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Justice League Commission

This is a Justice League Commission that I did over the weekend. The composition was based on the Michael Turner cover for Justice League of America #12, with updated costumes for Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg.

Batman design by Daniel Araya [link]

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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Daviddv1202's avatar
I want the Martian Manhunter back! F*ck Cyborg! He belongs in the Teen Titans! 
DannyWapBang's avatar
So you want the more obvious choice for JLO back and diss on my favorite Leaguer. How nice. He's a better choice for the JL because he's a teenager given superpowers, a techno whiz, and a person of color (black.) Plus, it shows he's more mature than the version everybody seems to know (TTG version.)
Daviddv1202's avatar
Oops, this must've been when I had a grudge against this character before he started to finally grow on me. He's now one of my favourite DC superheroes.
DannyWapBang's avatar
SAME! Teen Titans Go had me under the impression Cyborg was dumb and gave me my view that black people weren't hot (I was 11. It was my "formative years.") until I went to Six Flags and saw what Cyborg actually looked like, and combined with a fanart I liked of a sexy anime boy who people thought was black and I initially dismissed them until it started to finally grow on me, I suddenly found myself developing a crush on who previously I only thought of as a screaming dumbass! Thanks Bumper Robinson and your ethnicity-indistinguishable voice!
LeonidasLemonis's avatar
Couldn't agree more.
Leviathan65's avatar
Large gathering of justice! Beautiful!
fastest-girl-alive's avatar
SonSilvShad18's avatar
Who cares if it's either Cyborg or Martian Manhunter, I'm here for Aquaman bitches!!!!!! :D
The slight blue glow on Batman's cowl is a nice touch, really highlights just how high-tech the Bat-suit really is, and not "JUST" a flexible kevlar-titanium composite.

I like the new Superman uniform as well.  The classic is a classic, but I like this one better.
Ryou-kuga's avatar
this is sooo awesome. I love the cyborg design, he seems  soo cool and powerfull. 
i love the hole picture, the color, the composition. nice.
Regis-AND's avatar
Beautiful work!
Phenometron's avatar
These guys are very awesomely assembled.
sentry1996's avatar
Superior cyborg 
Sindisa's avatar
Me thinks Tony Stark might have a bone to pick with Cyborg... although it's a great look regardless. I love the faintly glowing blue against the white, very catchy.
Shaun2186's avatar
awesome work dude. love the batman costume. looks sick!
Karantheartist's avatar
Nice, I love your Batman!
Grayface's avatar
I love this pic and the alternate version so damn much. Just beautiful. 
thisguyisnotcool's avatar
Awesome. Wonder Woman and Cyborg are my favorites.
Simply perfect. You nailed it.
thesolaralchemist's avatar
You should be doing the art on Justice League, man.
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