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Darksiders Wrath of War



So if you're like me, you've had your face melted clean off by the one and only Joe (MAD!) Madureira at some point or another...

In case you weren't aware, he's gone and developed one sick ass game, Darksiders: Wrath of War. Google it, but be warned... sickness lay ahead!

Anyway, the crew over there at Vigil Games and over here at deviantArt have kindly lit a fire under our asses to get some good loot, whilst also attempting our own face melting. Go check out the contest info and enter! Wewt!


I was doing this piece for other purposes when I found out about the contest and decided to enter it upon completion. Hey, I need to get a PS3 like it's my job, and I WILL own the game (even if only to stare at the box art!), so this would be EPIC WIN o_0

Done completely digitally, from concept to completed image. Love the character design of War (the big ass dude in the foreground with the big ass sword), but wanted to throw my own little demon in there. Turn the clock about 12 hours and whabaaaam, all done! If I can get time away from work I'd like to color it as well, fingers crossed.

Colorists, feel free to use it to practice you coloring skillz, but please don't be a tool and color it as an entrance into the contest =)

Seacrest out!
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