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battlefield Captain America

Here's a new piece that I did this morning. I had some free time, so I did a color version of this Captain America illustration drawn by Cary Nord. [link]

Let me know what you think.
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excellent job! How can I buy your designs for commercial use?
like t-shirt printing.
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Is it just me or he looks kinda like Hugh Jackman? AWESOME ART!!
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More Capt! XD
springheel's avatar
Da Cap is da BEST!!!
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This picture is so freaking beastly!
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Gorgeous work!
IrishSamuraiX's avatar
Great pencils and color.
chibix23's avatar
simply amazing
ChrisGarces's avatar
The coloring is great, the overall grey feel works well. He is a bit pigeon-toed though, not a very powerful position to land a huge stride like that. All I can see in the next panel is Cappy crumpled on the ground holding his mangled foot after rolling his ankle :P
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Excellent work!
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YOu did an awesome color job here! :o
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Awesome work on this image of the Cap. Keep up the great work.
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VERY dynamic, I love the colours used here.
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Cary Nord's an artist that doesn't get enough attention.
As for your colours, they're so subtle, the atmosphere and tone is PERFECT.
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I love the overall feel to this. The gray scaled background really helps bring Capt. America out with his colors and it brings a heaviness to it that goes well with the title. Even the dark colors of the post and the grass help accent the rest of the piece.
excellent job, it makes one hell of a desktop picture. =)
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really awesome job!!!
JanaStormraven's avatar
The pale background colours with the bright red works very well, also like the framing device (:
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The color makes the work amazing
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Pumped and ready to kick some butt!
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I think it's amazing... There, I said it xD
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I can't even handle that you colored this whole thing in a morning. I'm no digital artist, but I have fumbled around with Photoshop and Illustrator and there's no way I could ever crank something like this out in one sitting. I'm assuming you use a digital tablet/pen, right? I would really love to learn how to turn my sketches into something so digitally crisp as this!
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