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Batman and Robin

Here's a Batman and Robin piece that I did on the weekend. Original art by Patrick Gleason, digital paint by me.

Let me know what you think.
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Amazing work bro ;)
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I can't stand Damien. I like that he always looks like a freak.
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Batman : Robin! Stop interrupting.
Robin : I'm not even here for like months while you are bragging! Let me be in the picture as well!
Batman : Go to sleep now.
Robin : No, fuk you. I am de derp batman who is a ugly father that doesn't let his brave, big, beautiful kid go outsideeee.. 
Batman : death glare
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Look at that little brat, trying to emulate his badass daddy... *cute pout*
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i saw this once but great editing :D
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this so perfect
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This is a great one that I just came across while looking for some inspiration pieces...

Does Damian look like Chucky from child's play or is it just me?
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robins head looks weird...
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Tee hee, Damian's head is so big
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Better then the original
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Very nice, there's like no flaws in it. 
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Extremely cool Artwork :clap:
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Excellent... Also, enjoy the black and white version  
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Excellent color job!
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damnnn that shit is sssick
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