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“You are beaten!”

The man in tattered rags kneeled before his opponent, his blade clattering to the side - a demon with sizeable, bull-ish horns, his crimson skin betraying his blood, black sclera surrounding his golden yellow iris, their forms illuminated in a red-light by the bloody moon of Kurai above them. He was, indeed, beaten, blood dripping from his wounds, soaking into his torn garments. The demon had bested him, and his life was over.

“Just finish the job, you twat. Finish me, like you did my brother.”

The demon swordsman of the War kingdom smirked with a fanged grin, and raised his blade over his head. “Gladly.”

Suddenly, a howling cry of YOOOOO resounded through the clearing in the ashen forest that they had chosen for their duel, causing the crows to scatter in the wake of the heralding yell.

“Demon fiend, you dare prey upon the innocent!?” The deep, haughty, arrogant voice booms and echoes from all around, seeming to have no singular source. “You have no shame, foul knave! I will show you justice that has traveled from the furthest western shores to the highest of the northern mountains and to the sandy expanses of the south, and through the great cities of the east!”

Suddenly, the demon swordsman spotted the source. Standing on the tip of his sabatons atop a particularly tall ashen grey-needled pine tree stood an crimson-armored samurai, holding a tight pose with one knee raised, foot pressed against the other leg’s knee. His right palm extended out, as if to point at the demon, other hand curving around above his head. The helmet was that of a War demon design, demonic mask covering his face well, golden flames shining brilliantly from the eye slits. An impossibly huge array of weapons covered his person - nodachis, longswords, warhammers, battle axes, and polearms galore.

“Do you dare to challenge the great one in honorable martial combat? I accept, blackhearted monster!”

As he answered his own challenge with a loud cry, the War kingdom samurai leapt from the treetop, flipping in the air, drawing a nodachi from his person, wielding it in a single hand and whirling it around, before impacting the ground, the earth trembling at his landing. He whirled his nodachi around and sheathed it again before assuming a different pose - extending a pointing finger at the demon while side-eyeing him, hand on hip. His crimson armor, although chipped and cracked from centuries of heavy use, still reflected the crimson moonlight, having been recently polished to a brilliant shine like his bladed weapons.

“Prepare to face my wrath, the great warrior who aimlessly wanders the realms, slicing into the neck of evil, and claiming its head as his trophy . . . the great Kamen Ronin Benkeiii!”

The demon regarded the samurai, his jaw hanging open. He took a step back, unsure of whether to fight this new opponent. Sure, it was mostly show and flash, but it was very skilled show and flash. Also, dumb, but dumb could still kill if it was strong and skilled enough. “What...are you?” he inquired.

“Didn’t you hear my whole introduction? I am the Great Kamen Ronin Benkei!”

“...By Neiren’s bloodied legacy, if I lose to such garbage…” The demon readied his blade before him, grip tightening around his katana, before leaping in the air and bringing down a two-handed cleaving slash.

Benkei’s arm became a blur. Before the demon could register the attack, the blade of a naginata shoved its way through his gut, his eyes bulging with the sudden penetration.

“Justice prevails! It pierces the heart of evil, always! Now, IGNI-”

The demon snarled, and suddenly lashed out with his katana. “Four CURSE YOU!” The sudden slash sheared through Benkei’s polearm wielding limb, the limb clanking uselessly to the ground as Benkei staggers back.

The demon twitches as he watches the arm fall, the wound bloodless. “ . . . it’s just bone. That means . . . “

“Ngah . . . !” The samurai glared at the wound, his glowing eyes blazing brightly. “None of it means nothing to a warrior of justice! Warriors of Justice fight to their last breath!” The samurai reared back and roared to the sky, rattling the ashen gray trees of the forest. The demon swordsman stepped back, unsure of what to expect, readying his blade.

“You don’t have a ‘last breath’ you boneheaded bastard!”

“Nonsense! My blood burns hot with the thrill of battle! Now it is time for my glorious transformation! HENSHIIIN.” The earth rumbled, trembling at the roar. First, a crack. Then, the ground broke away as bones started to fly out of the ground, whirling around the disarmed samurai, and reforming not only the dismembered limb, but the bones started to slowly form two more sets of arms - armor seeming to materialize around each new bony limb.

“Now you face the full, unbridled might of great Kamen Ronin Ben-”

“SHUT UUUP!” The demon swordsman clearly had quite enough of this farce of a fight, swinging a mighty blow at the undead samurai - who proceeded to draw six weapons and twist the entirety of his torso in a spinning, outstretched, whirling blender of steel and bone, knocking away the blade. His eyes glinted, as he advanced on the hapless demon swordsman, his torso still whirling about with blades outstretched.


Meanwhile, the human had exited the forest, hearing the screaming agony of the demon swordsman as he was no doubt being claimed by the would-be vigilante.

He took out the magic stone he had stolen from the War kingdom treasury, grinning to himself. His brother’s sacrifice was not in vain. This would sell for a pretty penny.
More practice. Wanted to get some exercise for this character - I've been looking forward to playing him.

Meet the undead weeby samurai, "Kamen Ronin Benkei." ...he literally just took the first two words as proper names, and yes I am aware what they mean and that they aren't normally proper names. That's how fucked in the head he is.

btacdragons Verridith and as usual for the setting credits.

Preview graphic is from Ragnarok Online - the Wander Man card. Supposed to represent Benkei's unarmored form, which isn't featured, but i wanted a pretty image. So credit goes to Gravity, I guess? -bad with these formalities-

Took inspiration from Final Fantasy's Gilgamesh as well as the Steel Samurai from Phoenix Wright as well as essentially every shounen arrogant dumbass ever.
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