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Captain America

Here's a new painting. Original art by Jason Metcalf [link] ...and digital paint by Me.

Let me know what you think!
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The original suit and wings on the side of the head that's captain america.

Hi, I am producing chocolate box in turkey. Is there anything wrong with printing these drawings on the boxes? Is it forbidden?
captain america is pretty much considered marvel's greatest hero and champion. he is the legendary war hero many old war veterans and citizens admired. he is the flagship leader of the avengers who always remain optimistic and honest. he is pretty old fashioned fashioned and can be a bit out of date with certain cultural things and references. he is very moral and heroic and has a never say die attitude. in short he is by far the bravest and unselfish man i have pleasure of reading and meeting. to many old school marvel fans he is considered to be what a role model as a super hero should be brave, confident, strong, daring, and kind. im my opinion he is considered as moral and more of a patriotic boy scout as superman. there is not really many bad things or flaws i can say about cap as he is one of the heroes that seems to have a good head about things and always seems fair and honest. hell this is the guy who was worthy to lift thor's hammer in fear itself. although only flaws i can actually see is that as i said before he is old fashioned and out dated and not familiar with modern culture reference and technology. he can be a uncle tom at times and seems to act too much of a boy scout. he has shown to be somewhat unstable as he suffers from ptsD from his time in the war. the other flaw is that he is human and not all super powerful like thor or hulk and can be killed if he is not careful. also not really a flaw but a good fact due to the supersoldier serum and being in suspended animation cap is way older than he appears to be. he was grew up in the thirties of the great depression era making him around 95 years old in modern times. so he is actually old enough to be all of our grand father or great grand father. he also cant be intoxicated due to the formula in his body which makes cap nearly on the border line of being super human. he still remains to have an appearance of a young man in his prime. despite a few flaws captain america is one of the greatest hero ever created by man.
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Mister, I LOVE the time and effort you put into describing the history and origins of the characters I've seen you comment about! You're great! :D
thanks homie. just doing my duty as a veteran marvel fan to share my knowledge to u eager new fans. i have been reading marvel since 03. old school and new school comics. i do read some dc but not much as i prefer reading marvel as i find the characters more intresting and some what relatable. i still got love for dc infact batman is my favorite character from that universe.yes i do plan on doing dc fan bios of each heroes and villians. right after i do fanbios on the biggest marvel villians.
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I'm pretty much a Marvelite myself. And I like many DC characters (not the Bat though), with Martian Manhunter, Superman and Nightwing being my favorites.

But for me, Marvel comes first. It's attitude allows for complexity and over-the-top fun and action at the same time without being too pretentious, like DC does most of the time. And the Batman fanboys suck. (Fanboys are the ones that overglorify the Bat, not all fans are like that.)

As for the Marvel Villains, make sure to take your time on the big guns: Thanos, Magneto, Ultron and DOOM (who is the best villain EVER, bar none).
oh i will they are pretty facinating. however my favorite marvel villian and its mainly because im a spidey fan is the green freakin goblin. if u were a spidey fan which i really dont know if u r ro not, would understand why he is not just his arch nemesis but why he is my favorite villian in marvel. yeah there are plenty of awesome villians but non of them will will have a special plce like osborn because hes so friggin evil like the joker. i know how u feel batman fans yes they suck so hard!!! they act like he is god when he basically has no powers at all. they act like he can do anything or beat anyone which is nonsense. i know for a fact there a are plenty of people that would kick his ass. spidey of course being one of them, and even i know spidey cant beat everyone either. in fact that is why i like him so much because he does lose and accept defeat, he has limitations and doesnt know everything. spidey has said himself there are plenty of people stronger than him but he would never give up if he has to save lives. batman is the same way accept fans just keep dick riding and saying he can beat anyone.
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Gobby always has a special place in villain history. Smart, despicable, twisted, resourceful and absolutely freaking insane! He's essentially what happens if Lex Luthor had a dual personality with his "other self" being the Joker! He's a villain you love to hate. Personally, I prefer Doc Ock from Spidey's rogues' gallery. He just won't quit! He created adamantium tentacles and used them to beat THE HULK! Carnage is my second favourite, for his sheer madness and epic lines. "What colour do you bleed, Spider?" And there are tons of others that are super underrated. Mysterio for one and Shocker. I'm a BIG Spidey fan, always has been.

On a side note, Spider-Man fought Batman in the web series called Death Battle. You might want to check it out, if you haven't already.
ahhh yes death battle love that show!! yes i am that geeky that i know that show. ireally thougt spidey was going to lose that fight because i felt batman would possibly outsmart spidey. yes i know peter is somewhat of a genius but batman is batman!! he took down the justice league and wholw lot of super beings. i was shock to see him actually win that fight. if it was super man he was figting, it would be no contest who would win that fight. its the friggin man of steel noone would win against him. oh yeah ock and carnagr are indeed spectacular villians. especially carnage he is even more sadistic than osborn. imagine joker with the symbiote you get carnage. yeah to this day cassidy creeps me out. he use to give me nightmares as a child. i kid u not!! i was scared to watch the tas show back then because of him. but i am a big boy now so now i think he is totally awesome. green goblin may be my favorite villian, but carnage just scares me!! lol.
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That laugh of his! The guy playing him in TAS must have had fun! The first time I saw him, when he started to shapeshift and use blades I cried "This guy's a total psycho! He's serious!"

Well, I had my worries, but Spidey was a great prepper himself. He's just as experienced, stronger, faster and even a bit smarter (Batsy's IQ is 192 and Spidey's is 210). And I shouldn't mention his SinisterSix-buster armor. Yes, he has that now and he made it himself. That'd be overkill...

Who's your favourite villain in Marvel (outside Spidey's rogues gallery) and DC? For me it's Lex Luthor from DC and from Marvel it's DOOM. And yes, I will continue to spell his name in all capitals. :)
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cap has many feats and abilities despite still being human although more enhanced than superhuman. captain america is at the peak of human perfection meanining he is strong as a human can potentially be without being classified as superhuman. he has peak enhanced human strength where he lift around 800-1200 lbs and has been known to lift dudes with one hand and threw them from their feats. his punches are stong enough to break punching bags and thick inch wooden walls. his punches can send a person flying through the air. he can break chains and ropes by finding the weakest link and apply enough pressure to break them. he is also incredibly agile and fast as he can perform some of the most difficult acrobatic feats. he can run as fast as 30 miles an hour without hardly getting tired. his reflexes are so good he can dodge gun fire if close enough away. he also has decent durabuility as its almost difficult to knock him out. he has been shot and hit by beings with greater powers and strength. he is also a excellent marksman, tactician, combatant mastering in multiple forms of martial arts making him one of the greatest fighters in the marvel universe, ( i personally think he can stalmate batman in a fight. yeah hes that damn good.) and he also seems to be a gifted sketch artist as he can sketch drawings of stuff he sees. his shield is made of vibranium and is almost indestructible. he can deflect bullets and small explosives. he can use as a melee or projectile weapon as a boomerang while it comes back to him a when he slings at several opponents. he has good accuracy with it and can bounce it from walls and people. (trust me u dont want to get hit by that thing) it can slash through guns and metal like tissue as he able to disarm people's weapons with it. that damn shield is actually one of the coolest things in the world but u have to have good accuracy precision to use it or u might hit yourself in the freakin face.
cap would later meet war ally and best friend James Buchanan Barnes (aka bucky) who was only about 15 or 16 at the time. as cap was only in his twenties he was quite mature for his age and became a big brother and mentor to bucky as they fougt in the war against nazi terrorists such as the red skull and baron zemo. tragedy eventually struck as on a mission to stop zemo from launching a deadly rocket that would destroy america. cap and bucky jumped on the rocket to disarm it. bucky was the first one to get to the panal but was booby traped and was caught in the explosion. cap didnt have time to mourn as he was knocked in the recoil of the explosion and went sailing in the cold artic sub-zero ocean. the water put him in a suspended animation state as he was frozen in the ocean below. several decades later as the world moved on and many thought he was killed in action captain america reawaken in a world and new era of technology he was far from familiar with. the avengers found cap one day frozen in ice and revived him. cap thinkin they were futristic enimies fought them and later came to senses once he realized bucky was dead (or so it seemed at the time as he is actually alive as the winter soldier.) cap eventually joined the avengers and became their famous leader as he carried them into countless battles against world conquering villians. cap would later find out his best friend has survived and is alive. although he lost his arm while also found by hydra agents and brainwashed as their human weapon. bucky rebelled after he realized cap was alive and eventually became cap at one point after steve was assassinated during the end of the civil war event. he later appeared to be alive again of reasons that are beyond me actually. although steve is now retired and sam wilson aka the falcon is the new captain america.
steven "steve" joseph rogers aka captain america the first avenger aka the Sentinel of liberty aka the star-spangangled man. fanmade birthdate but actually real birthday (july 4, 1920)-fanmade date of temporary death (october 8, 2010 *revived ten months later in august 2011*). born and raised in mahattan new york steve rogers was born poor irish immigrants sarah and joseph rogers. as young lad who grew up in the great depression of the1930's steve grew up sickly and frail for a boy his age. he would constantly get beat up by other kids in the neighborhood but steve never ran away. not even once as he always been a couragous person even back then. shortly as a few years went by and he raged an age of maturity steve's parents parents died form certain causes of death. by 1941 america was at war with other countries especially with Japan and Germany. it was known to be a dark time for america as they fought the second biggest war of their lives known as world war ll. soldiers where losing their lives left or right and people fearing for their lives. steve saw all this happening and wanted to do something but couldnt due to his physical condition. steve was frail and sickly as he was rejected the physical exam board several times becuse of his bad health. they feared he would can be easily killed in battle and didnt have would it take. by a blessing from god steve was appoached by german scientist dr. Abraham Erskine who gave him a offer he could not refuse. steve would do anything to help his country and was a true patriot so he went with him to washington dc to be a volunteer in a special government project called project rebirth. the government was looking to make super soldiers ( beings of pinnacle human physical and mental perfection) that would fight in their war against the nazis and japs. steve would be the first and last person to test the theory as it the test was a success but short lived. steve drunk a special serem bombarded with vita rays that enhanced his puny sickly body into one of human perfection who had now became one of the stronget humans in the world. however a nazi spy was in the operation and destroyed the project. he also killed the doctor in the process now the government had no way of duplicating the expiriment. erksine had the secrets in his brain and was not recorded. steve fought and defeated the spy easily but was sadden by the erksine's death. the government then realize steve was their only true weapon and put him in a special program where he was trained in military combat and strategy. he would later work as a government agent and spy and received a colorful costume resembling the american flag. he was even given a special shield as a weapon and went under the code name: captain america.
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Would love a print of this.
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tom cruise?  great look
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i think you know is great!...amazing
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Excellent work on the shield and body's build! :) Love this!
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Fabulous piece of work here. Your understanding of color and usage thereof is truly masterful.
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Nice scaled armor...effective! :clap:
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Cap! Love him! The American hero~
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It is fantastic!!!
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I totally bought this print at 2011 Emerald City Comic Con and didn't even realize it was you! :D Its one of my favorites!
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THE best rendition ever! Seriously, this is my top favorite.
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