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Destiny's Embrace: Kairi's Keyblade Cosplay by ladyhawk21 Destiny's Embrace: Kairi's Keyblade Cosplay :iconladyhawk21:ladyhawk21 10 2 kagakuro event 2016 by yooani kagakuro event 2016 :iconyooani:yooani 575 9 MikaKanon by yooani MikaKanon :iconyooani:yooani 1,458 66
Ramen and Spicy Stuff (Newt Scamander x Reader)
Note: This is an AU where Newt wouldn't be so old in 2017, maybe 20-30 or something instead of 100+. Newt also has at least a vague understanding of how to use electronics.
You and Newt had decided to take a vacation.
The vacation place just happened to have things like ramen.
"Wanna get something spicy?" 
"Um... Well, I've seen a few videos of people eating these things called 'ghost peppers'. Are they eating ghosts trapped in peppers?"
"No... They're just eating really spicy peppers." You giggled at how he took the names so seriously.
You spotted a ramen place and pulled him towards it.
"Do we really have to?"
"It's always good to try something new once in a while, isn't it?"
"Why is it me who has to try something new?"
"Calm down, tomorrow's your day to force me. I'm only getting a night!"
He sighed, and gave in to your excitement.
You plopped down in a seat, Newt sitting next to you.
"(Favorite ramen flavor), please!" (Make sure there's a lot of spicy stuff, because
:iconkitty58732:Kitty58732 9 6
Rawr (Newt Scamander x Reader)
You are the last feathered dragon.. Use your imagination for how you met, history, what you look like as a feathered dragon, blah blah blah.
You teleported away from the poachers into Newt's house and started living there.
When Newt asked if you wanted to come to the USA to release Frank the Thunderbird, you agreed.
(You have a human form, so you'll be using that for this.)
Spoiler: You save CREDENCE YAY
*Tina talking to the obscurial*
At that moment, many Aurors appeared.
They started casting spells through Credence, but I slammed my hands down, forming an impenetrable wall.
"...There. That should last a few minutes."
Tina continued talking to him, calming him down and getting him to transform back into a person.
"I can protect you. You're a wizard, we can train you to be able to use your powers! We have a wizarding school, you don't have to suppress everything!"
"Yes! I can take you there!"
"In the meantime, let's get this obscurus out of you. Don't want to have to cont
:iconkitty58732:Kitty58732 12 2
New Artimis by xXArtimisXx New Artimis :iconxxartimisxx:xXArtimisXx 6 17
Owen Grady x T-Rex! Reader [4/5]
Screaming. That's all you heard. You raised your head, standing up and looking over at the observatory, Maybe some kids started screaming for no reason, But it's empty. You cock your head, Hearing the heavy metal door creak open, Watching men and women from InGen point their guns at you.
"Get over here. You're going to cell 9. The easier you follow us, The easier it will be for us"
You go deeper into the forest, Hoping the male human would tell you what at was going on.
"Hurry up!!" You hear them yell and you could actually hear the fear in his voice.
You quickly follow them, And when you get there he talks to his radio and the heavy doors open. They make you walk in and they close the doors behind you quickly. You let out a loud roar, hearing the man in the intercom
"Alright (Name), We need you to stay put for a few days here. Unfortunately we won't be able to feed you, So please be patient. You have nothing to worry about! You will be safe and so will the others"
You could hear the i
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 58 12
Owen Grady x T-Rex! Reader [3/??]
Owen had a small smile when he saw as you laid down and you huffed at him.
The sound of children screaming annoyed your hears, So taking the cow with you deep into the forest; You started to munch down. The kids let out groans of disappointment, Smacking and tapping the glass so you would appear again. Instincts kicking in, You were afraid of them taking your meal away. Anyone would be alerted and steal your meal. Stepping over the cow, You look at the kids smacking the glass. From small to teenagers, They were angry and annoyed. Even a few adults were tapping the glass.
Staff was trying to make them stop, But to no vail, They kept tapping. Some left and some stopped, But that didn't stop the rebels from smacking the glass. It was thick glass, But it hurt your ears. It annoyed you to no extent. Stomping toward the observatory, Your mind was set in eating whatever was making that sound. Growling, you came out of the shadows. The humans letting out sounds and yells of happiness an
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 151 30
Owen Grady x T-Rex! Reader [2/??]
You glare at the camera at the corner of the cage, and slowly walking toward it. Huffing at the camera and fogging it, You find the microphone. Getting close to it, You let the roar of the kind of killer that you were. A roar that made everything around you fear you. A roar that every dinosaur understood. That made every dinosaur cower under you. The roar of the kings and queens of the top of the food chain.
'I will kill you'  

~A Few days later~

You scratched the walls and the doors, Starving. You roared, Annoyed. If they were going to keep you in this hell hole they might as well feed you, Or you'll bust out of these walls and kill everything in sight. You would eat a human if you needed to. You slammed your head against the door, It's been over 4 hours since they last fed you, So you were starting to slowly lose your sanity. You already ate some of the critters that were scrawling around your cell. You whipped your head at the sound of the crane
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 141 10
Owen Grady x T-Rex! Reader
(Name) was glaring at the red head bitch as she tapped on the glass to make her appear for her own amusement. Annoyed, She then ran toward the thick glass, Slamming her head onto it, Successfully making it crack under her force. Not enough to shatter it, But enough to give her a warning. She roared, Smell the fear radiating out of the redhead. She stomped back to hide in the trees, Making the woman quickly leave the observatory. Laying down on the cold and moist floor, She closed her eyes.
When they removed her sister she cried for days. All you could hear was roars all day and all night. It annoyed the hell out of the other Dino's, workers, and visitors, but she didn't care. She wanted her beloved sister back. When they told her another T-Rex killed her, She was hasted. She hated everyone and everything.
So, she escaped out of her cell one day and the only thing you could hear was screams of terror. 
She ignored the screams of terror and walked around, Her tall fig
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 227 16
Avengers x Tiger! Reader Part 3
You had a nightmare. Those damn scientists were working on you, And it hurt like a motherfucker. You were yelling and screaming, Trying to shove them off you.. But alas, They caught you. They started to yank your collar, Tazing you, Poking needles into you.. It was horrible.
You felt poking at your side, And you opened your eyes slowly, A deep growl emerging from the bottom of your throat. You suddenly perked up, Looking at your surroundings. You turned around, Yellow eyes meeting with warm chocolate ones. Guns, arrows, and a hammer pointed at you. You growled at them, As they took a step back, Making you look between them.
"JARVIS? What is this?" You glared at Tony, As he kept his stare on you.
"That is (Name). She can transform into a rare black tiger, It is still unknown what other powers she might be hiding."
"Thank You JARVIS"
"Anytime sir" You kept your gaze hard, Looking between them.  
"SO (Hated Nickname)-" You growled, Getting on a fighting stance, The others lowering th
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 152 20
Avengers x Tiger! Reader Part 2
You open your eyes suddenly, A headache slamming against your skull. You let out a low groan, Shutting your eyes tightly.
"I see you are awake subject 009612" You hear a gruff voice say and you turn around, Seeing the black man. You run toward him, Growling at him.
"Where the fuck am I?" You hold onto his neck, and he just stands there.
"Bruce" He says suddenly, And your world turns black.
You open your eyes again, Only a heart monitor screeching, Hurting your sensitive hearing. Footsteps make their way toward you, And you shut your eyes again.
"I know you are awake. Your heart beat changed and so did your breathing." You open your eyes again, Growling. You yank everything that was connected to your body.
"Where the hell am I?!" Your canines start to grow, Scaring the man. He reminded you of one of those in the lab, Making your blood boil. 
"Calm down subject 009612. He is just trying to make you feel better" You turn around, Seeing the same man from earlier. You growl, Pushing th
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 109 4
Avengers x Tiger! Reader
You walked around your cage lazily, The mean people were away for now, But that didn't mean that the experiments weren't over. You see, You were a rare black tiger (Yes, I know those don't exist but.. use your imagination!) And by being rare, The government wanted to use you for experiments. One of the things you had been giving were, Fast healing, Sharper teeth, Buff stature, And other stuff you don't even know you have. You slumped on the wall, They were going to bring you another male to mate with; You were used as a birth machine to see if any of your pups were going to be black. All your pups were either sold or killed, Which broke your heart. You could never be with the same pup for more than a few hours, Until they were taken away.
You heard them open the cell door, And you walked out obediently, Not wanting to lash out at all. You laid on the table, They started to inject you with stuff. After that was done, One of the new scientists left the door open, Bad mistake. You quietly
:iconistealyourpocky:iStealYourPocky 172 8
|Befriending you|Tony Stark x Dog!Reader|6|
New sounds echoed throughout Tony’s expansive house, your ears turning, attempting to locate the new sounds that struck your curiosity.
‘The hell is that sound? Where the hell is my human?’
You sat up from your small bed next to the window, you enjoy the view of the city and the many birds to bark at.
You walked from the living room out to the kitchen, where your human sat with another human with longer blonde hair and a more curved body.
‘That's my human..’
You whimpered audibly, trotting over and sitting by the table, giving Tony puppy eyes.
“What are you doing, (name)?” Your human asked, patting his hand on top of your head.
You continued to whimper, wanting your human's attention.
“Sorry pepper, let me just sort out what (name) wants.” Tony sat up from his seat, leaving a rather annoyed pepper to follow you back to the living room.
Once Tony set foot into the living room, you jumped up onto the sofa, barking at
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 72 5
|Miss you|Tony Stark x Dog!Reader|5|
‘Ah human, I don't feel well..’
You weren't doing so well. Coughing up blood isn't something you do regularly.
You wined from the floor, lying down.
“I know you don't feel well, (name). We’re going to the vets later.”
‘Aw, not that horrid place with those sharp objects and other screaming.. things’
He kneeled down to where you laid, petting your head softly.
“It’ll be ok (name).”
‘Better hope so, or your clothes are getting it.’
“I'm sorry, Mr.Stark”
Seated next to your human, as he rough hand caressed your head, calmly.
“The blood tests came back bad. (Name) only has a week to live, maybe even days. It's good if you put (name) out of their pain.”
‘Oh crap, that's bad isn't it?’
You looked up at your humans shocked face, licking his still hand hovering above your head.
“It's it ok if I - uh bring (name) back in when I'm re
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 141 51
|Entertain you|Tony Stark x Dog!Reader|4|
You padded around your human's room where he slept.
‘Your bed is huge human.’
You struggled to jump onto the bed, but somehow managed to, with your tiny sausage like legs, curling up on the bed, staring into the bedroom’s bathroom, as your human stood in front of the tiny bath, that you were washed in sometimes.
‘I will never go near that vile thing again..’
He walked out, moving to the bigger set of doors that held his clothing, opening it, taking out a shirt, slipping it over his head, closing the closet behind him.
‘Huh what's that?’
You jumped from the bed, sitting in front of the other dog’s form.
‘The hell you doing in my human's room?’
You barked at the other dog, attempting to hit it with your paw, coming in contact with a smooth surface.
‘Oh god, what is this thing?’
You attempted to lick it, then back to hitting it with your paw, until you felt hands under your
:iconnatashaisbae:NatashaIsBae 131 4

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