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Dragonlance 5

By JPRart
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Here's a cover that I did recently for a comic book called Dragonlance: Chronicles published by Devil's Due. It was created using Zbrush, 3ds max, and photoshop.

let me know what you think!
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Is there a place where I can buy a copy of this image as a larger print? I absolutely love it and would love to add it to my art collection at some point.

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Oh Noes! 

so have you build all the character in zbrush ?!
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Please visit my profile and give me your opinion on my work and follow me that's my pleasure
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It looks awesome! Lord Soth rules!!!
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Amazing death knight, Lord Soth, glorius one indeed, well done.
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- I hate Lord Loran Soth, he's a blight of Solamnia, I will kill the Knight of the Black Rose!
- But he's immortal.
- Then I'll kill him each time I see him!
- Good luck, son.
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Uh, I didn't think Deathknights were immortal...or are they like Pathfinder's Graveknights (where you have to reduce every piece of their armor into dust or else they'll eventually come back to life)? Or is Soth an advanced-type of deathknight (with additional abilities and such)?
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This is DragonLance, the land of romance and honour, not fireballs or PWK (he has both) ^_^

Killing Lord Soth isn't much of a feat for a mid-level party. He won't feel much or hold a grudge either. Loran's pain is the pain of conscience. When completely disintegrated, turned to Abyss or banished to another plane, he returns each night to listen to banshees telling him of his sins when he could but didn't prevent Apocalypse out of petty jealousy.

There's no need to fight the Knight of the Black Rose - he has a free will which is a part of his torment, and is Lawful evil, as "Lawful" as a true knight of Solamnia can be, even in after death.

Other inhabitants of Dargaard Keep are not as understanding ^_^ Banshees, undead soldiers, Tarraska...
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What a cool Lord Soth. I like how his eyes and the background are both eerie.
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Ohoo! Lord Soth! (Or a Helmed Horror from the new MM?)
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This is ... I have no words to describe the pure awesomeness that this picture encapsulates! The days of my young life, reading Dragonlance! Reading "Knight of the Black Rose" ...
Absolutely ... beautiful.
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Reminds me of the "black cauldron" movie 4 some reason
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Brilliant, comrade.
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Loving the awesome details on his armour, sword hilt and helm. Soth has a pretty cool back story to him, made him all the more tragic, and downright scary!
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Lord Soth kicks butt. Awesome work!
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Please don't take this as an insult, but I find this guy adorable looking, and his cape looks really comfy. He makes me happy : ) Good job.
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WOW! Love your attention to detail! This is stunning!
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Great Job. I really like the use of the light and colors
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