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Uncanny X-men 268 1

Here's another Uncanny X-men page. Original art by Jim Lee.

Let me know what you think!
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I like how it just shows his claws.
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Nice, but wouldn't it be smarter to submit your own artwork here, instead of trying to capitalize on someone else's?
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Yep. This is certified awesome!
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Always one of my favorite splash pages and from one of my favorite Lee/Claremont Uncanny X-Men issues. 
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Straight out of my comic book! I want this pic!
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yes that is very awesome great work.
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"Dammit Jim!!" You definitely picked from the Best and did it Justice Loved this one as well and the shadowing and detail all to perfection!!!
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love this one as well:)
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I Love the colors in this, so I tried this one in acrylic, didn't work so well. Yours, however, looks amazing yet again!!!
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I have this issue. Very well done!
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Just can't get enough of Captain America!!!
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Love it!!! Great job.
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Wow! This is one of my favorite panels of all time and you really did it justice! Amazing!
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Not sure if you wanna contact this guy for swiping or if I should call him out ;) [link]
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you gave depth to a veeeeery old comic! The Madripoor Knights. I still remember it :)
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