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Here's the complete Avengers painting. ...again Original art by Jason Metcalf, and digital paint by Me.

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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3 handsome heros I like the dark dramatic color

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Uh they need The Hulk!

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This is so awesome.
OMG they look incredible, the detail is astounding too, this must have taken ages!
now as a 27 year old black guy who is about to graduate from college in the fall still love these characters and will still be a fan if and when i reach 80. the avengers are earh's mightiest heroes saving the world and universe from huge global and universal threats. the main three u see in this photo and the mascot heroes are thor, captain america, and ironman. other memebers included the hulk, wasp, ant or giant man, hawkeye, black widow, ms. marvel, black panther, wonder man, spider woman (both jessica and julia) tigra, she hulk, and many others. later heroes have joined their ranks such as some xmen as wolverine, storm, and beast. other street heroes like daredevil, luke cage, moon night, iron fist, and even the world popular and fan favorite web-spinning super hero the amazing spider-man. about the whole marvel universe became avengers at one point as they have faced off threats that could end all life in the universe. the avengers truly shows their is no "I" in team and is strength in numbers.
the avengers the justice league of marve, the olympians of heroes, and of course eath's migtiest heroes. this picture is dymnamic and am going to use this as my fan bio. yeah not all of them r in here just the main three which are the trinity of marvel. i already did ironman and cap bio but i going to do thor's next along with everyone else. as many people dont know i am pretty good avengers fan. over the years i became more obsessed with these wonderful characters but not as much as i am with spider-man. i was a fan way before the movie which i felt was awesome but could have been a tad bit better. i found and read some old 80s comics in one of my cousins old house back in 03. back then i wasnt really in to comics but i had read a few every now and then. the first comic i actually read was a spidey comic when i was about 12 or 13 years old. i thought it was pretty good. years later my cousin had a yard sale because he was moving to the ATL with his wife and new born baby girl. he ask me did i want them because i was into superheroes and stuff so i said sure whatever. head a good collection of 80's and 90's marvel comics such as x-men, the hulk, spider-man, iron man, captain america, darkhawk, and the avengers. i was about 15 at the time and thought comics were out dated. my dad was once a huge comic reader and told that his favorite hero was thor and would read a few avengers when he was a kid. he told me about these heroes and became more excited to read about them. i read a few and that is how my origin as a marvel comic reader began and the rest was history.
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O_O.. badass as hell. like.. hulk levels of badassery
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I saw this picture in a Micah Curtis video.
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Iron man looks so beast!
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if you had to choose who would you choose? out of the
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Belle image ! Bon travail !Félicitations !
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dummy question here, Jeremy what do i have to do if i want to use this image as background of one app i'm making?
no commercial purpose, no offense intended.
thanks in advance.
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The Avengers have assembled.
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so epic and intense!
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This is really cool.

Well done.

Thanks for sharing,

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