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Nick Fury

By JPRart
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This is a 3d model of Nick Fury that I've been working on in my spare time. I modeled and rigged this character to experiment with animation.

Anyways, this is a test render with some Photoshop work. It was made with 3ds max, Zbrush, and rendered with Vray.
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Nick Fury: Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye!

(Loses eye to alien disguised as a cat back in the 90s)
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fantastic! everything is so detailed!
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really cool!
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The detail is amazing!
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*Nick Fury is in a video chat with Hiro Hamada*

Nick Fury: You are keeping lots of secrets, Hamada. There are strange things going on around you, and you don't tell me enough.

Hiro Hamada: I tell you as much you need to know.

Nick Fury: What is that supposed to mean?

Hiro Hamada: Look, I remember the incident with Alexander Pierce. You let HYDRA infilarate your organization, and THEN you reverse-engineered Jotunheim and Svatalfheim technology into weapons! I'm sorry, but that makes me a little wary to trust S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm not gonna lie to you, and I will still inform you of stuff that it would be helpful for you to know, but I think I'm entitled to my secrets. After all, don't your golden boys have secrets of their own? What about Tony Stark's current project in robotics? Bruce Banner's current location? Or the parents of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

Nick Fury: Fair enough, Hamada. Stark trusts you, and you tell a lot of things to Stark. And I trust Stark,l perhaps more than I trust some of my men. If you truly feel that disclosing too much information would be dangerous, I won't press the issue. I'm just letting you know...if there's another big invasion or supernatural menace coming, we should be the first to know as much as we can to combat it.

Hiro Hamada: And you will, Director Fury.

*Hiro endsw the video chat*

Skuld: He's just trying to help, you know? He reminds me a lot of the Almighty. Just like the Almighty, he can be strict, he can have his rules, but he has the best interest of everybody in mind.

Hiro Hamada: I know that, Skuld. I just don't want too give him too much too son.
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You really captured my essence 
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You did Samuel L. Jackson proud!
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Hi! You've been featured here: [link]

Have a good day! :love:
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wow man , this is awesome work !! very good likeness ! , how the hell do you get some nice skin from vray
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Nick deserves more Avenger's fandom love.
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Just awesome. WOW!
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owo I love the texture in this--even his eye-patch!
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A very lifelike drawing, but this isn't Nick Fury. Just Samuel L. Jackson with an eye patch.
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Oh, pah. Ultimate Nick Fury IS Samuel L. Jackson with an eyepatch in the comics.
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Whoa. That's SO realistic! Amazing job!!! O.o
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The ultimate Nick Fury is just a Samuel L Jackson caracature.
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This looks great! The likeness and the texture is amazing. :D
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It's like fury's right infront of me
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