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New Suicide Squad 4

This is the cover that I painted for New Suicide Squad #4.

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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Amazing and badass.
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Beautiful work!!!!
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Dang! That is good art.
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No offence. But this isn't your art. This same picture is on google. if you search Harley Quinn this photo come up in the images
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All art on deviantart can be found on google. If you click the hyperlink on google, it leads to here, if it was created on Deviantart
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That's more like deadpool but awesome job
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Did you know Harley's original colors were black and red like Deadpool? Harley was actually based off the jesters in King's castles. Overtime, she evolved and became more badass. The more you know.
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I am new to this site and I am looking for a freelance artists to hire, anyone have any suggestions for me?
I'm speechless.
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Yeah! no joking dude this is really great! some time and effort went into this and then some! Wonderful Job on this! Keep up the amazing work!
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Hi I love your artwork. Can I include it in a fan art post on the blog at I will give full credit of course!
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I've been trying to track down the artist behind this work and I'm glad I found you. 

Do you work with or for the Etsy shop TwistedDisplays?

Because if not, he's stolen your artwork to sell. He's done it to other artists already, one whom is a personal friend of mine, and I've taken it upon myself to try and track down everyone who has possibly had their hard work stolen. 

Here's the link to the etsy shop in question, have a nice day.…
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Great action art. Thank-you.:HarleyHugs: 
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