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holy spirit fire

i made this to glorify the lord
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Thank you for the transformational art. Having had a spiritual awakening, I would love this on a tattoo. Do I need to pay you for this? Also, are you aware of a tattoo artist in NY who could do this?

Hello jpsmsu40, I would LOVE to make your art part of our ad campaign for a prophetic conference in San Francisco. No prints would be bought or sold; I can't figure out if the license you use (pertaining to non commercial) means that I can use it to advertise our upcoming event. Let me know please, and a million THANKS!!! This is amazing work, glory to God!--Alexis
This is great dude, :onfire: keep doing awesome art for Jesus!
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Hi, I was wondering if I could use your lovely bird as part of my book cover? With giving credit to your art work of course.
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Never mind, sorry.