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Justice League

Here's another new painting, let me know what you think!
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Nice  love it 
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Everything the justice league should 
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A great drawing wow!!!!
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Excellent work!

I am also a fan of the DC's Justice League and i have created a series
You can check it out and leave a comment here…
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the original badasses
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I remember watching the t.v. series when it was still on toonami, man so many awesome memories.
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Great Justice League pic.
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I love it, Thanks for giving Aquaman Props, he was always one of my favorites, but too often he is overshadowed by the others, the use of lighting pulls him to the center of attention, in my opinion, and his expression makes him look formidable which I also like. You did a great job on them all, but Arthur won me over :) Kind of like "Yeah I'm in the Background, but I'm the Backbone of this little gathering"
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This is awesome!!!
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This is just great! I love the lighting and detailing that went into this! =) Nicely done!
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The art is so good!!! I love it!!!
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it's amazing!and i don't know about the history of JL very well. has john stewart replaced hal jordan?
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Cool!! But wheres hawk girl?? She's in the main 7. And aqua man isn't.
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Hawk Girl isn't one of the main members. Aqua Man is.
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No hawk girl is in the main 7. Type in google images "the jutice league" and it will come up.
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No, she isn't and aqua man comes up, not hawk girl. Either way, you're clearly thinking of the tv show, but in the comics, Aqua Man is one of the main members, not Hawk Girl.
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Well I don't go by the comics, I go by the TV episodes.
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Well the person who made this clearly isn't going by the tv show.
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As i c. I don't like the comics. I prefer the TV series.
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