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Xepher 4 Altered by JPL-Animation Xepher 4 Altered by JPL-Animation
My Cover design for 4Th Volume Novel...

200 Years has been passed since the destruction of Frontier Fortress alongside with its leader , Ticonderoga, The World has fulfilled its destiny... Eternal Peace... 70 years later after first year of Eternal Peace , a young talented CosmoScientist named Zephyre , has on his way to discover something new in the universe. Accidentaly , he found something in space... a Cyborg core... he took it and do some research back home.. and he was surprised... That cyborg core serial number is XB-700... that's Raytheon's Core for sure... her body might be incenerated during eternal Peace , but her core is still intact... so Zephyre create a neutral and mindless female clone body and transfer all Raytheon's memory form that core into the clone.. and succesful enough.. She's reawakened...

Now Raytheon is alive... but she definately don't know anything for the last 200 years... when she read all the news from newspaper or broadcast for the last 200 years from the Data Banks , she's wept... a lot of happy and unexpected things were happened in the past... the tragic death of her own daughter... a new revolution of the world , a new invention , her friends , etc... It took a while for Raytheon to adjust her body.. it is obvious.. She's now a human.. she's no longer a cyborg... but 1 year later , she adapted it well...

The world that she and all the mankind know is the Eternal Peace era... but , something unexpected happened... Year 202 after Eternal Peace , Earth's Nature Resource is almost up... Mankind will have no choice but to find another energy source or human race will be extinguished... some people think that they should build another Energy Harvester on the other planet , and suck the resources... some people think that they will use technology to create an unlimited source of enery based on Sun's mechanism... it was a tough decision to make... but , their time is running out, so they must act quickly... Regardless of the Law and observations , some people starts to invade another planet in order to collect its resources... there's conflict between them... There's people that wants to invade another planet , there's people that want to create unlimited energy... so there's pro and contra... not just that , its getting worse... they starts killing earch other and torture each other just because a different opinion... What is happening right now ??? it is suppose to be Eternal Peace era... but now the peace is gone...

Year 203 After Eternal Peace... THe world has divided into 2 Factions... The Pro Faction which is the planet invader , and The Contra Faction which is the Unlimited Energy Scientists.. They have something in common... which is to protect and maintain life on earth... but their method is different... There's no longer Peace... murder everywhere... between pro and contra factions.. and it is getting worse.. now , The Pro Faction renamed themselves as the "Neo Frontier Fortress" and their goal is about the same as the last Frontier... What is happening now ??? Where is the Eternal Peace ??? Zephyre knows that Neo Frontier wants to kidnap Raytheon and make her as their Leader... it is obvious becous Raytheon is an Ex Frontier... surely she knows everything about Frontier Fortress.. to Prevent this from happening , Zephyre told Raytheon to run as far as she can and life in an isolation and solitary place.. Zephyre has done so much to help raytheon to escape including sacrificing himself... Raytheon is one the run and she's been hunted by Neo Frontier... but at last she's passed out in the woods...

Good thing that there's people finds her in the wood.. and good thing is they're from the Contra Factions which renamed themselves as The "Vigilant"... henceforth , She lived with them...

The Story is not over... there's a lot more to do... Raytheon and Vigilant now must fight back to destroy The Neo Frontier... A lot of obstacles are standing in her way... there's one sad thing... She loved her daughter so much... Everyday , she had a nightmare about her daughter death Accident... one time she was kidnapped and she meets the Leader of the Neo Frontier named Alpherzoid... and he promised Raytheon that if she willing to become Neo Frontier Leader , they will ressurected her daughter back... Raytheon was so confused... she wants her daughter back.. but she can't betrays her own friends... but , it is ironic... Nothing can beats Mother's love to her own flesh and blood... She better betrayed her Friends than lived in everyday nightmare... She joined and become a leader of Frontier after murdered her own 200 years later descendant... She can't think straight anymore... Raytheon is Perverted...

But Zyx the Almighty is Gracious and Merciful enough to her... He sent back the Four Selle include Raytheon's long lost true love.. Xeon Enforcer... in a single battle between him and Raytheon , Xeon reveals his identity in front of Raytheon and Frontier Fortress... including the Four Selle... Raytheon was so shock.. but now she's the leader of Neo Frontier.. after revealing himself , Xeon didn't want to fight... he opened his arms wide to invite Raytheon back to the correct path.. but Alpherzoid starts to deceive her.. a major conflict now fight in Raytheon's mind... she's so confused... but , it is too bad... Raytheon's still want to see her daughter back... with trembling hand , tearful eyes and broken heart , she killed Xeon... her True Love that sent back to the world by Zyx the Almighty to give her the Second chance to once again go to the right path...

Will she slide back to the correct path , or will she continue to be perverted and stayed as Neo Frontier Fortress Successor ?? The Eternal Peace.... is Altered...

( sorry for my english if it is bad.. )
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FinalFlare Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010
Wow did you write this? The story is it yours? Its quite compelling, and drifts you into the world.
JPL-Animation Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010  Professional Filmographer
yes the story is mine... actually , if you want to fully understand the story , You need to read from episode 1.. XD
FinalFlare Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010
Is it possible for you to give me a virtual copy.
You know simply place writing piece with the story in your deviant page.
JPL-Animation Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010  Professional Filmographer
the bad thing is , it is not in english... and it is 150+ pages... >.<
FinalFlare Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010
I can understand thanks anyway. Besides you already give us such great work so its nothing don't worry about it.
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