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This is a Digital painting that I did based on the cover of X-men #1 by Jim Lee.
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Cool work;) (Wink) This is supposed to be Xavier's buddy & yet he NEVER LISTENS to him about how starting a war against the normal people will only make things WORSE!Facepalm  
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Magneto is ruthless.
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Is it possible to buy this as a digital download (larger version)?
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Right now... this has 666 favorites... omg devilish! xD

So I shall be fave number 667! ^____^

Also, awesome depiction of Magneto and all his awesomeness! :thumbsup: :la: :+fav:
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this Magneto art by Jim has been a favorite of mine since the 90's. Great work!
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I love this piece:heart:
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Is it wrong that I want to snogg this man? Also, fantastic work!
Beautiful! I love Magneto.
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do you use a tablet for coloring, like the wacom tablets, you have crazy good skills!
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what about the rest of the poster?
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The ultimate Marvel villain!!
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Amazing pick, amazing gallery. You and jim lee are the best.
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Your deviation has been featured in my 7 Oct 2007 journal. :deviation:

Keep up the great work and thank you for the inspiration! :thumbsup:
Magneto is God. This is an amazing pick, do you mind if I use it for the custom arcade stick I'm getting?
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this is a goood piece , good work ,
my only critique is that he looks either uber steroided , or the anatomy seems slightly displaced between the head , the heavingly massive chest and the lower torso seem.. off or displaced somehow..
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is jim lee related to stan lee? i mean i know, same last name, it should be obvious, but there's a chance that they arent.
Jim Lee is an asian guy. Stan Lee is an old Jewish guy.

But no, there is no relation at all.
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wow. i posted that comment like 2 years ago lol
I just found the pic today, through a friends site. I saw that and since no one would respond, thought I would help you out. I didn't realize it was that old of a comment. Sorry :)
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