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Sailor Moon Redraw

This is my take on the Sailor Moon Redraw challenge that's going on over on artstation.…

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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What if DC or Marvel was drawing comics about Sailor Moon. Very good.

Grasnor's avatar

Very IMAGE Comics. The style suits the character amazingly.

Kaedegirl's avatar

she's looking really sweet :) I love the bold colours on her lips and hair!

digitalgil's avatar

Solid job! Love the line work and coloring. You crushed it!

CryoftheBeast's avatar

This looks really fantastic! The only thing i can recommend is maybe making the lips a lighter color. I just find my eyes drawn to them to much(maybe it's just me?) when there are so many other things in her face that look really interesting. The eyes are just the best.

Gurdim's avatar

I really like this personal twist toward a more western comics style :) looks cool, intense, and the coloring especially around the nose and the eyes is really awesome, gives a fantastic feeling of mass and volume :)

LouisPointe's avatar

Very good work, attractive color, good detail, remarkable lighting

jaredjlee's avatar

She looks great.

Excellent work.

Nice redraw.

sinister-puppet's avatar

Wow this is great!

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chichichichipndale's avatar

Cool it's got like a mid 2000s Batgirl vibe.

SamuraiShinai's avatar

Praise the Moon !!

oneturnkill's avatar

This is, hands-down, the best entry to the challenge I've seen yet. You've brought a touch of the West to a very Eastern character, and it's fabulous; the attention to detail is outstanding, and I love your art style. I'll be cruising by your portfolio to see what else you've got cooking! :)

Amaniwolf's avatar

Oh this is really nice.

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