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Steampunk Spiderman

"Now where did I put those matches?"

Made for =Bakanekonei's steampunk contest.

Thanks to ~concept-on-mac for providing the brushes that made it possible for me to make the background.
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Excellent work!
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cool xD i like this steampunk version of spiderman :D
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I love the web shooters cartridge,
This is really awesome. I've seen a bit of superhero steampunk art, but I think you've got the concept down the best. This looks very much like what SP Spiderman would be, especially considering his budget, lol. It's just perfect <3
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Thank you very much :bow:
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:iconpipeplz: Smoking pipe while web-swinging. LIKE A BAWSSS. :iconlikeabossplz:
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Dang it, you took my exact words...
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Like Peter Starker, or Tony Park?
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I lol'd at the first one,soudns like 'Peter Sta>l<ker' HAH!I'm so clever :3
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Great illustration patric :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Am I the only one who is wondering why he's not wearing any shoes?
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For the same reason his gloves doesn't have fingers; it helps him climb better.
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Fucking awesome. Just...Just everything about this picture is so cool.

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Thank you! I do my best. :)
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Hey, same idea as me man, I'm in the midst of a small series of steampunked hero concepts if you wanna check em out
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Great minds think alike ;)
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Heh true true. But I think I like your design a little bit more, it's more sleek
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