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Did you ever pay attention to the fine print at the bottoms of advertisements? Typically, they include warnings for liability reasons. However, if you look closely, you may notice that some advertisers like to have fun with these disclaimers. For example, I saw a TV commercial for Dixie paper plates in which a woman carried some freshly-grilled steaks on Dixie plates across a tightrope between rooftops. The disclaimer at the bottom said "Do not attempt. ...Especially without proper plates."

In addition, some animated movies include a parody of the "No animals were harmed in the making of this film" disclaimer in their end credits.

What are some amusing fine-print disclaimers you've noticed? It doesn't have to be video-related; even though this is the Movies & TV forum, disclaimers in printed media are acceptable.
Either kick in completely so I can stay home or go away so I can work. This in-between crap is getting tiresome.

Sincerely, :iconjphyper:
Why do mobile device manufacturers and data providers have such terrible commercials? Most of them are far more dull than other ads you see for other products. They're all either all flash and no substance or they're just plain stupid. Even the ones that are supposed to be silly come across as forced instead. Their advertisers have no idea what they're doing. They're the most boring advertisements out there.

It's not like there are no good advertisement pros out there, either. Many companies have great advertising departments. Insurance providers, for example, often tend to have very entertaining ads. Geico's advertising department is legendary, with many of its ads becoming popular memes.

And before any of you tell me to just get AdBlock or something similar, this applies to all forms of advertising, not just the ones on the internet. There is no AdBlock for things like television, printed materials, or highway billboards.
I was daydreaming a bit the other day, and I came up with a scenario. Some adults overheard their teens planning a party with no adults. They decide to chaperone the party to keep the kids from drinking alcohol or anything like that. However, they have no idea what teenagers do for fun at parties these days. Therefore, they decided to take party games for little kids and ramp them up to make them more awesome.

So the goal of this thread is to come up with these improved games.

Some examples I thought of:
-Pool Party Twister
-Whacking a piņata with medieval weapons
-Pin the tail on the pony with a crossbow
Here's a scenario: you spend several minutes coming up with one of the most epic replies ever to a thread you saw... only for the OP to spontaneously close the thread while you were typing for no apparent reason.

I can't be the only one who's tired of having this happen.
Lately, just for fun, I’ve been analyzing what I think would’ve happened to various Batman characters had they been in the Fallout universe. Here are my conclusions.

Batman: Bruce Wayne married Selena Kyle (Catwoman) and had children. The mantle of Batman has been passed down from generation to generation ever since.

Robin: Each child in the Wayne family serves as Robin to gain training and experience until they are old enough to become Batman or Batgirl.

Alfred: Shortly before he died, Alfred obtained a Mr. Handy robot (also named Alfred) to serve as his replacement.

Commissioner Gordon: It is unknown whether Gordon died due to fallout or due to riots and raiders. Whatever the cause, it’s clear he died not long after the bombs dropped. His daughter Barbara suffered a similar fate.

The Joker: He became a surprisingly non-feral Glowing One and is still alive as of Fallout 4. He keeps a pack of feral ghouls as pets.

Harley Quinn: She became one of the Joker’s feral ghouls.

Mr. Freeze: He became a doctor for some settlers and lived out the rest of his years in this position. His special refrigerated Power Armor and custom Cryolator gun are on display inside the Batcave.

Bane: He became a Super Mutant after being exposed to FEV via contaminated Venom. He still has above-average intelligence by Super Mutant standards and has figured out a way to access a few of his pre-transformation memories, though not many and they tend to be somewhat vague. He now leads a group of other Super Mutants, all boosted by his Venom (as if they weren’t scary enough without it).

The Penguin: He managed to secure a position as an Overseer inside one of Vault-Tec’s infamous Vaults. He died due to the repercussions of the Vault’s experiments like most Overseers do.

Killer Croc: He was killed in an altercation with some Brotherhood of Steel soldiers.

Ra’s al Ghul: Ra’s al Ghul briefly became Ra’s al Ghoul. However, his immortality pool turned him back to normal before he could become feral. His daughter Talia, however, was not so lucky and had to be put down. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Clayface: He was at ground zero and died in the blast. He’s now a lifeless lump of terra cotta inside a crater.

Two-Face: He started up a gang of Raiders known simply as the Two-Face Gang. All of the raiders cover half their faces with tattoos and, like their founder, make many decisions by flipping bottle caps. Two-Face himself was killed by Mr. Freeze in a failed attack against the settlement he was residing in.

Poison Ivy: The radiation reacted with her powers, mutating her into a large plant.

The Riddler: He died due to radiation. Rather anticlimactic, really.

Mad Hatter: He was hunted down and killed by the Brotherhood of Steel due to his continued abuse of the Mesmetron.

These are the big ones. If you have other Batman characters in mind that you want to hear about, let me know and I'll tell you what I think happened to them.
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