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Thing vs Juggernaut

By JPRart
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This is a cover that I did for my Thing vs Juggernaut page. It was done in Photoshop and Corel Painter
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He hated the last Fantastic Four movie too.
Oh no! Ben! Nice work
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Epic work! Sadly to say, this would probably be the most likely outcome of the fight. Sorry, Ben.
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This fight would be interesting but the victor would depend on a few factors.

First off, Thing is very strong yes but it's been shown he does not have the level of destructive power that Juggernaut, Hulk, Sentry, and a few others on Earth have. What Thing does have is ALLIES. If Reed can build a device to allow Thing to be empowered by an energy source that will enhance his comic ray-fueled strength (the Negative Zone for instance) then Thing may have a chance.

Cain Marko on the other hand has the clear advantage in this case. He's somewhat stronger than Thing and more durable too plus he has protection from psionic attacks. However, if Cain is in a pinch (like he was when he was fighting World War Hulk at the X-Mansion) then he can promise to gives himself over completely to Cyttorak (who is quite literally the source of Juggernaut's power).

If Cain does that, well, Thing may just get pounded into so many pebbles.
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If a fight between Juggernaut and The Thing played out, it'd be one of the most epic fights in all the Marvel canon, perhaps with the exception of The Incredible Hulk. Even Stan Lee himself would find it hard to keep his cool in this clash of muscles
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Who Wants to make a Bid for this... Thing?
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Have they ever done Hulk vs Juggernaut? That would be one hell of a fight!
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poor thing he just cant catch a break.
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hahahaha, die Thing die =P
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Shit... call Hulk.
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Awwww man...Poor THING...Hopefully, he can have one last hoorah kinda strength and fight his way out and save the day...But pretty much it looks like this fight goes to the stronger man within Juggernaut...As for my opinion of the pic, I love it and I love the linework...Pretty smooth...Great coloring too...Like the way you drew Juggernaut even more especially his boots...Pretty cool around and hope you got more artwork coming.
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Absolutely AWESOME!!! You did quite an impressive job!
Fantastic! Ben doesn't have the super aggressiveness/anger issues that others have (Hulk, Juggernaut, Wolverine, etc). But Ben is a *True* hero. (As it was said earlier) During the Civil War, he refused to take sides, and helped the normal folks. And wanted to Die after he found out what he did as Angrir...
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Thing: "I hate to say this.., but does ANYBODY have the Hulk's cell phone number!?"
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"Alas, poor Thing... I knew him well."
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THAT is what makes Ben Grimm a hero. Doing something you know you can't win at, so that others don't have to take that chance.
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Very very nice! Juggernaut is that much stronger?!
Yeah, the Thing is very tough and is a legit 85 ton threshold, but the Juggernaut is a 100 ton monster and has Cyttorak's power behind him. Ben Grimm could always outsmart him, though. He's a little more on the ball than Cain Marko is.
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Wow, they really weigh that much!? Yeah I agree that Ben is a bit smarter than Juggernaut.
That's not how much they weight. It's how much they can lift. Being in the 100 ton range is kinda like saying at minimum this character can lift 100 tons but might be stronger. Ben Grimm can lift a MAXIMUM of 85 tons, so there is the potential for Juggernaut to be way, way stronger than The Thing. Add to that his natural armor and his force field. The Juggernaut is completely invulnerable and unstoppable by any force when he is moving in a direction. Ben Grimm is just a strong, tough dude basically. He is not equipped to deal with someone on Juggernaut's level muscle to muscle. He'd have to outsmart him, which he's more than capable of, and he's best buds with the smartest man on the planet, so he's definitely got the edge in that department.
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Oh ok, thanks for the correction!
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