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So I was eating this most delicious pizza at work from this new place that a co-worker told me about... and it was yyuuummmmyyyyy!  But of course, I had greasy hands, and still tried to work.  My Intuos 4 pen got dirty so I tried to clean it.  Lets see if I explain this right.... I put it in my shirt, and tried to pull the shirt across it to wipe off the grease.  Well lets say that the grip on that pen is grippy to say the least.  I ended up pulling it apart!  Most of it was still intact, except for these two little pesky springs which I had no idea where they went.  I tried putting it together but messed up again because the circuit board got stuck half way down.  I guess there are groves that the board goes into specifically.  So there I am trying to pry these two things apart and BAM!  I ripped the circuit board completely out of the pen :(  Had to buy and new one now and thankfully I only had to endure the pain of a mouse for two days.  Guess it was lesson learn... an expensive lesson!

This was an articled shared by my friend at  UnCommon Thinking…
so I wanted to share it with you.


29 Ways to stay Creative
Hello everyone.  I just uploaded my first photos on 500px.  Here are the links so you can have a look.

Rose Beads

Yosemite Trail

Please come vote for me. This week you guys pick the winner! You can vote by clicking "LIKE" on the Picture Fresno site and also on their Facebook Page

Thank you!
Hello Everyone,
I've recently have been thinking of starting over with my account.  I've taken a long hard look at it and I came to the conclusion that it needs some cleaning up.  I was so excited when I first started that I uploaded carelessly.  It all seems too random to me.  I also have Graphics and Photography mixed in.  

I'd like to hear from you to see what you think of the following...
Should I separate my Graphics and Photography?
Should I re-upload my work to reorganize it?

Any advice would be appreciate it.
Thank you,
Yay! This photo won in the Picture Fresno photo contest.

Here is the link to the site.…

Come see the site and join the next contest  :)
Hey Everybody!
I hope everybody is attending this somewhere around you.  This has been a fun event for me this last two years and I'm just trying to spread the word about it.

The site is:

If you're in the Fresno/Clovis area, go here for the local event information:…

I hope that you will attend and look forward to see photographs from this year.

Hi Folks!
Hope everyone is doing well.  I've been working on a site for a school and I have good news.... it is complete!

I wanted to see if you can take the time to view and let me know what you think.
Any help or suggestions are welcome.

Here is the…

Hey Everyone,
I have a big project that I need help on.  Please contact me if you're interested.  You'll need to know flash.  I will explain in more detail if your interested.

Thank you
Hey all.  Well just got back in from Calvin Crest Camp with my oldest son.  It was a really awesome trip.  I never went to camp when I was a kid so I had lots of anticipation to see what it was like.  We were 5k feet in the mountains.  It rained and even got cold enough to snow!  I had not seen it snow since I was a kid.  I was glad to see it snow because more than half the kids there have never seen it snow so the whole camp was excited.  I had lots of fun tagging kids with snowballs.  They all yelled "here come the Big Guy!"

Well as far as my camera... I was helping out on a class and we where exploring this area where the ground had collapsed.  The class was about corrosion.  Well the teacher wanted to get the kids more up and personal with the cave-in so he had placed the parent helpers along a one of the banks so help the kids out, just in case.  Well, one of the kids slipped and he was going through the side bank, and so I reached for him, but then his little pocket camera fell out of his pocket, and I also reached for that, and that is when my camera slipped out!  It was tumbling down down down, until SpLaSh! into some water.  It was completely submerged for about ten seconds, but long enough to not let it work anymore.  I quickly took out the memory card and hoped for the best.  I spent most of the night with a hair dryer trying to revive it, but no luck.  That was last Wed.  Thankfully, last Friday I was able to work with the memory card and found out that it still worked.  So at least I got some photos.

Well I bought the camera at B&H Photo Video and I also bought a 3yr Accidental Insurance Plan with it.  I just was not sure if it had been three years... well this year is the third, but it is still valid til Nov!  I called it in and just sent the camera in for repair yesterday.  It is going to take at least a week before I hear anything.  Not sure what will happen if it is beyond repair, especially since the D40 is not sold anymore.  I guess we'll see.  I miss my camera.... but my son and I are home safe and sound with lots of great memories.

Well that is it for now...  just wanted to share.... See Ya!

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Well I guess I did not do a great job in reading the complete rules.  I thought voting was closing earlier than it did.  Seems like 4/7/10 is the final day of voting so I was hoping for all those who did like one of my designs to go back and visit.... maybe leave another comment and :+fav: it again?  :D  Just thought I'd ask for help.  Here are the links to the shirts.  Looks like the brown is in the lead as far as everybody's favorite.





Thank for stopping by....
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Hey everyone!  Hope everybody is doing good.  Just wanted to share my entry to this design contest.  Actually now it is entries!  I made a few variations on the colors.  Let me know what you think :)





I always want to enter the contest that come up, but for some reason or another I just don't.  I made it a point to make sure I get into this one.  Hope you all like it.  Wish me luck and please fav the design if you like it.

So I'm here at my new job, a new venture.  Everything has been going pretty good.  Taking a break right now but came across this.  It was the pick me up I needed.  Its been a long day, and I'm really not feeling too great.

Hope you enjoy the vid:…

See Ya!
Merry Christmas!!!  :santa:

and a Happy New Year!

To each and everyone!  Hope you've had a great year.  If not... there is always somebody who's had it worst.... and there is always next year!
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Here is a link to a video showing MrAfro getting Jiggy with it!…

Hope you like it!

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This is a must for everybody.  My family and I just were in tears of laughter watching this.  Its quick and easy, and will get you a headstart for putting you in the spirit.  I will update this again with my vid.

Happy Holidays to everybody!

Here is the link to our vid:…

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Well, this is our fifth year coaching, and another season is over and done with.  I coach my oldest son now in U12 and my middle son in U8.  I have five years with my eldest, JP,  and its my third with my middle son, EC.  Both teams were so much fun to coach.  We struggled a bit, but we ended up getting so much better these last three weeks that it was amazing.  I hated to see it all end.

U12:  We had our last game today, and it was our best game ever.  Our season started out strong.  Our seeding tournament went awesome.  We won two games, tied one, and barely lost one.  The bad thing is that they placed us in the second hardest division!  It wouldn't have been so bad but we had a few kids out early.  Some of those kids are who made the difference in the tournament.  We quickly dropped in rankings.  I even petitioned to have us moved down a level.  One game, we got spanked 8-0!  My worst lost ever.  We kept at it though.  The bad thing is that in this level they keep stats, and have playoffs.  The year prior, we were able to get to the championship game, and it went into penalty kicks.  Thankfully we got the win.  

Well this year just like the last, we quickly dropped down in rankings.  We were stuck at 7th out of 8 teams.  Towards the end, we even played a player short, and came out with a win!  Just barely, but it was a win.  We were now in sixth place which does not seem like much but its tough to move up, especially with all the teams scoring so much.  This last game was for 5th and 6th place.  I never seen our team work this well together.  We came out with a 3-0 win! so we moved up two places in two weeks.   What was more impressive to me in this final game is that we shut out the other team.  Left them at 0!  They came close, but those boys hustled like never before to get back down and stop them cold.  I'm proud of them also because this was mostly a new team.  My usual kids are in sixth grade, but we did not have enough to make a team, so we combined with the fifth graders.  It was something different and I welcomed the challenge to gel this into a new team, which I think we accomplished at the end.  JP really came through this year.  That hard work during the whole summer really showed, and made a big difference.

U8:  This is our boys second year at U8 and we were hoping for a good year.  Last year was tough, because I think they placed us with a lot of second year teams when we were a first year team.  In the first game, we won 5-0!  My son EC scored 3 goals.  That was more that last year in the whole season!  The next few games were tough.  These teams were amazing.   They had big kicks, and awesome passing.  Nothing our team could not do, but had to really practice hard at it.  We lost a few games but kept working hard towards trying to get a win.  With coaching both teams, sometimes the times conflict, and can't be at both games, which breaks me.  Patty, my wife, usually goes with the U8 team.  This year, I had an additional asst coach, Coach Gato.  He helped out so much.  He usually would take over for when I could not be there.  Well on game, I had to be there late, and when I showed up.  They were up 3-0.  I came in, took over and the other team tied us!  I could not believe it.  I felt like such a bad luck charm :(  The boys were more than happy with a tie though.  They said "better than losing again!".  Well the next game, we won 8-0!  EC scored four goals!  I could not be at that game though but fortunately we had a parent tape the game for us so I got to see the goals.  It was crazy.  I was screaming and cheering at home like a looney.  Well in this last game, they also worked the best that they ever had.  There is no official score keeping at this level, but I told them that this is a championship game.  They were pumped.  They also had an impressive shut out.


To both my boys JP and EC, I could not be prouder of both of you.  Great job putting in all the hard work.  Practicing even when it rained (not like I gave them a choice) and for sticking in there when the games were toughest.

Tomorrow is our End of the Season parties.  We came up with some cool surprise for the kids.  I'll try and post what it is at a later date.

Thanks for visiting and reading!
I've took the dive into using a tablet early last year.  I've always heard bad stuff about them so I never bothered with one.  I then bumped into a Wacom ad so I decided to look into it.  I then found a wide variety of tablets available.  So at the end, because of price, I went with the Small Bamboo Fun.

I love it.  It is totally awesome.  It even feels weird now to use a mouse.   I can't imagine working without it.

Well now it has been upgraded.  The new one is called Bamboo Touch.  It is basically the same but now can be used as a touch pad like on your laptop.  This is pretty cool.  I went to go look at it today and found it at Best Buy for $99.  I then saw that the new Intuos 4 was $199.  Not much of a price difference since I've thought that the Intuos was more of a "pro-grade" tablet.

My question are....
   1) Is the Intuos that much better of a tablet?

I've also looked at the tablets that are screens.  I've seen some videos here of some artist that use the Cintiq.  The one that I think I like is the 12WX.  It is compact and portable.  Plus the most affordable of the two I've seen.

   2) Does anybody have any good/bad things about this tablet (Cintiq 12WX)?
   3) How does this compare to the Bamboo or Intuos?

If anybody has help, I'd like to hear it.  I've looked at reviews online but they are so all over the place.
Well thats it for now.  Hope to hear from somebody :)

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Well I got my MrAfro sketched in the computer now.  Here are the previews to them.  I will have a total of 73 MrAfro's!

Sketches 1

Sketches 2

©JP's Grfx
On this day, my Birthday, I decided to show my character that has been in the works for quite some time.  
I developed him over the years with many faces.  I am going to upload my original MrAfro™ that I created first.  
I decided to show this deviation now because it will be my 100th deviation!  

I also decided that I will display a new face once a week or so.  
I have quite a few in the works so maybe I'll do it a bit more often at first.

     A bit of my background story to this character...
Through many of my younger days, I had to cope with some difficulties and my outlet was drawing.  So all I mostly did was... draw.  And draw, and draw and draw.  I would even dream of something, wake up, sketch it out real quick (in the dark) and finish it when I woke.  Every second I had spare was spent drawing and doodling.  Everybody I knew and that knew me knew that I drew.  Thats a lot of knews!  As I said in earlier journals, I really am making the effort to get back to that because I just remember having fun doing it.

One of my most influential artist was Bill Watterson, the author and creator of "Calvin and Hobbes".  This was another helpful coping device for me.  I could sit for hours reading these comics and then spend additional time drawing them.  One crazy fact is that he and my oldest son and Mr Watterson, share the same birthday!  Well, I think his style of drawing is evident in my work.  Through his work I have learned that when it comes to drawing, or being creative, anything goes.  Now grown up, I've tried out different styles just to see what I can do.  I've sketched realistic pictures of animals and people, also cartooning anything I can think of, drawing upside down, drawing with charcoal, and just about anything else I can think of.  I even made a painting of a pair of dice with acrylic paint.  That was a fun one.

Well, I've kept this character pretty much to myself, but thought of sharing it with everybody.  My boys love it and have helped with the other faces I'm making of him.  Hopefully one day I will add a body to him so he is more of a "full character".  But for now, heat shots it is.