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Batman Red Rain

Art by Jim Lee
Colors by Jeremy Roberts

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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Is this the one that Jim Lee mentioned on Twitter. Its really amazing work

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Of course Jim Lee and Jeremy Roberts would make 90s Vampire Batman look like a total badass.

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Ah, 90s Batman and his ridiculous phallic horns. That takes me back.
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Very good work, details and color is very good
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Wait, wasn’t the Red Rain Catwoman a werecat?

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I loved this Batman story and Kelly Jones' spooky artwork that went with it and I like how JPRart has drawn Batman here just like Jones did. 

Catwoman died and Batman is in rage, or He's fighting her, and She don't have more strenght? Sorry, but I don't know this version

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It's when Batman fought an army of Vampires lead by Dracula and at the climax, got bitten and became a Vampire. One of the most popular DC Elseworld Stories. Actually a Trilogy. Batman & Dracula: Red Rain, Bloodstorm, and Crimson Mist.
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