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F4 Thing

This is a quick digital painting I did of the Thing, from Fantastic four.
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So cool Thing. He is my favorite in Fantastic four
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He smokes for the thrill of it.
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I used This image as part of my avatars hero signature on "Marvel Heroes 2015" game forums.
Pulled it of a Thing image search and didn't realize it wasn't part of Marvels body of work.
I just rechecked the source and traced it back to you.

If you disapprove I will quickly change it.
Here is a link where i am using the sig.…
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Changed my signature, thanks.
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Great work by the way!
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Ben and Logan with there dang cigars! lol
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The Thing is ready to clobber! :D
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Love it! And He is one of my favorite tough guys!
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Simply fantastic!!
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Have to tell you, I used this image to do an oil painting. Love this piece. It's awesome!
I've included a link in mine to your page.
I'm still new to oil painting so you have to go easy on me...
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fantastic:) Great piece.
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You did the image of The Thing I always wanted to see......
The kinda dat's like: "You talkin' to me?"
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the texture is fantastic
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Fantastic artwork.
Ride on! Great job. The Thing from the world's greatest comic book.
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where the hell you learn to paint like this in photoshop?
WTF!!! dude!
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i love it , i love it , i love it ,wooooooooooow
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sweet! Wonderful coloring :)
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Very well done.
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