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Here's a new image that I've been working on for my own comic book called IMPOSSIBLE.

I'm really excited about this project. Let me know what you think!
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looks great, look forward to checking it out - keep me posted
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Okay, I guess someone's gonna have to ask the all-important questions. When are you going to publish it? And under what company? Do you plan to make it a miniseries or an ongoing? 'Cuz, right now, I really want to read it. Awesome art, by the way.
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where can I find more info about this char and comic??? it is really awesome <3
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This looks awesome! When will this be available!?!?!
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When is this Comic Available and how can we buy it?
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like,like like!!!!!!!![link]
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Looks cool. want to know more...
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i love all of you're artwork! for so long i've been looking for a da artist who draws my favourite heroes...and here who you are! keep it up man!
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I think you've got something here 8D I will love to see more of this!
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I like what you do with superman, cap, and all the others. I'm interested in this one especially . Comics and manga all kind of tell the same stories now. I want to see something fresh, and this looks like it might be one of those things.
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Looks great! who was the first deviant to get a movie deal??
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sweet! you just might be the next deviant to get a movie deal
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Hey Partner,
Looks great so far...waiting to see more....Love your Gallery...
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Nice! I'd like to see the story/pages!
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looks great , I will be check your site to see how's it's progressing...came you do a Thor piece with Beta-Ray Bill and those who held the Hammer
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Do it! I want to see how the impossible superhero can be beaten somehow in a close end. That'll be interesting.
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Wow. All your missing are the credits and a title on top and you've got a movie poster that rivals any I've seen.
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Nice! Looks good!
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I think this looks awesome. I'm not into comics, but I definitely like superheroes and this one is no exception.
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