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Dragonlance 9

By JPRart
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Here's another Dragonlance cover.

Let me know what you think!
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Great gallery. Keep up the good work. The D & D stuff is amazing.
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I love this. One of the best depictions of Kitiaria I have seen
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Looks amazing!
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Wow, that's cool. I remember reading the books long time ago. Still have the original books with Larry Elmore covers. Great work.
Is this Kit and Tanis or Kit and Dalamar? I'm leaning toward Tanis. Very good btw, I have loved the books since I was a teen.
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Tanis. He's wearing blue dragon armor abs you can see his beard
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Wow! This is really manly Dalamar, definitelly as he is supposed to look! A big good work! I hate pictures of him where he looks like silly girl in her sixteen, so this is pleasuring surprise. ^_______~
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It captures both the emotional and the awesome dramatic battle-y bits!

(both of which are totally awesome!)
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Kill me and trap my soul in a bottle... This is epic
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You want to know what i think??
I think that Kit is dangerous woman!! :crazy:
I really enjoyed the Chronicles.
I have to say that this paint is really expressive because it reminds me some passages and the painful love of Tanis, really, nice work man!
Definitely :+fav:
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Love the fire in the background and... well everything else! Great job!
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Kit and Tanis!! XD
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very dramatic!
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Beautiful, just finished reading the War of Souls trilogy, and you have captured these two wery nicely!
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Simply awesome. Absolutely incredible.
read all the starting books this is great good work keep it up if u want a good read rise of the solamnics is GREAT id love to see some picsof jaymes markham wow
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Love Kit's armor but there is something vaguely wrong with Tanis' ears. They're too squareish. Aside from that this is absolutely incredible! Well done!
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wow you are amazing!!
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You have amazing pieces.
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is it supposed to be Tanis and Kit?
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ok, nvm just read the other comments....
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