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Man of Steel: Superman saves Smallville

By JPRart
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I'm thrilled to finally be able to post this! This is the cover that I drew for Man of Steel: Superman Saves Smallville. Its a children's book based on the upcoming movie, and it is probably the coolest project that I've ever worked on.

The book was written by the Amazingly talented John Sazaklis!!! [link] ...and illustrated by ME!!!!

You can check it out on Amazon [link] or your local bookstore when it hits shelves on April 30th
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really hated  that superman resorted to killing in the man of steel movie
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I know a lot of people will disagree with what I’m about to say, but I must say this: If Superman HAD spared Zod...Then what? Think about it for a second: In the comics, whenever Superman fights Zod, he usually throws him in the phantom zone or a high-tech kryptonite-powered prison or some crap like that. However, In this movie’s universe, there’s no sufficiently advanced high-tech prison that can hold super villains yet. Also, Superman doesn’t know how to access the phantom zone and he doesn’t know that kryptonite is a thing yet. Therefore, without access to the phantom zone, kryptonite, magic, red sun energy or anything that could restrain someone as powerful as a kryptonian...where would he have put Zod? There’s absolutely nothing that can restrain or hold someone like him. If Superman had spared Zod, there would’ve been another fight equally as destructive as the first one...and there’s no guarantee that Superman would win the second round. Plus, back in the Christopher Reeves movies, Superman killed Zod there too and nobody complained about it back then. Strange, isn’t it?
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FLASHFAN123Hobbyist General Artist
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No need to thank me. I’m just being the voice of reason, that’s all.
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FLASHFAN123Hobbyist General Artist
I especially appreciate you bringing up the Reeves movie hypocrisy!
Eon101's avatar I the first that you’ve come across to have pointed out this hypocrisy? Because I got that from the Nostaalgia Critic. He briefly pointed it out during his review of Man Of Steel.
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FLASHFAN123Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, you are.
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...*sigh*...How disappointing. The worst part is, I can name a lot of movies where superheroes end up directly killing their villains in movies and nobody complained about it back then either:
-Blade Trilogy: Blade destroyed every vampire he came across (though to be fair, vampires are already dead, so this one might be questionable)
-The Incredible Hulk: Hulk killed abomination
-Iron Man: Iron man killed Iron Monger
-Batman Begins: Batman killed Ra’s Al Ghul (Okay, he didn’t kill him directly, but he could’ve easily saved him from the train if he wanted to, but he chose not to, so he might as well have killed him)
-Spider-Man 3: Spidey Killed Both Eddie and the Symbiote (Ok, he didn’t mean to kill Eddie, but he definitely killed the Symbiote on purpose and by that point, the Symbiote had been established as a sentient living being on par with a human)
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Uh... Hulk didn't kill Abomination.
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CristianSJuarezHobbyist Digital Artist
just aweeeeesome!! :D (Big Grin) 
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ArteDigitalSAStudent General Artist
epic job!!!
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SebastiansmindHobbyist Digital Artist
it's Hilarious how people didn't complain about Superma causing Collateral Damage in the Animated DC Movies/Shows, yet they say he shouldn't Here. XD 
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They also didn’t complain when he killed Zod back in the Christover Reeves Movies, yet they complained about it here. Weird, isn’t it?
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every one is simply great! wooooow!:D (Big Grin) B-) (Cool) Woohooooo! 
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Wow. Awesome Art.
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I really like the contrast between the their uniform/armor.

Zod has scalloped plates and looks really sharp, I like how he DOESN'T have spikes everywhere, since that's a sign of a villain who's campy (not necessarily bad, but not fitting the setting) or anime.  (Again, that's not a bad thing, but it doesn't match the setting.)

Superman, I like armor-like pieces on the wrists and waist.  They use their shape as a stark contrast to Zod's.  They "flow" over his uniform in graceful curves and are in places that actually serve a useful purpose BEYOND looking cool.  (gauntlets to protect the wrist, and the side-waist to protect the sides and kidney area.)

This is excellent.
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LovemefearmeHobbyist Photographer
Very cool! Wonderful job! I love it.  I will be looking for it. We collect the books, all of them. The children books and the comic books.  It looks so cool. 
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I would love to see this version of Superman traveling through time to see his various incarnations, including the "New 52" Superman.
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DMcKinney79Hobbyist Artist
Got this on DVD
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KrazykenohStudent Traditional Artist
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supercomicmanHobbyist Artist
my dream is to work for dc this is amazing good job
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ImdaBatmanHobbyist Traditional Artist
God I love that movie
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Great detail !
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