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Alex is not amused... 

well, she tried.. :meow:
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(chuckles) let me try, Elita. (Gently takes Alex from her, and holds him close to my spark) listen carefully, little one..(starts to sing softly)

(Alex slowly drifts off to sleep)

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You know, I saw this picture, and made me remember of a lullaby singing mecha / AI

This one… heh
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Elita one is a Transfemme of MANY talents...but alas, singing isn't one of them (oh well...)
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well she should play soft lullaby with sound 
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That what Eva dose hen she dose not want to sigh to me xD
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Don't be alarmed, I like it XD
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It's a shame that Elita isn't as skilled at singing then she is fighting.
Also this is really good work, well done ^^
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NP ^^
Perhaps with a little practice Elita can become a good singer. :)
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Of course she's unsure what to say XD
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inspired from TFRB Chase when he's singing a lullaby.. XD
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wear did you get that nice cgi tf model;)? i like her.
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i made her myself.. :D
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