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Xepher 3 Eternal Peace by JPL-Animation Xepher 3 Eternal Peace by JPL-Animation
My cover design for 3Rd Volume Novel...

year 4096 A.D... Frontier Fortress is raging... now they're able to create computer virus that could poisoned human body... Miyuki now is joined the U.N's branch who specialized in interstellar defense department named C.E.D.T.S.H. ( Central Earth Defense and Tactical Strategy Headquarter ), alongside with her friend Akira. Earth is now at the peak of their most desperate hour. the only way to fight Frontier is to understand Frontier... but there's no such way the can negotiate with frontier... at that most desperate time , suddenly miyuki remember her long lost friend whom also an ex- Frontier.. Her name is Raytheon... but she's been missing for the last 2 years...

few moments later , Raytheon is founded and she was retrieved into C.E.D.T.S.H. main base... She's now the tip of the sword of Earth... she's the key to earth survival... But the fact is , she's not just the only key. the 18th selle's soul is lies within her. Her children soon will become the turning point for the Universe. the 18th Selle.. the chosen one by Zyx the almighty... Zyx's plan is simply create the endless tranquility to the whole mankind. in order to do that , He create the Selle.. the chosen one who born from the innocent soul... when the all 18 selles gathers , their hymn will destroy all the wicked... Raytheon is the last innocent soul.. the 18th Selle's mother... the last hope... In order to kill "ZERO the wicked" , Raytheon must embrace all of her powers and ability to protect her only beloved children who soon will become the 18th Selle... Obstacles always in her way. Her best friend betrayed her , Her true love who dead 20 years ago suddenly appear in front of her eyes , but sadly that true love is no more than just a turncoat. but Raytheon choose to keep moving and never give up... Will she deliver the last key of mankind salvation to Zyx the Almighty to create the Eternal Peace ? or will she ended up in this dark pit called death and failure ??

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September 30, 2009
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