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Batman color

This is the color version of an old Batman drawing that I did.

Originally posted in my old gallery :iconjpr04:
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You sure you're not secretly Jim Lee?
Fear me...  That's what this says to me.
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Ah, my headcanon Batsuit.
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Sweet work, yo.
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Jim Lee style... I love it. Nice job!
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Hi there, I wanted to ask if being that this page has so much artwork and such, if anyone here with art skills would like to work with me in making our own comics. I have over 80 characters, 50+story lines, and more. If anyone is interested, please message me.
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This is awesome I love it. Can u join my group here:
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Very cool! I love how the style looks like it jumped right from the comic pages.
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i alwasys wondered where the image came from and now i know.

i feel that i should say that your picture inspired the idea to well draw this batman for my dad and give it to him, i didn't do the background because i ran out of a few things to draw and i was afraid to mess something up on it but thank you.

i'm sorry in advance if the copy drawing i did offends you good sir, it was just something i wanted to try drawing myself cause i just liked the image itself just badass.
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Oh gosh, I agree to my previous commenter here... Only 37 comments so far?? :omfg: ...gosh, this drawing is AMAZING! I can't believe that this is drawn traditionally, with pencils and ink and such! .........oh man, my own drawings look so flat and pale in comparison with your wonderful stuff. I adore your work!! :dummy:
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Oh my god I don't understand why that pic has just a few comments?!0o The pic is amazing, I love batman even if I'm a girl! And I thinkg the dark atmosphere is very well in that pictureXD Luv it^^
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Someone reading Hush when they drew this?
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