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Thing vs Juggernaut

This is a page that I did for an art competition on Digital Webbing. The challenge was to create a 3 panel brawl between the Thing and Juggernaut.
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IDK if anyone commenting on the fight has ever punched concrete with a bare fist. And doing it like they are in a brawl. But if this fight is anything like that. Then Juggernaut is one handed in this fight.
Come on Ben. You can win Juggernaut. Nice work
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It takes more than the Thing to kick Juggernaut's ass. But it took Kitty Pride just a few minutes, and she just kept running way.
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Fantastic Four will become Fantastic Three.
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yeah it's the Juggernaut bitch
Ben doesn't know the word I quit.
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...Giving us ANOTHER reason why you shouldn't mess with the freakin' Juggernaut! :D He rocks!
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Poor Ben...we'll all miss him!
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Wow! Marvels Heavyweight Heros Throwing Fists at each other
it's clobberin time !
Smashing Art.
Chuck Norris will fight the winner.
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The Juggernaut cannot be stopped, he is an unstoppable force; the Thing doesn't have a chance. The Hulk on the other had is able to keep smashing until he tires, which will never happen; as long as he remains angry he'll keep comiing. The Juggernaut will just take it and never be moved. What happens when an unstoppable force [Juggernaut] meets an irresistible one [Hulk]?
The Hulk would win as long as he stays angry. He has gotten bored and left fights before, but his strength has no limit as long as he is progressively getting more and more angry. Cyttorak is powerful, but his power has a limit. Therefore, eventually the Hulk would become more powerful and defeat the Juggernaut. Long, long fight, though.
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Truth be told that REALLY makes no sense to me and is a lil hypocritical of Marvel. Ok, if anyone knows of demons... they have NO life span. they live and live and live. AND juggernaut has a force field which in turn is like well over in the classes and to boot is magical. Which means you can drop a bomb the size of Unicron on him and dude would be dusting himself off saying, "do it again that tickles." So although Hulk's pwr is indeed self sustaining due to anger. That to me should place Juggernaut as the ultimate match... and to boot His armor is also originally in the area of Thor's hammer ( which means no dents) nuff said.
The thing about Cyttorak versus The Hulk (full disclosure: I haven't been reading comics for a while. Lots of new info might make me totally wrong) is that it really depends on how the fight goes. I think Cytorrak is vastly more powerful than the Hulk at the start of the fight. But the madder the Hulk gets, the more powerful he gets. Even Cyttorak has limits, but the Hulk doesn't. He could conceptually build an infinite amount of strength and invulnerability. But he has to build it. I think the Juggernaut should be able to knock the living hell out of him at the start of the fight, possibly killing him in one blow, but by a few minutes in, no way. The Hulk is way too mad by that point. Cyttorak is very powerful, but even it has to bow to forces like Eternity and Death. The Hulk top level strenth is up there where even Galactus has to pay attention.

I'm not saying that I agree with that. I think that's getting a little ridiculous, but that's where Marvel has taken things. Hopefully they have revised all of that nonsense back down since I've been out of the loop.
I think the Thing is going to come out on top.
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...Probably because of popular opinion!
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Now could you do the Ben Grimm thing versus the John Carpenter thing?
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no question. you won.
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