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Captain America page 2

Here's another Captain America sequential page that I did.

Let me know what you think.
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Fantastic's just amazing!
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Beautiful work. Really loved this movie.
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Beautiful! Simply Beautiful work man.
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*.* The Captain <3

Just Beautyfull!!!
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nice I like cap.
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Awesome, very good! For this one and for the next pages too... :D
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amazing... Capt America kind of looks like Chris Evans already!
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I'm always amazed by your art! You can draw the characters so consistently! No flaws!
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man i love your details
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Artwork is great...but the first thing that came to my mind when seeing this was
Captain A "Fear the power of my awesome posing!"
Da Skull "Your choreography is weak! Fear the awesome power of...the day-glo cube!"

Awesome works! Please keep em coming!
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Looks 3D rendered, like stills from some movie instead of a comic. Interesting. :)
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Oh snap!
Perfect! PERFECT final trio of panels! I love that look of condescension, turning to superiority, and finally the big reveal; he has the game changer, cue the "DUN DUN DUNNNNN!" :D
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I love the texture, the lights are simply awesome
but what I like the most, is that each one of the frames are like small paintings
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