarta, Java outside of the Philippines Islands, a couple of buyers were seeking the Blood Gem. A gem that looks like a Red Chaos Emerald and appears to have some kind of curse. But item trader Kumar Mukharno killed the buyers with his ghost puppet and the puppet slash then with its blade.
Next morning, We see the Quest Team(Jonny, Jessie and Race) on the Dragonfly paying a visit to an old friend of Race. And that is of course Jezebel Jade. She and Race go way back. She has already know Jonny, but this will be the first time to meet Jessie which she is not suprised. Although she won't like her at first but later on she will definitely like her.

Speaking of Jade, I am honored to have you to chat with me on this episode.

Jade: "It's great to be here to talk with you. "

And I also have Race here too. Mr. Bannon, how did you and Jade met?

Race: "We met during my agency days 20 years ago after I stopped Jeremiah Surd threatening nerve gas. I was on a mission in Eurasia to stop an gang operation until I met Jade, she was on an assignment to steal the Cat's Eye Diamond. I thought she was just stealing up to no good. "

Jade: "Race and I were enemies at first but then we become friends after he saved my life because I was being set up by the gang operation. "

Race: "We became partners during that mission. Jade is the cat burglar. "

When you guys reunited, why was Jessie disappointed?

Race: "Well, my daughter is pretty shy. After all, she didn't want to met her. I talked to her that you'll like her soon enough. "

Jade: "After Race catch up old times with me, I needed his help, because I was having a buyer for a Blood Gem. But it turns out that he’s a killer. "

Did you get the prescription of his name?

Jade: "His name is Kumar Mukharno. He has a scar on his face. He was also working for his brother, Dja'Lang who appears to be the assassin. As I was going to buy the Gem, they attacked us and my partner Mantjur was killed by the puppet that Jonny and Jessie told us about. We had to evacuated my rent penthouse and headed back to the Dragonfly for an idea."

Race: "Jonny told us it's weak against light. While Jonny and I rounded up the lights, Jessie and Jade had a talk. "

Jade: "After we talk, we headed to the place where the puppeteers were at. Race and I had our guns and lights, it turns out that Dja'Lang turned out to kill his brother Kumar. Race and I turned on the lights on the puppet. But it's not weakening, The kids told us to turn the lights off. "

Race : " The puppet was going after my girls so I fired the puppet with my gun. Jonny found a way to stop it. He and Jessie grabbed the mirror and it reflected the puppet and disintegrated. Then, Mantjur was alive and he rounded up the suspects. How he survived? Well he quickly grabbed the ledge after the floor collapses. After it was over, it was time to say goodbye to Jade. Jessie hugged her. She said that Jade would be a great Stepmother. "

Jade: "As for my reward, I kept the Gem myself. "

That's you alright Jade. Race and Jade,  I enjoyed talking this episode to you!

Race: "Thanks J, so do I. "

Jade: "I really enjoyed it. "

Dr. Quest and Hadji was absent in this episode.
This Quest Byte features Jonny and Jessie in a flight simulator.
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This episode I have to give it a C minus because I really can't stand Jessie's reaction to Hadji. Hey its a good episode but Jessie likes Jonny better and that's final! Moving along, The Quest Kids are in Bangalore, India (Hadji's Hometown) taking photographs of interesting animals on Pasha the Peddler's Helicopter. One interesting animal is the Blue Falcon. The Falcon was in trouble because a nasty hail storm knocked his wings out. But Hadji using his psychic powers to help and communicate the falcon. After when they saved the Falcon, they brought it back to Bangalore. But they're not the only ones who are interested in the bird.

Mr. Jonny Quest, that huge helicopter was coming in, who was that pilot?

Jonny : " That was Anyna Zin. As you would of guessed it, she is the twin daughter of Dr. Zin.  Both her and Melana are dangerous assassins. "

They remind me of the evil Blaze twins in Streets of Rage.

Jonny : " Good eye. They were interested in the bird because that bird has immortality. The bird was from the sacred place in Shambhala. That place was cool because we saw a Red Mountain Tiger and a Golden Three horn Orangutan. But what's interesting is the river of immortality. That's what the Zin Twins were after. They were after this because Dr. Zin want eternal life. "

If he's so interested in becoming an immortal, why can't he wished them from the Dragonballs?

Jonny : " Zin doesn't know about the Dragonballs but we do. "

Hadji was really fond with Anyna.

Jonny : " I have to admit she's really beautiful both her and Melana. Jessie got jealous because she's has a soft spot for him. But writers totally screwed it up because Jessie has strong feelings for me. Jessie thinks Hadji as a big brother and not a lover. "

You do have a good point. But those Zin Twins were really hot weren't they?

Jonny : " Oh they were stunning but they are 21 years old. "

I know what you mean. After you left Shambhala, all you had to do was to stop the helicopters down?

Jonny : " Yeah they stole the water of eternal life. I steadied the helicopter while Jessie and Hadji shot it down. Dr. Zin was disappointed because we beat him once again. "

Now that you rounded up Zin's daughters and guards, it looked like things going out alright.

Jonny : " Yeah but the authorities were Zin's henchmen all along. We'll be ready to face them again another day. But those Zin Twins were really good at Martinal Arts. "

Hey the good thing is they're no match for you now because you can fly and you fighting skills have increased.

Jonny : " Yeah thanks to Race and Piccolo. "

Now that Hadji has a new pet, he named him Haresh after his father.

Jonny : " Yeah, and Bandit is making good friends with him. "

Haha! Well Jonny boy, I enjoyed talking this episode and I'll see you next time.

Jonny : " See you later J. "

Dr. Quest and Race were absent in this episode.
This Quest Byte features Jonny making a paper aeroplane.
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This episode is and amazing Questworld episode. At the movies in Rockport, ME. , Jessie heads back to the Quest Compound in a Taxi Cab. However, Surd and Julia were stalking on her. Why would Surd spy on Jessie?  Somethings fishy here. At the Quest Compound, Jonny and Hadji were speaking Japanese. That's really cool because I have to give voice actors Quinton Flynn and Rob Paulsen a lot credit for speaking Japanese. Dr. Quest gave Jonny and Hadji a lot of credit for speaking Japanese. Jessie then came home but an unexpected suprise gift for the Quest Team. Bandit however knew what was going on so he snagged the present and it appears to be a bomb! Something is wrong with Jessie.

Hey Jessie, what exactly happened to you?

Jessie : " I was not myself because Surd was controlling my mind. He almost killed my Dad and friends. "

How did Surd controlled your mind?

Jessie : " That's a good question. When I was watching at the movies, he must of did a hypnosis in my brain waves. "

That's crazy!

Jessie : " Jonny and Dr. Quest went into Questworld to find me. I was held prisoner in Surd's mind. Looks like Surd was expecting them so he send Androids after them. Not only that, Hadji and Race were caught by Lorenzo. Without Hadji helping us out, we were on our own. "

Where were you in Questworld?

Jessie : " I was held up on a tower. I know it's kinda funny though but I use to like fairytales when I was a kid. I'm the capture Princess while Jonny is my knight and shinning armor. "

So Jonny is your prince?

Jessie : " That's correct. "

Jessie, you were really into science, And now look at you. You become a Biologist.

Jessie : " Thanks to Jonny's dad's teachings. Jonny's Mother was a Biologist too as well. I like to study the world of science, natures and habitats. But I like to eliminate the bad side of science because there's a lot of nuclear waste around the world. "

You have a good theory there Jessie.

Jessie : " Anyway, Jonny and Dr. Quest had to face their fears of themselves. Hadji and Race took care of Lorenzo and his goons. So Hadji was back in business helping us out. As Jonny and Dr. Quest took care of their trials, they were off to rescue me. But Surd is not done with them yet. As Dr. Quest was fighting Surd, Jonny woke me up and told me all about what Surd did to me. "

Hey its a shame he wake you up with a kiss.

Jessie : " Haha! As soon as Surd mutated into a six armed monster, he was going to kill Dr. Quest. But I didn't let that happen, I became a giantess. "

Wow! You remind me of Giganta from the DC Comics!

Jessie : " Hee hee! Thanks! Well, I send Surd packing. Nobody messes with my head. So I sent Surd into the afterlife in Questworld. In other words I stripped away his mind in Questworld and Real World for good. "

So he is paralyzed forever?

Jessie : " Yes. After that, Hadji log us out of Questworld. Boy my head was hurting I need an asprin."

I saw Surd and Julia arrested. But as you said, is Surd is paralyzed forever.

Jessie : No one messes with my family. No one! "

Haha that's a good one Jessie. I appreciate you talking with me in this episode. And I'll see you next time.

Jessie : " Thank you, it was one of my favorite episodes. "
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I give this episode a solid A. In the Bayous of Louisiana, The Quest Team enters in a secret base called Project Gateway. It appears to be that the government has discovered another dimension. That dimension was full of strange alien like people. It seems these people are draining our planet energy away.

I'm here with Jonny Quest. Jonny, did the government made a big mistake sending these aliens here on earth?

Jonny : " Project Gateway was in a lot of trouble. They planned to kill millions of innocent people on Earth. It's like Majin Buu for example. "

I know what you mean.

Jonny : " That Colonel William Marcus was idiot because he was too careless sending these strange aliens here. "

I see Race met an old girlfriend of his.

Jonny : " Yes that was Professor Diana Cruz. She and Race go way back before Race met Estella and Jade. She is pretty nice but I just can't believe that she was working for Marcus. "

Those aliens you mention, what did they do to you guys?

Jonny : " They took my Dad sealing him up in a barrier. My dad can stop those things Because He has a true nature of science in his brain. While Race and Diana were trying to convince Marcus, Jessie, Hadji and myself had to go rescue my dad. Hadji stay at the control room to monitor us. Jessie and myself rode on hoverboards. I brought an extra one for my dad. "

I like the part where you and Jessie holding hands. You guys seem pretty close to each other.

Jonny : " We weren't dating yet, but we do have great luck each in our hearts inside and out. "

As you reached to your Dad, were you happy to see him?

Jonny : " Yes, then my Dad found a self destruct device that can destroy this dimension for good. He set it for 5 minutes. So grabbed our hoverboards and made it to the control room. Dad told everyone one of us to escape the base. Jessie was worried about me that if I loosed my father but I had confidence my dad will be alright. "

That creature you face, he was a beast.

Jonny : " Yeah, he looks almost like Hirudegarn. "

After you destroy the Project Gateway, Race brought the boat to pick you guys up.

Jonny : Yeah and he let me drive the boat. Race had to catch up old times to Diana. "

Well Mr. Quest, thanks for your time with this episode and we'll talk to you next time.

Jonny : " I will look forward to it! "

This Quest Byte features Jonny in a Airflight Simulator
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This episode takes place in Cameroon Southern part of Africa. Loggers are cutting trees down in the rainforest. This angers the tribes people. Jonny, Hadji and their friend Ngama were collecting sap from the trees.  The Sap possess healing abilities which I think its cool.

I'm here with Jonny Quest. Jonny, you and Hadji found your friend unconscious. Why was he in a trance?

Jonny : " I don't know but Hadji and myself heard a loud footsteps kinda like T-Rex footsteps. It sounded very dangerous. The loggers tried to shoot the beast but it was in stealth camouflage. Then the Monster, appeared and threw a bulldozer at us. But Race came to grab us just in time as always. "

What was that monster?  It looks a beast alien.

Jonny : " Ngama's father explained us the creature after I was in Questworld looking for the beast inside Ngama's mind. It is the Guardian of the Zymbotti Tribe. No one knows where it came from but its power level was over 12,000. The Camerons worship the beast for decades until the creature kills it's chosen victim. "

I have to say, the Sayians will have a tough time beating this foe.

Jonny : " Nah, my buddy Gohan and his dad Goku can take him out easily. I on the other hand can defeat him the hard way. But Hadji can slow him down in Questworld because Hadji is a great psychic and he can survive the Shockwaves from the Guardian. So, Hadji and myself login in Questworld to stop the beast. "

Why was the creature attacking the loggers?

Jonny : " Because they are destroying mother nature of the rainforest of the Zymbotti Tribe.  "

That makes sense.

Jonny : " I couldn't use Questworld weapons because I was in Hadji's mind when Hadji was in a trance battling the creature. So I have to use old School weapons like chains and rocks. "

Somehow the creature divided himself into two duplicates of himself.

Jonny : " Yeah, that was in the Real World. The only way to lure him back at his dungeon cell was to hit and run. When I got up top of the door where the chains are at, he threw a rock at me and I dodge it. When the gate closes, the Guardian was no more thanks to me and Hadji. "

Those loggers will never cut down trees in Cameroon again.

Jonny : " They were just a bunch of Hoo-Has. That creature totally destroyed our Quest Cargo Chopper. But thankfully we were alright. And Ngama is okay too. "

Well Mr. Quest, that was quite a tale you told me there, and We'll talk to you next time.

Jonny : " Alright J, looking forward to it! "

Jessie was absent in this episode.
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Here's my top 100 kick ass rock band tracks.  The list is below.

1. Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Wake Me Up Inside - Evanescence
4. Dream On - Aerosmith
5. Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
6. Alive - Pearl Jam
7. I Stand Alone - Godsmack
8. Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
9. The Final Countdown - Europe
10. Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
11. Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
12. Prayer - Disturbed
13. Jump - Van Halen
14. My Hero - Foo Fighters
15. In Bloom - Nirvana
16. Jeremy - Pearl Jam
17. Going Under - Evanescence
18. Pardon Me - Incubus
19. Sweet Child O Mine - Guns N Roses
20. Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
21. Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
22. Blind - Korn
23. Walk - Pantera
24. Spoonman - Soundgarden
25. Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N Roses
26. Sober - Tool
27. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
28. Long Way Down - Goo Goo Dolls
29. Lithium - Nirvana
30. Even Flow - Pearl Jam
31. Toxicity - System of a Down
32. Falling Away From Me - Korn
33. Misery Business - Paramore
34. Machinehead - Bush
35. Message In A Bottle - The Police
36. Chop Suey - System of a Down
37. Down And Out - Tantric
38. Hero - Nickelback
39. I Don't Want A Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
40. Bullets - Creed
41. Gurella Radio - Rage Against The Machine
42. Believe - Disturbed
43. It's Been A While - Staind
44. Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
45. All Of My Love - Led Zeppelin
46. Money - Pink Floyd
47. Aerials - System of a Down
48. Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden
49. Aeroplane - Red Hot Chili Peppers
50. Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
51. The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
52. Everlong - Foo Fighters
53. Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial) - Coheed and Cambria
54. Voices - Disturbed
55. The Pretender - Foo Fighters
56. Them Bones - Alice In Chains
57. Schism - Tool
58. Black - Pearl Jam
59. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
60. Heat Of The Moment - Asia
61. Boom - POD
62. Almost Easy - Avenged Sevenfold
63. All Around Me - Flyleaf
64. Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
65. Stellar - Incubus
66. Voodoo - Godsmack
67. YYZ - Rush
68. Testify - Rage Against The Machine
69. Unsung - Helmet
70. Comedown - Bush
71. Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
72. Running With The Devil - Van Halen
73. Be Like That - 3 Doors Down
74. In The End - Linkin Park
75. Numb - Linkin Park
76. Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz
77. Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting - Elton John
78. Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
79. Rooster - Aerosmith
80. Hotel California - Eagles
81. Headstrong - Trapt
82. Last Resort - Papa Roach
83. All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
84. Denial - Sevendust
85. Magic Man - Heart
86. Mysterious Ways - U2
87. Silent Lucidity - Queensyrche
88. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
89. Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers
90. Hey You - Pink Floyd
91. Youth Of The Nation - POD
92. This Love - Pantera
93. Stinkfist - Tool
94. Dragula - Rob Zombie
95. Shine - Collective Soul
96. Wicked Garden - Stone Temple Pilots
97. Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi
98. Bring It On - Godsmack
99. Gotta Get Away - The Offspring
100. Holiday - Green Day
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Here's the list of my favorite top 50 voice actors and actress.

1. Sean Schemmel  -  Dragonball Z (Son Goku, King Kai, Nail, Vegito, Gogeta)
2. Christopher Sabat - Dragonball Z (Vegeta, Piccolo, Kami, Mr. Popo, Yamcha, Turtle, Zarbon,  Recoome, Burter, Jeice, King Vegeta, Young Vegeta,  Shenron, Porunga, Vegtio, Gogeta)
                                        Final Fantasy I (Garland)

3. Quinton Flynn -  Final Fantasy VII (Reno)
                                 Metal Gear Solid 2 (Raiden)
                                 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Jonny Quest)
                                 Fantastic Four (Johnny Storm / Human Torch)
                                 Kingdom Hearts II (Axel)
                                 Sonic The Hedgehog Series (Silver The Hedgehog)
                                 Teen Titans (Lightning)

4. Kyle Herbert - Dragonball Z (Son Gohan, The Great Sayiaman, Pikkon, Narrator)
                              Tekken (Kazuya Mishima)

5. Tara Strong -  Batman The Animated Series (Barbara Gordon / Batgirl)
                             Teen Titans (Raven, Kitten)
                             Final Fantasy X (Rikku)

6. Rob Paulsen - The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Hadji Singh)
                              Metal Gear Solid (Gray Fox)
                              Yakko Warner (Animaniacs)
                              Pinky (Pinky & The Brain)
                              Spider-Man (Hydro-Man / Morris Bench)

7. Jennifer Hale - Spider-Man (Felicia Hardy / Black Cat)
                               Scooby-Doo & The Witch's Ghost (Thorn)
                               The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Jessie Bannon)
                               Totally Spies (Samantha Simpson)
                               Metal Gear Solid (Dr. Naomi Hunter)
                               Metal Gear Solid 2 (Emma Emmerich)
                               The Powerpuff Girls (Ms. Keane)

8. Kara Edwards - Dragonball Z (Videl Satan, The Great Sayiawoman, Kid Goten, Gotenks)
9. Scott Menville - Teen Titans (Robin, Nightwing, Red X)
                                  Jonny Quest (Young Jonny Quest)

10. Christopher Daniel Barnes - Spider-Man (Peter Parker / Spider-Man)
                                                         The Little Mermaid (Prince Eric)

11. Jodi Benson - The Little Mermaid (Ariel)
12. Saratoga Ballantine - Spider-Man (Mary Jane Watson)
13. Steve Burton - Final Fantasy VII (Cloud Strife)
14. Rachel Leigh Cook - Final Fantasy VII (Tifa Lockhart)
                                            Batman Beyond (Chelsea Cunningham)

15. Mark Hamill - Star Wars (Luke Skywalker)
                                Batman the Animated Series (The Joker)
                                Spider-Man (Hobgoblin)
                                The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (General Vostok)

16. Laura Bailey - Street Fighter (Chun-Li)
                                Dragonball (Kid Chi Chi)
                                Dragonball Z (Kid Trunks, Gotenks, Erasa)
                                Final Fantasy III (Cloud of Darkness)

17. Hynden Walch - Teen Titans (Starfire, Blackfire)
18. Jim Cummings - Winnie The Pooh (Pooh Bear, Tigger)
                                     Disney (Pete)
                                     Sonic The Hedgehog (Dr. Ivo Robotnik)
                                     Spider-Man (Shocker / Herman Schultz)

19. Eric Vale - Dragonball Z (Trunks Brief)
20. David Kaufman - Danny Phantom (Danny Fenton)
                                     Superman The Animated Series (Jimmy Olsen)

21. David Hayter - Metal Gear Solid (Solid Snake, Big Boss)
                                 Spider-Man (Captain America / Steve Rodgers)

22. Robert Patrick - The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Race Bannon)
23. Kevin Conroy - Batman The Animated Series (Batman / Bruce Wayne)
24. Lisa Ortiz - Sonic The Hedgehog Series (Amy Rose)
                           Poke'mom (Daisy)

25. Johnny Young Bosch - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Adam Park / Black Ranger)
                                                Bleach (Ichigo Kurosaki)
                                                Megaman X (Zero)
                                                Final Fantasy II (Firion)

26. Sonny Strait - Dragonball Z (Krillin, Bardock)
                                Toonami (Tom)

27. Susan Eisenberg - Justice League (Wonder Woman)
28. Neil Ross - Spider-Man (Norman Osborn / Green Goblin)
                           Metal Gear Solid 3 (Colonel Volgin)
                           Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron (Mac Metallikat)

29. Ron Perlman - Teen Titans (Slade)
                                  Hellboy (Hellboy)
                                  Batman The Animated Series (Clayface / Matt Hagen)
                                  Superman The Animated Series (Jax-Ur)

30. Hulk Hogan - Saints Row III (Angel DeLa Muerte)
31. Greg Berger - Spider-Man (Mysterio / Quentin Beck, Sergi Kravenoff / Kraven The Hunter)
                               Metal Gear Solid 3 (The Pain)
                               Final Fantasy X (Jecht)

32. Dameon Clarke - Dragonball Z (Cell, Future Gohan)
33. Nichelle Tom - Superman The Animated Series (Kara Kent / Supergirl)
34. Dana Delany - Superman The Animated Series (Lois Lane)
                                   Batman Mask of The Phantasm (Aundrea Beaumont)

35. George Segal - The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Dr. Benton Quest)
36. Kathy Graver - Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (Angelica Jones / Firestar)
                                 Spider-Man (Miss America)

37. Stephanie Nadolny - Dragonball (Kid Goku)
                                           Dragonball Z (Kid Gohan, Preteen Gohan)

38. Cam Clarke - Metal Gear Solid (Liquid Snake, McDonnell Miller)
39. Tim Matheson - Original Jonny Quest (Jonny Quest)
                                    Jonny Quest Vs. The Cyber Incests (4DAC)
                                    The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Future Jonny Quest)
                                     Batman The Animated Series (Gil Mason)

40. Rene Russo - The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Future Jessie Bannon)
41. Burt Reynolds - Saints Row III (As Himself as Mayor of Steelport)
42. Clancy Brown - Crash Bandicoot (Dr. Neo Cortex, Uka Uka)
                                   Superman The Animated Series (Lex Luthor)

43. Frank Welker - Scooby-Doo (Fred Jones, Scooby-Doo)
                                 Gremlins (Gremlins)
                                 Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (Bobby Drake / Iceman)
                                 Swat Kats : The Radical Squadron (Dr. Viper, Creeplings)
                                 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (Dr. Jeremiah Surd, Bandit)

44. Cynthia Cranz - Dragonball Z (Chi Chi, Mrs. Brief)
45. Malcolm McDowell - Superman The Animated Series (Metallo / John Corben)
                                             Teen Titans (Mad Mod)
                                             Spider-Man (Whistler)

46. Jeff Bennett - Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)
47. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. - Batman The Animated Series (Alfred Pennyworth)
                                            Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius)

48. Robin Williams - Aladdin (Genie)
                                    Mrs. Doubtfire (Mrs. Doubtfire)

49. Cal J. Dodd - X-Men (Wolverine)
50. Stan Lee - Marvel Creator (The Man Himself)
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The animation of this episode seemed to be pretty dark. But I still give this episode a B plus. Air Force One is heading to Denver, CO. Inside the plane, The President was talking with his fellow men about shutting down biochemical weapons for good. Well, during the incident 20 years ago when Jeremiah Surd leaked a nerve gas in Chicago, IL. The President was a congress man back then and he shut down Surd's funding since he couldn't made Surd's demands. As the plane was running smoothly, things started to change dramatically when the auto pilot accidentally activated itself. The pilots couldn't control the plane. Denver Control lost contact with Air Force One. The plane disappeared without a trace.

Now on the bright side, Jonny and Jessie are playing a flight simulator game in Questworld. Now about the Questworld animation in this episode, the writers didn't have enough money to make Questworld in 3D because a lot of bribing money from the company they worked for didn't had time to make it in 3D. So they made Questworld in 2D animation instead which I think the Questworld bodysuits for Jonny and Jessie looked easy.
Anyway, Dr. Quest and Race were enjoying drinking coffee when the army broke in the house and captured them.

I'm here with Jonny and Jessie. Fellas, why did the army wanted with you guys?

Jonny : " That's because Dad and Race were accused of kidnapping the President when Air Force One was hijacked. "

Jessie : " They were set up. Or should I say we were set up?! "

Jonny : " Yeah and I didn't like Agent Hinkle (Voiced by Charles Napier) because he's a solider dick. He put Dad and Race into custody. Jess, Hadji and myself had to leave the Compound. We had to find out who was behind the real kidnapping and clear our names. I quickly grabbed Bandit and went to town in Rockport. "

At the Pentagon, your fathers were being questioned.

Jessie : " Agent Hinkle didn't believe a word Daddy and Dr. Quest said to him. Because that jerk thinks they're liars! "

Jonny : " It was up to us to find out who was behind all of this. Since Jessie got her computer, we found out was the real kidnapper. "

Jeremiah Surd.

Jonny : " You guessed it. I'm sick of tired of that old man! "

He must of kidnapped the President because of revenge of what you did to him back then when you defeated your evil clones in Questworld?!

Jessie : " That's right. We found a clothes shop in town to find Surd's location since the clothes shop had Internet service. When I had service, Surd's location is in Salt Lake City, Utah. That's where he kept the President. "

Jonny : " The Agency was after us too. We got out of the store and took their car. It was funny because one of the agent men accidentally left the keys in the car and credit cards as well. It was enough money for us for to get us gas, food and bathroom breaks. "

Surd was about to make his move.

Jonny : " Yeah, all of the President's men were sedative by Surd's lackies. And Surd made a private hell simulator in Questworld for the President. It could even kill him. "

How long did it take you to get to Salt Lake City?

Jessie : " It took us 10 hrs. to get there. Since we found the plane, we were going to tell the good guys who the kidnapper is but we got into trouble. "

Jonny : " It was that damn Lorenzo. He was spying on us. Surd was expecting us I asure you. We were all force in the plane. We had 8 hours before the gas is released in the plane. "

How is Surd controlling the plane?

Jonny : " He is controlling the plane in Questworld. "

Surd's 2D animation in Questworld is totally different than his 3D animation version in Questworld.

Anyway, how are you going to stop Surd?

Jonny : Since we pulled the President out of Questworld, I was going to stop him. I logged in and I was ready to play hero. I struggle to stop Surd but he didn't stayed too long to finish me off. He logged out of Questworld and I had to control the plane because we were about to crash into the mountains but since I have good flying experience, we were okay."

Now what was Plan B?

Jonny : " To get rid of the nerve gas by opening the door on the plane, Jessie is going to open the door to let the gas out while Hadji made sure everyone in the plane was strapped up. Even for Bandit was well. I have to say the plan worked. "

Jessie : " We had to hold our breaths because of the gas. After it was over the gas was gone. There was no landing freeway around but we saw a highway. Thankfully, the highway was our landing freeway."

The President is safe thanks to you guys.

Jonny : " Now that our Dad's names were cleared, The Agency is going to look very hard to find Surd, Julia and Lorenzo because they are wanted fugitives for kidnapping the President. "

Race wanted a piece of Agent Hinkle but the President sent him to Antarctica. Wasn't Hinkle working for Surd?

Jonny : " No, he was just doing his job for his country. But yeah, Race would like a punch at his face because he didn't like that guy."

Well, thanks Jessie and Jonny boy! I'll see you next time. That was pretty good.

Jonny and Jessie: "Anytime Jus!"

This episode aired on Dec. 30, 1996.
You may see Charles Napier in Austin Powers and some other movies as well.
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Well this episode seems to be okay but the father and son fishing trip is always nice. Dr. Quest is usually busy with his work but this time he spends time with his son Jonny and they decided to go on a fishing trip vacation in Devon, England. As they were enjoying the countryside outside of London, a crazy man out of nowhere totally went berserk and punched the car window. Dr. Quest loosed control of the car and they accidentally hit a tree. No one seemed to be hurt but the strange man totally went nuts.

I'm here with Dr. Benton Quest and with his son Jonny. First of all Doctor, it's an honor to speak to you for the first time.

Dr. Quest: "Well Justin, your theories and thoughts has been a pleasure as well."

Now Doctor I want to ask you and your son Jonny about what happened on the car crash?

Jonny : " That's simple, my old man was unconscious and the crazy man was chasing after me. I tripped from a tree stump because I forgot to watch where I was going. That man was going to hit me with a big stick but some guys with stun guns tased the guy. I thanked the men who saved me and father. I checked up on my dad if he was okay and he was."

Dr. Quest: "As you know, the men helped us towed our car into Devon. A small little little town that was our destination where we go fishing. I had a couple of bruises on my head so we went to Dr. Hugh Smallwood's clinic for treatments for my head. Jonny was okay so he did not have to treated."

I have to say Doctor since your head was bruised maybe you should of took some asprin.

Dr. Quest: " Well (laughs) I don't think it would not helped. "

That man that chased you guys, what was that device that was in his back of his neck?

Jonny : " It was a chip or should I say Microchip as my dad would say."

Dr. Quest: "The microchip was to control people in the cerebral cortex of the nervous system. I think it's a bad idea because controlling people is not right. "

Jonny : " I'll say Dad. Anyway, we stopped at the Wychford Arms hotel and I say that place was pretty cozy. Mrs. Cadbury is a really nice lady and her dog was pretty cool too. His name is Winston who is a British Bulldog a lot bigger than Bandit. "

Where did the tow truck people towed your car at?

Dr. Quest: "They towed it at Quentin's auto shop where he can repair our car. The car would have to be repaired in around 2 days. That's give us plenty of time to go fishing."

You guys carried big nets. Do you go fly fishing?

Jonny : " Are you kidding me? I love fly fishing. My dad used to do that for me when I was little. My dad caught on of the biggest fish on the river and it was a beauty alright."

Dr. Quest: "Looks like dinner was on me."

Jonny: " I wanted to catch more fish before Dad does. But my aim on my cast was way off because it got stuck in a tree. But then something strange happened. I saw the guy who attacked us was in a good mood. He was on a bicycle and said good afternoon to me. I say that was a fast recovery that Dr. Smallwood was taking care of. Then I saw a communications tower. Something was not right. A guard came up to to me that this was private property."

So much for a nice guy.

Jonny : " Oh yeah. As I was going back to the river, Dad left me a note and said he went back in town to have a science chat with Dr. Smallwood and we'll have dinner later tonight. So I played with Winston for a little bit. He is not as really smart like Bandit because I was playing fetch with him and he forgot to watch where he was going as he hit a tree."

Must be not trained very well.

Jonny : " Maybe. Then Winston growled at me. I don't know why he growled at me but he was chasing me and boy I had to get out of here. He chased me into a tool shed. Then I knew something was wrong because the microchip was controlling the dog's mind. Now who would do such a thing to animals like this? I grabbed the chip out and the dog was confused and he left. Then I heard the dog whimpering because two guards used stun guns at him. I had the chip on my hands and tell my dad about this. "

Doctor as you were talking to Dr. Smallwood about the chip, wasn't he behind all of this?

Dr. Quest: "That and and another person who was working with him. His name was Darcy. He programed the chip illegally so Darcy could get much money from the government by selling the chips around the world. Smallwood wanted to make the chip much more peacefully."

So it's kinda like between good and evil?

Dr. Quest: "Precisely. I was going to warn the authorities but Darcy and his men caught me."

Jonny, as you were head to the hotel, did you ask the people where your father is?

Jonny : " There was no sign of my Dad so I had to log myself in Questworld to examine the microchip. Iris explained the chip to me and I had to tell my Dad about this because Smallwood was probably behind of all of this. But my Dad was acting strange. Why? Because he had the chip in his neck. Those guys controlled my Dad's mind. I had to leave as far away as I can because the people in Wychford were being mind control by Darcy. Good thing I found a van so that was my fast transport. Then I saw Dad in the middle of the road. I glad I didn't hit him but he did went inside of the back of the van. I braked so hard that my dad fell over. I finally removed the chip on my Dad's neck."

Dr. Quest: "The people were coming after us so the only one way to stop this madness is to head for the communications tower and disable it for good. I was glad that I wasn't being control by a madman anymore. "

I don't blame you Doctor.

Dr. Quest: "As soon as we got to the tower, Darcy and his men surrounded us. He was going to put us down for good. "

Jonny : " Luckily I had the power line stuck to my foot so I disabled the satellite and everyone was back to normal. We stopped Darcy with a father-son shooting at him. I have to say Dad that was a pretty nice shot. "

Dr. Quest: "I had a little help. (Laughing) "

Now that Dr. Smallwood and Darcy were both in jail, did you spend more time fishing again?

Dr. Quest: "Spending more time fishing was better than being mind control by a scientist and a madman. "

Jonny : " Hey dad were going to have fish and chips if you know what I mean? "

Dr. Quest and Jonny: "(Both Laughing.)"

Well Dr. Quest, it was pleasure of speaking to you.

Dr. Quest: "I enjoy this talk about this episode. "

And Jonny I'll see you next time.

Jonny : " Thanks J, looking forward to this.

Race, Jessie, Hadji and Bandit were absent in this episode.
Sarah Douglas was played as Mala in Superman.
This episode is a like a father's day special.
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This episode is pretty cool. People usually go to New Orleans, Louisiana for Mardi Gras every February. Well in this episode, A guy in a trench coat is looking for a criminal around the city. The criminal is actually a woman. He found no sign of her but a strange but horrifying energy suck his energy up. It looks as though he's mummified. On the bright side, Jonny, Jessie and Hadji are at New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Jonny has brought his hoverboard so he won't get bored. Jessie however was pretty jealous because she wanted to bring her hoverboard but didn't think of it.

I'm here with Jonny and I have to say about this episode. Sure this is a cool episode, but I didn't not like Jessie's attitude in this episode. Why is that?

Jonny : " You have to blame the writer Glen Leopold for Jessie's attitudes because she's was jealous and whining. "

Why does she like Hadji? Doesn't she have the hots for you?

Jonny : " Well its very simple, I mean Jessie likes Hadji as a friend but not relationship. She just worries him a lot kinda a big brother for her."

You know Jonny, that makes perfect sense. The first scene I was watching, a mysterious girl was being chased by some strange French people who were after her. Hadji had to stop them.

Jonny : " I just heard gunshot and I almost got hit by the bullet. I was going for a hoverboard ride when the bullet almost shot me. I raced to help my friends but the French dudes ran away. That girl thanked Hadji for saving her life. Her name was Elise Lenoir. I say she was French too. But she's not my type. Hadji introduced her to Jessie and myself. And of course as well Jessie was pissed off because she's a lot beautiful than her."

She must of not having a good day.

Jonny : " I'll say. The cops arrived and asked us what happened. We just told them it was muggers. Everything was okay now as Hadji was going to take Elise home while Jess and I rode in Police Car. "

So Hadji has got a date with destiny?

Jonny : " Well it's a about time he got a chick. He was going to meet her next morning at the park. Both Jess and I got into an argument. So I went Hoverboarding on the river while Jessie went to spy on Hadji and Elise. It feels like Elise is manipulating Hadji because she's got a huge amount of energy. She really like Hadji's ruby on his Turban. I mean come on, Hadji would never give up his ruby that his mother gave him and he would never give it to a strange woman."

But she did.

Jonny : " Yeah she did. As they were leaving at the park, Jessie can see a motorcycle chasing a limo and it was Elise's limo. The motorcycle was following them. The French guy with the cane saw Jessie. She had to escaped and tell me the news. That guy really scared her but she almost got hit by a tram but I came to her rescue and she was okay."

You must to have incredible speed.

Jonny : " Eh I work out. Jessie told me everything what has happened. I was not suprised. I mean I told Jess that he's in love. We were both explaining about this at in our room at the hotel at night time. Jess and I both share the room while Hadji had his own room. Tonight was the night the eclipse was going to appear. Anyway, Jessie saw Hadji at the hallway and he asked her to come with her to meet Elise's family for dinner and the eclipse. I had had to follow them because I think they were in trouble. Then I almost crashed because the horse cart was in my way. Then I was shocked to see the French guy in the cane. His name was Arnaud. He told me my best friend and my girlfriend was in danger. They were both going to be killed by a demon. And that demon was Elise Lenoir. I was shocked to hear this. She was not human. She can suck people's life forms so that she can be young and hole. I guess that demon is probably over 500 years old. She was behind of all of the dead bodies that the cops found.

She's not as worse as Cell.

Jonny : " Oh God no. Cell would absorb the life forms with his tail. We were just about two miles to Elise's house but the fuel tank was cut off of Arnuad's car. Good thing I got my hoverboard so Arnuad(Voiced by Michael Carven) and I went to stop the evil succubus and save Hadji and Jessie. When we got to the house, we heard Jessie screaming for help. We went inside of the house and Elise heard us coming. She's already knocked the crap outta Hadji. But she absorb her butler. Now I understand why that demon looks ugly. If she absorbs Jessie' s lifeform, she'll die."

What did Elise look like at first?

Jonny : " Arnuad told me that the first person she absorbed was his sister Celeste. He was 16 that time in Lyon, France. She also manipulates people like her adopted mother and my best friend Hadji."

What was the only to eliminate the demon?

Jonny : " Arnuad's cane. It looks like a Spear almost like Cid Highwind's spear. I had a battle between Elise and myself. I had to get Jessie out of there before the eclipse is over. Boy when Jessie and I saw Elise transforming, she looked like a giant bat. The eclipse was almost when but the demon grabbed Jessie. No way I did not want my girl to die. I founded a silver bullet when I was in the city. I had it in my pocket and it gave the demon a bruise. Meanwhile Arnuad woke Hadji up. He gave his cane to Hadji. Hadji was our only chance to save us. I gotta tell you, Hadji is a great at spears. He threw a direct hit at Elise. By the time the eclipse was over, it was the end for her. I managed to get Jessie back to shore as we were both in the water. She was okay. She was a little weak but I helped her to safety. "

Well Hadji did a noble thing.

Jonny : " Yeah, you can't find a great Indian companion than him."

Well now that's done and over with, I think this episode is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this Jonny. I will see you next time.

Jonny : " Alright man take care!"

This Quest Byte features Surfing in Questworld
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This is a great Questworld episode. This is the 12th episode of the Storyline. Jonny and Jessie are racing on the hoverboards to the Lighthouse at the Quest Compound. Jonny won the race but let's see what he can do playing a Questworld game called Mega Quest. First time they played it, Jessie won the match. Jonny wants a rematch to beat Jessie in Questworld.

Jonny and Jessie, What are the rules of Mega Quest?

Jonny : " The goal is simple, whoever gets the golden chalice wins. They must past 3 dangerous levels. The First level is The Badlands and a Beehive. The Second level is the Desert of Fire. The Third and Final level is the Tower of the Chalice. "

I really like this episode because the animation of Questworld gotten a lot better. They way how Characters move their faces very well. I have to say Jessie, your animation in Questworld was really impressive.

Jessie : " The writers made my cheeks blush pink. It feels like I added more makeup on my face. "

Did you enjoy your game in Questworld?

Jonny : " Yeah for a little bit. Why I say that because something was wrong on Iris. Somehow the game got reprogrammed. I mean it wasn't Iris' fault. We heard two voices. First Iris and then Surd. Surd must of changed the game and he added duplicates of us. "

Jessie : " They were evil. "

Your evil clones are definitely one of the best Doppelgangers from Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network.

Jonny : " I'm glad you noticed that. "

Jessie : " One of the clones almost got me. Jonny got me out of here by using his grappling hook. The weapons we had to use is the Grappling hook, Laser Spear and Shield. Our evil clones can have a variety of weapons thanks to Surd. "

Why did Surd hacked the game? Wasn't he in prison?

Jessie : " He put a virus in the game before he went to prison. Hadji tried to get us out of there but Jonny went out cold after a shock. I was able to control the hovercraft and hold on Jonny because I didn't want him to fall off. The only way to escape in Questworld is to beat our doubles. They think they look like us but they don't know us. "

Jonny : " I woke up from my unconsciousness and took over the helm. They only was to lure our clones away is head for the beehive. We asked Hadji to get us better weaponry but he said it will take time. He's already called my dad so he'll be here to help soon. "

Jessie : " I thought going into that beehive was bad idea because they would sting us for sure. "

Jonny : " It was the only way to get through from the doubles. We finally lost them for now. But the big problems we had to face is the Bee. Jessie lost her shield and I lost my spear. Then there was two Bees. Jessie used her Grappling hook at them to by me some time to go fast. One bee as after us and there was a dead end ahead. I had to use my shield and gave it to Jessie. It was a risk I had to take but I didn't care. I wanted Jessie to be safe and get out of there. "

Jessie : " You almost got yourself killed Hotshot! "

Jonny : " Don't worry Jess, I lured the bug at the wall by jumping off the hovercraft on the right time. After it was over, I was suprised to see Jessie or at least I thought it was. Must of been her evil clone. "

You were about to reach level two, Your dad and Hadji tried to new weapons for you and Race went to Brattleford Prison in Rockport, ME. to get the abort codes from Surd.

Jonny : " Yeah Race wasn't happy about that. He'll get those codes for sure. Then the Evil Jessie attacked me and I fell from the fire pit. Good thing I have an extra spear on me to save my fall. Otherwise I would of been toast. "

Jessie : " I saw my Evil twin and Jonny was in trouble. Oooh I hated that bitch! So we were in a battle but she had the upper had and I fell. Jonny was able to grab me. But the spear wasn't going to hold on for long. We fell down but thanks to our Indian friend, he send us hoverboards. Then we went to level two at the Desert Fire. We were not out of this yet but we're not giving up. The Evil Jonny came out of nowhere and started to fight Jonny. I had to take care of my Evil clone. "

Jessie, Your father was at the prison to the codes from Surd.

Jessie : " Well, in order to get the codes from Surd, he had to free him out of prison. It was a tough choice for my dad. The guards were firing the Quest Cargo Copter while my dad and Surd were escaping. The helicopter had titanium lead proof so that it won't be destroyed easily. After my dad lured the police in helicopters away, he convinced Surd to give the codes to him but Surd refused. "

I saw you in the 3rd level and you were in tight situation.

Jessie : " I wasn't sure I was going to last long but Hadji and Dr. Quest lost visual of me. They get in touch with my dad and pretend that I was gone for good. It nearly made my dad sad. He was going to send Surd back to prison because the deals was off. But Surd had no choice, he gave dad the codes. It was DX1643. That would disabled Surd's system in Questworld and help Jonny and myself. "

I can see you were alive and kickin!

Jessie : " You have to thank Hadji for that. I was able to reach the Chalice but I had to pretend to give up to my Evil clone. Then I saw the blaster that Hadji sent to me and Jonny. I sent that bitch packing. Then I saw two Jonnys! I didn't know which one was the real one. I was scared if I accidentally shot the real one. "

Jonny : " I told Jess I was the real one and I was the one who beat her at the lighthouse on the hoverboards. Then we both shot the Evil me away. "

Jessie : " Jonny, that was really clever."

Jonny : " Yeah I was. We were about to claim our prize but Surd appeared as a time bomb for 10 seconds. And I was like dammit! But them my dad and Hadji got us out of Questworld. "

You guys must of been really tired I bet!

Jessie : " Yeah It wasted our energy really quickly no thanks to Surd and the Evil clones. If it wasn't for my dad to get the abort codes, we would of been dead for sure."

The cavalry was at the Compound expecting your father and Surd. I thought your father was going to jail after breaking Surd out.

Jessie : " That's what I thought but my Dad had a little chat with the warden about the bad situation. So it was a set up for Surd. My dad is not going to jail but Surd is! "

How did it feel to back in the real world?

Jonny : " Relaxing. Jessie still thinks she still won the game but I think it was a tie. "

Jessie : " No way I beat you on level 3. "

Jonny : " No that was my clone. "

Jessie : " You sure about that?! "

Jonny : " Yeah baby! Then we went on the hoverboards to race outside the Compound. "

It was time for your Father and Hadji to erase the game for good. I really appreciate this my friends. Thanks for sharing and I'll see you next time.

Jonny : " Anytime, This episode is a classic! "

Bandit was absent in this episode.
Evil Jonny had yellow eyes.
Evil Jessie had red eyes.
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This is a good episode. I have to give credit to Lance Falk writing this episode because is dedicated to Doug Wildey. Doug Wildey is the creator of Jonny Quest. Doug Wildey owns his ranch in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There is a biodome outside of the ranch. One of Doug's men Philepe went to take a look to find evidence of what's going on by taking photographs of the place. It appears The Von Romme Corporation has a hidden agenda which contains nuclear waste. The owner of the Von Romme Corporation is none other than Von Romme (Voiced by Ed Asner) himself. One of Romme's men spotted Philepe under surveillance. Romme ordered his men to eliminate Philepe so that he won't warned Doug about the Nuclear waste. Philepe saw the hovercrafts after him. Romme's men stopped Philepe as they shot flamethrowers at him which caused Philepe's truck in the canyons.

Next morning in the DW Ranch, Jonny and Hadji is paying a visit to Jonny's grandfather Doug Wildey. Doug hasn't seen Jonny when he was 7 years old. All Jonny did for Doug is giving shots to the cows. It was dirty job.

I'm here with Jonny and Hadji. Gentleman, What are your memories of this episode?

Jonny : " My Gramps was pretty tough dude. I hated giving shots to the cows. I wanted to give shots to Grandpa's Broncos."

Hadji: "I really enjoyed the view at the ranch and the canyons outside of the Grand Canyon. "

Jonny : " Yeah while you were doing that, I was doing all the dirty work for Gramps."

Hadji: " Sorry Jonny, I don't work for cows. "

Jonny : " Yeah very funny. Anyway, One of Gramps' men told him that Philepe was dead outside of the Biodome. That pissed Gramps off. He asked us if we can ride with him on his helicopter and we said yes. I really got tried of working on cows. "

You guys investigated the crash site outside of the dome.

Jonny : " Yeah, It was tough loss. Philepe was a good man and a great friend to my Gramps. Then one of Gramps' men Hank Clinton came as soon as he could to help out. Gramps explained to Hank about this situation. He was going straight to the Feds about this but Hank put a gunpoint at us. Hank betrayed Gramps because he was working for Von Romme all along. Then we saw hovercrafts. They were pointing Flamethrowers at us! "

Hadji: " It was an ambush. "

Jonny : " Then Gramps punched Hank in the face. I thought it was funny. My Gramps can make a good punch. "

Where were they taking you? The Guards I mean?

Jonny : " Inside the caves. "

Hadji: "We pushed the Guards off the hovercrafts and manage to escaped. "

Jonny : " But there were more guards after us but Gramps lure them into a trap by throwing one of our flashlights away. Then he shot a flamethrower on the canvas to cause a cave in. We were safe for now until more hovercrafts surrounded us. One of them pointed the Flamethrowers at Bandit because he would not stop barking. Then Bandit fall from the cliff. I tried to grab him but I fell too as well. "

Hadji: " Jonny's grandfather and I thought he and Bandit were gone for good. "

Jonny : " But I managed to hold on a cliff underground the cave. Bandit was okay. So it was up to us to help Hadji and Gramps. We got inside the mines of the Biodome. That's where Hadji and Gramps is being held at. They were being questioned by Von Romme. I have to say Von Romme was illegally dumping Toxic Waste outside of Gramps' Ranch. After Romme left the briefing room, I was able to knock the guards out and save my folks. Then we had to escape and warned the authorities. Von Romme knewed we've escaped. His men were firing at us. The Elevator shaft was the only way out of here. Gramps had enough, he shot the winch at the guards and well let's say they were in pieces. We got out of the mines but Romme was still after us. We had to split up. Hadji and I took the left side of the shaft and Gramps took the right. "

Hadji: "And we timed it just right to surround the guards at attacked them. Then we lured Von Romme into a debris. He crashed his hovercraft. "

Jonny : " By the time the Feds camed and rounded up Romme's men. "

What happened to Von Romme?

Hadji: "Oh he didn't looked good my friend. The nuclear barrels he crashed into made his skin looked paled. It looked he got covered in big pimples. "

Jonny : " Yeah It looked nasty. "

One more thought Jonny, Your grandfather was a good man wasn't he?

Jonny : " Yeah he was great grandfather. He will be missed. It was cool knowing him and he didn't get a chance to see his great-granddaughter. "

Jonny and Hadji, thanks for sharing this with me. May your Grandfather live in the heavens.

Jonny : " Thanks. It's really means it to me. "

Hadji : " Anytime my friend. "

Dr. Quest, Race and Jessie were absent in this episode.
This episode is dedicated to the Real Doug Wildey (1922 - 1994)
This Quest Byte features a flashback of The First Seasons memories.