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Justice League

Here's a new picture that I've been working on.

I'm a big fan of DC's new 52, especially Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, its fantastic! ...and I thought it would be fun to do an homage to the classic Jim Lee cover for X-men #1 featuring the members of the Justice League.

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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Very cool!!! Love this cover!
ZephrZolt's avatar
Like, i-it's DarkSeid! :la:
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This is an amazing pic and a great take on the New 52 JL. Honestly I'm not so sure why a whole lot of people hated the New 52. Sure it wasn't pretty but it was nice, simple and fresh start for DC, also I love some of the costumes plus the Superman&WonderWoman relationship was SUPERFUL!!!
UltimateRex786's avatar
I liked the new 52. Some things weren’t the best, but overall it was good.
kubagami's avatar
Brilliant! Should be John Stewart tho :D
PsychicTempest00's avatar
John Stewart and Hawkgirl are a package deal
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That poor Parademon :(
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Dont feel bad they basically are trained to live and die for Darkseid.
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Has anyone told you of this fake, using your picture?…
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The only things I hated about the New 52 were the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman (Wonder Woman belongs to Batman!!!) and the armour and collar on Superman, plus how much he was a dick in the New 52.
generalkarn's avatar
He wasnt a dick he just had to deal with a lot of people either disliking him or trying to kill him more times than he would have liked not to mention people blaming him for all the attacks on metropolis.
Daviddv1202's avatar
Still though, he didn't have to be an asshole most of the time and just acting all dominant in the team all because he is the most powerful member.
generalkarn's avatar
He was hardly being dominant in the league if anything it was Batman always telling everyone what to do, When dealing with people who are either trying to kill you or blame you for their problems it will generally alter ones mood as a whole.
Daviddv1202's avatar
He doesn't deserve Wonder Woman though. She is supposed to be with Batman.
generalkarn's avatar
Trust me i wasnt a fan of the pairing either (granted i will admit in the various books the writers did do a good job showing why they did love each other) as for being paired with Batman i would so love to see that be a thing but honestly their is just too much evidence pointing to him truly loving Catwoman especially in the current Tom King run of Batman.
Daviddv1202's avatar
I understand but they are better off as frenemies than lovers. Their game they play is fun, and Hush and Batman: The Telltale Series did a great job writing their love life but I am BMWW for life.
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Could've sworn that Jim Lee drew this. Amazing work!
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this is good, i can see the x-men and Magneto. 

Really good hommage
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Hello, Would it be okay if i used this for a banner? Like a cover/header? I would give you credit! Thank you in advance, amazing artwork. 
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