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The young elven dragonrider, armored head to toe in light leathers, fled the scene of the atrocity as fast as his swift, forest-striding feet could take him. His long blonde mane flew behind him as he raced through the trees, not daring look back at his butchered comrades, their screams still echoing in his ears.

“I want to go home, I want to go home!” he whispered out, as if praying to the Ten. “Where are you, Drakkhen!? I need you!”

But the abomination, responsible for the slaughter, was not only ginormous, but quick. She slithered past the elf in a flash, rising up to her entire 15’ form, her entire body covered with a mix of crimson, saffron, and magenta scales - her attire consisting of silk cloths wrapped around her torso in tantalizing ways, like that of the Sol’teran dancers. On her humanoid body, six amazonian arms wielded six fiery weapons - sword, axe, spear, hammer, flail, and a whip - the hilts and hands of which were coated in caked, dried blood.

“Going somewhere, love?” She hissed, the golden rattle on the end of her tail like a shower of pebbles on his eardrums. Somehow, her voice pierced through the deafening cacophony of the rattle. “Was hoping you would stay a while . . . ” She snickered, eyes shimmering with lethal intent. “I can show you the greatest of pleasures before you peak . . .”

“S-Stay back!” the elf dragonrider shouted, clutching at his ears, swinging his short sword blindly at the abomination, his hand trembling with equal parts blinding pain and disorientation, dizziness.

“Behind you,” she hissed, before he immediately felt something sink into him - twin sharp fangs piercing his flesh of his neck. He could feel the droplets of venom secreted from those fangs into his bloodstream.

“Try not to break too fast . . . ”

His vision flickered, hazed, and went black in what seemed like a fleeting second.


The dragonrider woke with a start, sitting straight up. He was wrapped up in a wonderfully warm cashmere blanket in the palace of Everdawn. He looked around, his chest rising and falling, sweat trickling down the side of his face and down his apparently naked form.

The young elf immediately drew the cashmere blanket over himself, his cheeks flushing red. Why? How did he end up here?

“Careful, my lord!” a soft, sensuous voice spoke, belonging to a voluptuous, thinly veiled elven servant girl, the silk hugging every. Single. Curve on her. The young male swallowed.

“L-lord? I am no-” he started to stammer out in his protest, only to be silenced by a single dainty finger on his lips from the elven siren.

She gazed into his eyes, her face lowering slowly upon him, her almond-like eyes gazing into his. “Shhh. You are mine for tonight, My Lord.” She gave an angelic, sweet smile, a pleasant giggle, crawling upon his injured form, her scent dancing into his nose and intoxicating his mind with her wonderful perfume.


“No buts.” She silenced any further protest with a pair of planted lips upon his. Pressing her silk-smooth hands on his bared chest, pushing him to the bed. Her lips trailed down. Lower. Lower. Lower. Kissing every single inch of his naked form.

He felt his eyes roll back into his head, as the room grew hazy, too hot. His head was swimming, drunk with ecstasy that spread from the origin point between his loins.

“Oh by the Ten, please forgive me for loving this so . . . “ he pleaded breathlessly into the air, his legs tensing up as he felt his release nearing.

“The Ten will not save you, ‘my Lord.’” The girl giggled, between her attentions.

At the odd words, her giggling slowly turned to the hiss of reality and the familiar harbinger of a rattle roared, deafening, drowning his senses, as he looked up and saw the familiar visage of the snakewoman engulfing him - from his toes up to his waist with her mouth - dislocated to fit it all in a sickeningly freakish fashion.

He screamed before he was swallowed up.


The herza snakewoman swallowed with a grunt, pounding her now slightly protruding stomach, breathing a sigh of relief. “Delicious,” she hissed, elated that the hunt had gone so well. For Snakekind, of course.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” A rumbling voice echoed through the windows, as the very ground began to tremble, as something like that of a titan approached the surface.

The snakemage of Fire hissed once more. “Why do work and pleasure have to be considered separate, dearest Nagaina?”

The massive, riven snakekind, black-scaled beast burst through the ground, towering even over her already giant companion, a broad cobra-like hood flaring out as she wrestled her tail free of the ground, allowing it to strike the earth, causing it tremble, as if in fear.

“Hmmm.” The noticeably more serpentine titan rumbled, look upon her sister with a slight disinterest in her gaze. “So long as Orochi is your master, and not your games, Sidika.”

“Kehehe.” Sidika grinned, sticking her forked tongue out, as if to taunt her big sister. “All is for my lord. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find the dragonrider’s other-”

As if on cue, Nagaina spat something sizeable, which impacted the ground before Sidika - the sizeable half digested skull of a silver-scaled Heartwoodian white dragon, some of its scales still only half-digested, clinging to the bone haphazardly, parts of the bone worn away by Nagaina’s fast-acting digestive juices. The humongous snake snorted at Sidika, who glared at her big sister with a hint of annoyed vexation. “Already done,” the earth snakekind mage titan grinned fangedly, taunting her fiery little sister.

“Aw. I wanted to have fun with her. See her writhe from her master’s death.” The fiery multi-armed snakewoman crossed all three sets, pouting at her titan sister, who was already in the process of retreating back into the ground from whence she came.

“Remember. All is for Lord Orochi.”
Trying to practice using eroticism for the sake of enhancing a scene rather than being the focus, as well as the 'character' of Sidika when I write her, particularly her speech pattern and mannerisms.

The Snakekind Mages are some of Orochi's Elite elemental themed mages - the four cardinal elements forming the first tier (Fire, Earth, Ice, Wind) with five more elements (water, lightning, blood, venom, and dark) forming a second level, each with their own underlings. Nagaina the titan Snakekind Earth Mage belongs to HypotheticalHare aka Fyfergrund, who is a real pal of an old coot.

BTACDragons belongs to Verridith btacdragons and .
HypotheticalHare Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
I like the dichotomy between these two. And personally, in my opinion you managed what you set out to do quite well.

Also want to say you really did capture Nagaina's personality and mannerisms as well.
JPG816 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Squee! Much appreciated Hare. I did my best to try and utilize your app for her
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December 28, 2017
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