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Volume Slider v2.00
By JpsCrazy   |   Watch
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Published: June 9, 2010
Test Volume, Minimize Slider, and Volume Mixer Shortcut buttons.

Use the arrows to change the volume of your computer.
The slider is just a visual of the volume you have.
You cannot drag the ball to change the volume.
You can, although, click anywhere on the slider to set the volume.

You MUST have NirCmd for this skin to work and make sure you change the location the skin looks for it in if it is not located in Rainmeter's Addons directory.

Change the variables for Vol and Muted to choose the start level for the volume and if muted
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No prob with it! I am depserately searching for a skin to modify the "windows sound mixer" (y'know, with the indicator for each software -Itunes, internet...-) i even tried to make it myself but.... Any idea?
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I'd consider looking into the AudioLevel, and other, plugins from the Rainmeter site. Also, I hate to admit it, but this skin has been done better by others since then. Don't have a link or a title, but I wanna say JSMorley made it. Won't replace the sound mixer as far as I know though.
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ok, i'll check that. thanks for the replay btw!
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Worked perfect, thank you! :)
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I'm not sure if you're the same person as on the Rainmeter forums, but I'm planning on rereleasing it for the updated version of Rainmeter, and faking the sliding aspect even more!
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Indigo-GlowHobbyist Digital Artist
Finally! THANK YOU FOR THIS!. I am using Windows XP, and went hunting for a volume solution a tad more advanced then the one I already use. Since all development for this has turned to Windows 7, very little support for XP is being written. For those of us still using XP please please keep this version available.
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Downloaded this and it's a great idea. It works, but every time I click the volume bar it asks if I wanna run the NirCmd. Anyway to stop that from happening? Nice work & thanks. :D
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Nevermind. I'm an idiot. lol
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I finished a beta Volume Slider 3, and as of now the only added feature is the Win7 Audio compatability. It's not complete, but as long as I know it works I can continue to develop it.
If anyone with Win7 would like to test it please let me know. Thank you.
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When will this be ready for users with Windows 7? I hope you and JSMorely are still testing that. Let me know ASAP!
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Funny you should mention it.
I actually just finished my desktop and decided that was the thing I was going to work on next.
And then I saw my background and thought "Gosh I love Zelda... Let's play Majora's Mask."

I'll work on some code tonight, and see how it goes.
As far as I can see, it shouldn't be much of a problem.
I may just make a Win7 skin and a WinXP skin.
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Sounds great! Thanks for getting back to me. You're a great coder, I see a lot of your work in the Rainmeter forums.
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Of course! I try my best to respond to everyone ASAP.
Thanks, that means a lot. I try my best to stay useful. ;)
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Interesting! Collection!
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Anything past the first three is completely optional, but I thought to include it here because most people don't read ReadMe's. :D
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xfrankthetank21xProfessional Interface Designer
too many rules! it's beautiful though
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thanks, this looks nice!
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