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Dawn of Justice

This is something new that I've been working on this week.  It's a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice painting, based on the cover image for ICONS: The DC Comics and Wildstorm art of Jim Lee.  All credit goes to the original artists.

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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Cool work!;) However its really SUPERMAN who supposed to be in the front center:unimpressed:

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Nice work, but I think Superman should be in the center.

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I'm just gonna say it.
The flash > anyone who isn't batman/superman.
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Interesting how Batman takes up most of the picture.
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So what if he does? If it wasn't for him, the DC Extended Universe wouldn't have been given any second chances. Superman had TWO chances to save the DC Extended Universe and he blew it.

Blew it? The Man of Steel trilogy is one of thr best comic book trilogies there is. And certainly it was what DC really needed, staying away from Marvel.

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Forgive this old comment. This was back when I was a heavy DCEU critic. Today, I've come to appreciate Zack Snyder's vision a lot more so I'm also on board with continuing the Snyderverse.

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I know. It's just ironic given that these days, DC's one 'Powerhouse'
is the one guy WITHOUT superpowers, while the guy actually called SUPERman has become a joke.

(Seriously. Can't anyone make ONE Superman videogame that DOESN'T suck?!)

All things considered, Batman is DC's new "Superman."

Superman is no joke, both Batman and Superman have amazing trilogies. And I mean Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel trilogy. And yes, the last one is a Superman trilogy.

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Exactly. Let's just hope that when Superman returns, he will finally be the Superman we all know and love. I didn't feel anything during his [SPOILER ALERT] death when he sacraficed himself to kill Doomsday. And he goes and murders Zod instead of sending him to the Phantom Zone. I want the Superman who is hopeful and not always complaining and whining. The only reason I accepted the emo Superman in Man of Steel is because he was introduced to the world. Of course people were going to fear and hate him. But then it was repeated in Batman v Superman. Batman only had one scene in the movie and he already won the love of many fans. Sure, he was an extremist but you gotta admit, the warehouse scene was excellent. Not to mention him actually being a detective. Even Wonder Woman is a little better than Superman here and she was given little screen time. Her accent sounds so goddess-like, while she is a real warrior in battle. Superman was just terrible. Like I said. I hope we will eventually get the Superman we know and love from the comics. Maybe even base him a little off the Superman from the DC Animated Universe, serious but not a douche like in the New 52. 
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The reason I feel Batman V Superman failed as much as it did,
was that in retrospect, it's more of a Fanfiction, that an actual movie.

I mean..It's Batman Vs. Superman, but with 'The Dark Knight Returns',
a prelude to Justice League, aaand 'The Death of Superman' because "we needed a cool looking climax."

(So, pretty much several different DC storylines slapped together with scotch tape.)

Batman Vs. Superman would've been enough (and, that IS what we paid to see)

The reason Doomsday killing Superman here had NO impact like in the comics,
was that when it happened in the comics, Superman had already been in hundreds of comics.

We KNEW who Superman was, and really felt it when he died defending Metropolis.

But, here..Superman died after just TWO movies.
(And, This wasn't even a genuine Doomsday. It was some clone of Lex Luthor and Zod,
 which is a ripoff of Superboy, and Nuclear Man!)

Oh, and speaking of Superman NOT being being in-character as you say.
Did you have a look at Lex Luthor in this movie??

I'll be honest. In the trailers, I thought I was looking at The Joker,
and thought: 'Hey, what's Joker doing in this movie??'

but, he's Lex Luthor??, LEX. LUTHOR. the calm, cold businessman Lex Luthor.

Do me a favor, man. and just imagine Clancy Brown from the DCAU
saying all of Lex's lines from Dawn of Justice. and, tell ME if that sounds like Lex Luthor to you.

I also agree that Superman probably SHOULD be more like his DCAU counterpart.
(I loved how in that show, Clark Kent was ever bit the detective as Batman is.)

Fact, ALOT of people prefer the Batman/Superman crossover in the cartoon,
than this very movie simply because the two didn't hate each other for no reason.

To be honest, I feel that DC shoehorned this whole Justice League prelude subplot,
so they could compete with their rival Marvel, and their successful Avengers films.

I mean..I am glad that Wonder Woman is getting her own movie.
but, I wish they'd released it BEFORE Dawn of Justice, so her appearance in that would have more impact.

(It's like if Marvel released Thor AFTER The Avengers.)
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Trust me, I couldn't agree more with how wrong the casting was for Lex Luthor. He would make a great Joker or Trickster. I mean, Luthor is supposed to be this charming, charismatic and smooth talking villain, who is secretly a sociopath but also a genius. However, these two DID have perfect motivations for hating each other in Batman vs Superman.

Batman saw Superman as an alien threat who, if he looses his mind once, could wipe out the entire human race since he has seen many good guys gone bad (Hint: Harvey Dent and many more) so he couldn't take the chance. Superman saw Batman as a criminal who thinks he is above the law, murdering his enemies, torturing and brutalizing them so he decided to bring Batman to justice. That was the perfect plot summary to why these two should be fighting. Then it ends up to just Eisenberg manipulating Batman and Superman to fight each other by kidnapping, "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!?!?" and blackmailing Superman to kill Batman. Also, the conclusion to the fight could've been done so much better. 

I agree. They should've at least made the Batman and Wonder Woman movie afterwards, then made this movie. Then they could do the other solo superheroes like Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash before making the Justice League movie. Remember how much we all geeked out to see all the Marvel characters meet for the first time in the Avengers. We saw their movies and their solo adventures, so seeing them again but together was the best thing ever. The DC Extended Universe is corrupted right now. If it wasn't for Batman, there would've been no second chances. 

And also, I am a DC Fanboy. I love DC so freaking much. I love all the characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg (Yes, I know he is controversial for replacing MM but still, he is awesome), Green lantern, Red Hood, Riddler, Aquaman, Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Joker, Zoom, Vandal Savage, Shazam, Black Adam, the Flash and so many more that I would have a top 30 list. I barely know that much about Marvel. The movies are what got me into Marvel. If it wasn't for Hugh Jackman, I would never had become a Wolverine fan. If it wasn't for Spider-Man, I would never have loved Green Goblin. If it wasn't for the MCU, I would never had been curious to explore more about those characters. However, it took the animated series and millions of comics to get me into DC. The DC Extended Universe needs to fix itself if it is ever going to have a future. 
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I see your point over their reasonings..even if they ARE a bit hypocritical.

Superman: "Batman is a vigilante who thinks he is above the law."

(And, how many international laws have YOU ignored, Superman?
 or, does your superpowered might Literally make you right?"

Batman: "We don't know anything about Superman.
                and, if there is even the slightest chance he is our enemy, we MUST act!"

(Says the man who just recent added a minigun to the dash of his car,
 and likes to "Bat-Brand" the criminals that he captures which MAY lead to their deaths.)

I've stated very early on that the difference between DC, and Marvel's film series is 'speed'

Mainly, as much as Marvel wanted to make an Avengers film from the get-go,
they took their time making solo films first, so that by the time they do release The Avengers,
viewers are familiar with the core members, and are emotionally invested with them.

DC's Justice League is a rushed project.

They shoehorned the prelude into what should've been just a simple 'Versus' film,
putting in characters that we are suppose to  be excited for, but know little to nothing about.

Watching Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy doesn't tell me alot
about who the DCEU's version of Batman is, and why he's gone Frank Miller on us.

(What is Robin's story, anyway? Which Robin IS it?!)

Is Aquaman a "Xenophobe" like in the Justice League cartoon?,
or is he more like Thor, and is a friendly hothead with responsibilities.

Is Flash ANYTHING like how we've seen him on the CW TV Series??
or, is Flash pretty much DC's 'Spider-Man', and just a kid looking up to Batman.

If this is literally a Comic Book Film Serial race, than Marvel got off to a good start,
whilst DC actually stumbled at the starting line, and is tripping over it's feet ever since.

Regardless, I'll still see Justice league. and, HOPE that it is at least passable
(Superman had BETTER appear in it, because honestly. What Justice League roster exclude Superman from it?!)

I'll admit, DC may be getting too into their New 52 Continuity
with having Cyborg as a core member, when everyone are still more used to
associating Cyborg with the Teen Titans, alongside Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire.

If that is the case, then I hope to see a solo Shazam film soo-
Oh, wait. that's right. They ARE making a Shazam movie.

(Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is even portraying Black Adam!)
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I know. The Rock even admitted that he is a fan of Black Adam so it really warms my heart to know that the actor loves the character he is playing to put full commitment into it. I know Shazam would be a very fun movie. 

Well, according to those questions, I do think that those questions you just asked, "Is Aquaman a xenophobic antihero?" Yes I think he is. "Will Flash be like Spider-Man?" Ezra confirmed that his character is a smart but naive yet optimistic character who looks up to his hero, Batman. I wouldn't want Flash to be like CW's Flash because I hate that show. I first saw Wally West's Flash so it would be great to see his kind of character on the big screen. 

The first story I ever saw with Cyborg was Justice League: Doom. You see, here is a little and most dumbest story of how I became a DC fanboy. Jim Carrey is my favourite comedian. I never used to be a fan of Batman. When I saw his name in the credits, I gave Batman Forever a shot. He was hilarious as the Riddler, and got me curious into Batman. I went online and saw these Arkham videos on the Riddler walkthroughs. I began to grow more in love with the character. Then i saw every Riddler episode in the Batman shows, "Batman: The Animated Series", "The Batman" and "The New Batman Adventures". That's when I got more into Batman. I decided to follow more up on the DC universe and watched the Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited shows. I began to read the comics and now I am an ultimate DC fanboy. Now back to Cyborg. I first saw Cyborg. I decided to watch Justice League: Doom and was fascinated by Cyborg with him and the Justice League. Then I watched Justice League: War. I was more into Cyborg. Then people started yelling at me because they first heard of Cyborg from teen Titans. I decided to watch the Teen Titans show for Cyborg, and I can see why people would hate Cyborg for replacing Martian Manhunter. 
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Rated M, for Martha.

Rated D for Dead Joke.

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Nice work too bad I can't say the same for the movie
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