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Deadpool 3D

By JPRart
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Here's a new painting that I did over the weekend.

I thought it would be fun to see what Deadpool would do in 3d.
So, You'll need your green and red 3d glasses for this one...

Let me know what you think.
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he told those people to hush but they didnt listen.
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\rolls down a car window slowly

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Breaking the 4th Wall. In 3-D
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This should be the movie poster
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wow... that is just AMAZING! let's hope the Deadpool movie is anywhere near this awesome!
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Why are you so awesome!
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Wow I really just pop out! I think I'm about to pop out of canvas....wait no nevermind, that's a bullet coming out, not me.

(( I looked everywhere for a pair of 3D glasses to see get a better look at it. It doesn't pop as much as I was hoping but it still has the 3D aspect to it. ))
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Ooh, it looks like the bullets are coming right at me. Wait a minute...
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freakin amazing bro
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XDD You know what would be funny, 3D Deadpool is real deadpool XDD
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That is just beyond amazing.
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Ah, dammit! I have red/cyan glasses, not green. :XD:
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lol Deadpool would wear these! LOL
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The 3-D glasses is something only Deadpool would do. :D
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This is amazing ; u ; even though I just messed up my eyes with the 3D glasses but it was worth it XD
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it's cool im watching it in 3d lolz
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this is an amazing picture, it's even better with the glasses =]
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in the true spirit of deadpool-awesome!
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