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All-New Ms Marvel

This is a quick drawing that I did this afternoon.  I thought it would be fun to draw the New Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan. 

Let me know what you think!

Jeremy Roberts
Freelance Digital Artist
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SachinAmateurArtist's avatar
I love it, she looks cute!
LadySionis's avatar
she's adorable and so powerful looking!
whovianfangirl23's avatar
Yurosoku's avatar
One of the best new heroes!
dinolover1's avatar
this is perfect sirNod 
TheTraitor44's avatar
Awesome!Love the Colors!
zmorphcom's avatar
This is beautiful! Love her, well done! :D
mangamie's avatar
One of my top favorite fan art of Ms. Marvel so far, Superb work!
evangeline16williams's avatar
She looks awesome to me!:D (Big Grin) 
VarunRasputin's avatar
This is without a doubt the UGLIEST superhero costume i have EVER seen! (Sorry i just had to let out my frustration with it)
JDDslam's avatar
Sounds like somebodies DEFINITELY on fried-dick, AGAIN.
CannedYumYum's avatar
I don't agree at all, I think it kicks ass. 
VarunRasputin's avatar
And i think Polka Dot Man has a better sense of fashion than this foolish little girl.
Plus, for me she symbolises the current trend of "realistic" superhero costumes. A trend witch i absolutely despice.
And because she symbolises something i hate, i therefore hate her too.
JDDslam's avatar
AGAIN, on fried-dick. Kamala deserves more than that. And I don't how YOU mistreat her like that. Choke on SHIT!!! YA WET-WIPE!!! 😡💢
scythewatch's avatar
I agree
But only a bit
I don't like her scarf but other than that her costume is fine
JDDslam's avatar
Oh, great. Someone ELSE is on fried-dick. And I DISAGREE!!! I like that way she looks. Unlike YOU, mistreating her like she's not appreciative. But, let me tell you THIS. She HAS appreciation, and you should start choking on SHIT YA WET-WIPE!!! 😡💢
Concetta20's avatar
I like that she's still "sexy" without having to show so much skin. Kudos.
02Lei's avatar
Nice work! I love the shading work you've done on this :D
Ashoof's avatar
are thous the cosmic bracers quasar uses? great work of art thou!
Maetch's avatar
No, they're just common bracelets. Her whole costume is homemade.
Heart 3D My new favorite Marvel character!Heart 3D 
Thanks for sharing!
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