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Trying to practice using eroticism for the sake of enhancing a scene rather than being the focus, as well as the 'character' of Sidika when I write her, particularly her speech pattern and mannerisms.

The Snakekind Mages are some of Orochi's Elite elemental themed mages - the four cardinal elements forming the first tier (Fire, Earth, Ice, Wind) with five more elements (water, lightning, blood, venom, and dark) forming a second level, each with their own underlings. Nagaina the titan Snakekind Earth Mage belongs to HypotheticalHare aka Fyfergrund, who is a real pal of an old coot.

BTACDragons belongs to Verridith btacdragons and .
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I like the dichotomy between these two. And personally, in my opinion you managed what you set out to do quite well.

Also want to say you really did capture Nagaina's personality and mannerisms as well.
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JPG816Hobbyist Writer
Squee! Much appreciated Hare. I did my best to try and utilize your app for her