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New52 Superman

By JPRart
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This is a drawing that I did yesterday. With all the news about the upcoming DC comics relaunch, its an exciting time for comics, and I thought it would be fun to do something with the new character designs by Jim Lee.

Let me know what you think.

Jeremy Roberts
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That is energic picture of Superman! Looks Great!! :)
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Really iconic.  I like how the center of the light is like our yellow sun, but the edges are red, like Rao.

That, and the pose is excellent.  Even if this was a silhouette and you couldn't see the face, you would just need one look and you would know:  "Yep, that's Superman." 
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Very awesome!  The light effect is cool with the iconic pose.
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He's so the man. ^^
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lose the collar and i'd say it's a great change!
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this is great you should work for DC
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you`re featured here: [link] :heart:
I hope it makes you lucky :iconflowerplz:

best wishes
Jassy2012 :kiss:
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Great art as always... Fucking hate the costume though. I know the pants were silly and all but this look just doesn't look like Superman. WTF does he need armour for? I would have been all for it if this was the costume for the Earth-Two Supes or something but this costume should not be the Mainstream suit. Sorry for the rant, I mean your stuff is great and this is a fantastic piece... but that suit... The Batman costume change annoys me less partly because Greg Capullo has done such a fantastic Job in Scott Snyder's run on Batman at making the suit look imposing and partly because his costume is always changing whereas Supes has had pretty much the same suit since he started out.
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Is the background some custom brush-effect? :)

Looks really awesome!
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The artwork is beautiful, solid and top notch.

some think it makes us look old to not like the change to the costumes, but truth be told its not our age but the momentum of over 70 years of the costume being a certain way. Everywhere you look his costume is the "classic" still
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Better than Jim Lee. (:
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strong color, perfect
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'Let me know what you think??' I think you should go take up art duties on Superman right away!! This is amazing!
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Stunning - I've never been a big fan of Superman, but this drawing has blown my mind. COOL!
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there's a reason they call him the Man of Steel
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Great art but I'm not diggin' the NEW Superman costume @ all !!
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The same here dude !!! I wish they return the DC universe that we know , they ruin my childhood 1!!
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Unfortunatly whining about it makes us look old
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True , still either way let hope that this is only last for a copule years and it will back to normal ( the way we like it ) , the only DCnU book I'll read is Justice League because I'm a huge Jim Lee fan !!!
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You make it look good!!Superman is always been my most favourite superhero but honestly it still hard for me to accept this design. They broke the color balance of the suit>.<
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Even if I am not fond of the new DCU, I do like Superman's costume. And at the least this time, they decided not to change his powers.
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