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Captain America page 4

Here's another Captain America page that I did.

Let me know what you think.
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That is a great Cap pic.... I'm a huge Cap fan and I haven't seen Cap drawn that way in a long time.... Since early Brubaker/Epting run. That is a STRONG pic!
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awesome i just finished the cap model(toybiz) that has him knocking the red skull out
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Nicely done!
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for me, same alex ross level.
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I'd like to see you do more like this. This is the real comic. Although, be careful with emotionless expressions, don't be too much like Alex Ross' emotionless Superman expressions. It just never works well with comics.
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incredible work. so much detail and action. great looking red skull too, he can look really hokey if not done right, but your take on the face is great.
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I can barely get past the feeling of 'Oh my god, this is the most beautiful thing ever', but the Captain's pose bothers me for some reason.
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Man!!! You are sick!!! :) Love your work dude :)
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the art is more than perfect sir, but I would like to see a little more expression in the cap´s face
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I totally would want this as a poster.
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And down goes the Skull!

Great pic.
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HELL YEA CAP...put that Nazi sum bitch, Red Skull on his ASS!!!
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excellent lighting. love the minimal strategic highlighting. ;}
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I love everything about this sequence but one thing....Cap 's expression makes him look like he is reading Moby Dick or something. Kinda expressionless . I don't mean to pick but he looks bored and if I was kickin RedSkulls butt Id be grinnin or something!
The art work is fantastic though!
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Nice detail but the pose of Cap seems a tad off. Also the colors seem too dark.
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