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Published: February 1, 2018
Quoting contest text since it necessitates explanation

MC9: Adventure Time!
Have you ever wondered what kind of silly adventures your characters would go on without your guidance? Silly, stupid ventures, situations they accidentally got themselves in and can't manage to figure a way out of? Wonder no longer, because that time is here!


Welcoming the new year brings a fun, silly contest in BTACD style - a prompt-based, super crazy competition to see how your characters react to scenarios they may not be able to find themselves in otherwise. We have a bunch of prompts to choose from - look over them below, and then review this MC's rules!

your character has been turned into a frog by an accidental spell; oh no!
while traveling through the Realms, your character/characters meet up with three very happy, very drunk ogres.
the building around your character/characters is... melting? everything is turning translucent and bright colors - everything is turning into jello!
your character is in a large-scale battle somewhere, and is hit by a spell... that turns them bright pink!
what's that sound?! your character is being followed by an infamously horrible bard that insists they need to write about them!
your character has obtained the Macguffin Muffin of Significant Importance - a magical muffin that everyone desires! quick, run before the horde of muffin-seekers catch you with it!
the ultimate villain has decided to let your character/characters gaze upon their true form - but the appearance details are up to you. they shout lots of 90s video game and anime references while transforming!

your character comes to and finds out they were captured by lowly goblins. memories of how they were captured slowly begin to return...and nobody will ever believe the tale.
your character gazes up to the tower of the evil dark lord, Bob the Slightly Disgruntled...his lair invites your character in, and its walls will be forever ingrained into their brain...
your character has been chosen by the gods of divine convenience, and must now select more members for their party. they enter the bar and immediately are beset by auditions...


Here are the rules of this MC!
only one entry per person, please!
be sure to get permission for any characters you use that aren't yours - staff will disqualify you should we find someone using char without permission!
please keep basic BTACD lore in mind, but feel free to bend it however you want ;D

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Rafaloth, Benkei, Rosamarillo/Ro (JPG), Zelda (Darkeh), Ruza (Thistle), Poinsettia (not apped - Nechesa), Verridith (...Verridith).
the ultimate villain has decided to let your character/characters gaze upon their true form - but the appearance details are up to you. they shout lots of 90s video game and anime references while transforming! (also muffin)
The hooded figure descended down the needlessly long staircase, each bootstep clicking against the stone steps, his identity obscure by the foreboding cloak he concealed himself with. He chuckled to himself, holding the MacGuffin Muffin of Significant Importance in between his clawed fingertips up for his little audience - the three adventurers he had assisted all this time - to behold.

“Fufufu...that’s right, it was I who orchestrated the destruction of Albronel for the sake of obtaining the MacGuffin Muffin.” The figure ripped off his cloak in a swift sweep of his arm, revealing their enemy’s true face. The lanky figure’s white mane flowed behind him, matching his pale skin and caterpillar moustache - tiny curved horns protruding from his forehead before curving upward. He spread his arms, as if to welcome his guests, as his membranous wings burst from his back unfolding with a resounding flap. “I! Rafaloth, the Fourth Demon Heavenly King! You played right into my hands, Guild Verde, and delivered the Muffin right into my hands!”

The Florid warrior, Ruza pointed his vine-hilted rapier at the demon king, the visor of his helmet - the top of the helmet giving way to the rose upon his head. “How could you, Rafaloth!? You deceived us!” The young plant boy’s body tensed underneath the form fitting red-plate.

“It is your own fault for trusting me!” The Demon Heavenly King of Famine then eyed the legendary Knight of Roses with an incredulous eye. “I mean seriously, I told you I was a freaking demon. Really, what the hell is wrong with you?”

The yellow armored cactus, grabs the tip of her oddly-shaped yellow rose hat-like construct, her lips suckling on a needle about the size of your typical hayseed. “It don’t matter. We’ve found the bad guy that needs an ass-whuppin.” She then points her index and middle finger together at the Fourth Demon Heavenly King, clad in similarly designed yellow plate. “So glad ya showed up! Saved us the trouble of wranglin’ you in!”

Cackling, the lanky demon swept out his arm at the three figures standing before him. “Rojo Ruza, Amarillo Ro, and Azul Poinsettia...Rangers of Guild Verde, do you puny weeds truly believe you have what it takes to face me, the strongest Demon Heavenly King? Such foolishness! Your successes are only due to my counsel.” His pupils dilated, as he bared his fanged grin. “I shall show you how helpless you truly are! Fall into despair! I, Rafaloth, shall whack you weeds down!”

“We’ll show you how helpful- I mean…” The blue armored Florid straightened herself, and cleared her throat - her large leaf-covering swaying with the motion. “We will show you that we have what it takes!” Taking a deep breath, she adopted her signature pose of their little trio, spreading her index and middle finger, forming a diamond with the space between all four, and holding it in front of her gaze.

“Your power poses will not help you here! For my monster transcends beyond those you have faced thus far, and shall vanquish you once and for all! So come, summon...it.” He raised his gloved hand, curling his fingers inward, as if to invite their hostility.

It was then that the foreboding castle started to shake violently - a deafening roar drowning all else as Rafaloth faded from view in the ensuing chaos.

“Shit, this went south fast . . . !” Amarillo Ro attempted to secure herself in the floor with her spined limbs, smashing them against the floor to pin herself down.

Azul Poinsettia held out her arms, fighting to regain her balance, before noticing the cracks speeding right at her and Amarillo, forming a sizeable fissure. “The floor, it’s…!” It was then the abyss opened up, swallowing the pair.

Ruza launched one of his vines from his wrist, the vine lassoing around a protruding piece of the floor, as his companions fell... “We need you now…”

Ruza recited the words as they had many, many times before in these times of need. When the Verde Rangers were faced with a hedge too high, they called upon the ancient saviors of the Florid people.


A dragon’s roar resounded through the area - sparks of nature elemental magic gathered, and coalesced into the abyss that had opened beneath the three companions...vines burst forth, forming the mighty Duragon Rojo, which swirled up with its serpentine form, catching the falling Verde Rangers, Amarillo Ro and Azul Poinsettia, and then Rojo Ruza as he dropped down into his dragon’s head, allowing himself to be engulfed by the vines, fusing with his vine construct as it soared into the sky.

A sky which now had started to become engulfed by Rafaloth’s spell, a familiar summoning circle being drawn into the dark clouds which heralded one of the Heavenly Demon King’s monsters.

Amarillo Ro ripped her spiny arms out of the piece of floor she had stabilized herself against, before raising her arm to the sky, and cried out.


More of the sparks of nature elemental magic, rising up from the planet they sought to protect, coalesced into the form of a bull, ginormous in form, plowing a hole through the base of a nearby mountain and leaping out of it, as boulders sprayed in a display of its magnificent strength. A bolt of lightning crackled and struck Myuu Amarillo, forming the familiar cactus-like spines around its piston like legs. Amarillo Ro then pointed her finger-gun at Duragon Rojo’s head, before backflipping off the massive dragon down onto the the massive bull’s head, allowing herself to be engulfed by the vines that formed the massive bovine.

Soon, Azul Poinsettia raised her hand as well. With a surprising amount of volume from the timid of the trio, she, too, cried to the sky in a contrived fashion.


A sky-shattering screech thundered from above, as a meteor-like object formed of various flora hurtled towards the earth, before unfolding, forming the falcon-like foliage form of Farukon Azul, spreading its majestic leaf wings with blade-like feathers, descending toward the other two plant-based animal-like creatures. Pointsettia gave a graceful spin, before leaping into the air, still spinning as she too merged with her plant construct.


It is then that an iconic song was sung by the people of the Realms as they looked upon the form of the combining plant mech, Verde Robo. They shouted in unison the anthem of their savior, as a chorus of horns started up the familiar theme that seemed to play every time the realms were endangered by the monsters fought by their savior, Verde Robo.


As the anthem sounded as one across and throughout the realms, even from those too far to see this marvelous spectacle, the vine constructs would start changing shape.

“Y’all ready for this!?” Amarillo Ro yelled from inside of the plant bovine. “Form! Cannon, Torso!”

Myuu Amarillo let out an earth shaking bellow, as the four legs of the bull would start to detach themselves from the foliage torso - the central mass of foliage restructuring itself into a more humanoid toso. Two vines would erupt from the mass, ripping off the head of Myuu Amarillo, to place it on where the pelvis of the torso would be - the two horns shifting to the front of the pelvis, protruding out where its crotch would be into a singular, vaguely phallic horn.

Meanwhile, the four limbs of the bull would detach, binding together - the limbs hollowing out to become barrels of a ginormous firearm - the spines of the cactus growing in size, and arming the barrels of the firear - the barrels then whirling in place, before locking with a resounding KA-CLACK.

“Affirmative!” Azul Poinsettia yelled, as if for all the world to hear from within the bosom of the massive plant falcon. “Form! Helmet! Sword!”

The wings of the mighty Farukon Azul would fold back to become the fins, as the bird’s body curved around to form the aforementioned helm, its screech echoing through the skies of the realms, heard even through Kurai. The head of the bird plant construct detached from the rest of its body, becoming the hilt of a longsword - the viney, thorn covered blade sprouting from the mouth of the Falcon as smaller wings flipped out of the head to become the handguard of the sword.

Their leader, the Knight of Roses, Rojo Ruza, pointed his hand to the sky, crying out. “Form! Head! Limbs!”

The massive serpentine Duragon Rojo would start to break off into five segments. The tail end of its body would slide in tip-first into Myuu Amarillo’s cannon-limbs with a mechanical KER-CHUNK signifying it had made contact. The tail would then slide against Myuu Amarillo’s torso, with a similar KER-CHUNK.

Then second, short piece of tail,slid against the other side of Myuu Amarillo - the stumped end forming a fist, which grabbed the sword of Farukon Azul, swinging twice in an X-formation, before holding it up high for the realms to see - pauldrons flapping out from the shoulder area of each arm.

The other two sections of the torso formed the legs, cactus spines thrusting out and bursting from along the front of her legs as the legs, too, connected to the torso.

The dragon’s snout withdrew into itself, forming a stoney-face formed of foliage - as if a simple plate with the bare bones minimum - unmoving, statuesque lips forming at the mouth, as well as beady eyes which glowed the the same bright neon green nature elemental magic. It donned the open-faced Farukon Azul winged-helmet, before connecting to the torso with another KER-CHUNK, the bot then posing with its flourishing, spinning, sword swipe, before holding it high up to the heavens - a glint of a reflection seen from the tip of its blade.

The three heroes’ voices could be heard calling out from the massive plant construct, which stood over a hundred feet, some fifty meters high.  “VERDE ROBO, ONLINE!”

It was then Rafaloth’s echoing, arrogant laugh echoed through Albronel, which they had made their battlefield - much to the dismay of a certain gold-scaled queen who could only stare through between her clawtips at this absolutely magnificent scene unfolding before her.


From the ground beneath Rafaloth’s Tower erupted a great suit of War Kingdom armor - the face seeming to be made of a gaunt leathery hide with how it stretched tautly over the skull - violet flaming magic bursting forth from its eyesockets, as it unfolded its six armored arms - the beast standing a full head higher than Verde Robo, its demonic faceplate closing across its face as it gazed across at its opponent.

The two titans stared across from each other, neither moving an inch, neither daring to make the first move.

Gan! Gan! Gan!! Gan!!!</i>

As the anthem playing throughout the entire transformation sequence finally rocked out in the loud exclamations, Benkei made the first move, drawing his arms up quickly.


His gauntleted fists burst forth with a fiery explosion at the wrists, sending each fist, crashing into the massive Verde Robo, which was launched back from the massive hits, sparks flying from each blow - how the plant construct kept from catching fire was anyone’s guess. Clearly magic.

Wakai kimo ga niji o egaki/A youthful hope paints a rainbow </i>

The mighty plant construct savior would roll to its front and push itself to a knee, rising as the chains attached to Benkei’s fists drew them back. The voice of Azul Pointsettia would cry panickedly, “Taking damage!”

“They hit us hard, we hit them back just as hard!” Rojo Ruza would call out. “VINE PUNCH!”

BAINU PANCHI buchi kamase/VINE PUNCH, strike hard</i>

As Rojo Ruza called out their patented attack, their hand covering the canon arm’s barrels would extend out - the vines growing rapidly in order to extend and slam into the Demon Benkei right in the chestplate, causing him to fly back as the hit sent more sparks flying from the impact before landing sprawled out on his back!

“OOF! Cursed Verde Rangers! You’ll pay for that!”

The undead samurai war demon dashed forward, drawing his katana in a swift slice across Verde Robo - which similarly erupted in a shower of sparks, flooring the plant construct, sending it tumbling and rolling away - surprisingly not sliced in half.

“We’re taking critical damage! One more hit and we’re done for!” Azul Pointsettia cried out.

Mitaka muteki no VERUDE ROBO da/See, it's the undefeatable Verde Robo
RETSU GO  VERUDE GO/Let’s! Go! Verude Go!

Ro’s arrogant laughter echoed from Verde Robo’s unmoving lips. “I got this, pardners. They want to play with guns? I got guns for days - it’s high noon, and my barrels are packin HEAT. NEEDIRU CANNON!”

The barrels on the end of the rotary quad-barreled vine cannon rotated with a whirr. Verde Robo lifted its cannon-arm, now missing the hand at the end, unleashing an endless stream of ginormous cactus spines, striking Benkei in each joint connecting an arm to his torso.

The Verde Robo would lift up its arm, the cannon seeming to re-prime itself in spite of being able to grow its ammunition.


As Rosamarillo cried out her attack’s finisher, the needles exploded in an array of sparks. The explosions launched the armored samurai away, crashing into the nearby tower in Albronel - his arms being launched away from the torso. The tower crumbled underneath Benkei’s weight like so much cardboard.

Mitsu no kokoro ga hitotsu ni nareba/Three hearts become one </i>

“Time for the finisher!” Ruza Rojo cried out, before all three Verde Rangers screamed in unison. “VERUDE BURAAAAAAAADO!”

Benkei rose to his feet, yelling out. “NO! WAIT! NO!”

Verde Robo stuck out the Verde Blade to the sky, allowing it to be struck by a convenient Magestorm - allowing the magic to course throughout the blade.

Hitotsu no seii ha hyakuban PAWAA/One’s sense of justice is the power of a million.

“The hopes and dreams of all the realms’ people cry out for justice! Rafaloth, the reign of the Four Heavenly Demon Kings is OVER! VERUDE BURADO, NOW, CLEAVE EVIL!”

Aku wo horobose VERUDE BURADO!/VERDE BLADE, overthrow evil!</i>

With a two-handed overheadswing, the crackling vine longsword fell upon Benkei, embedding into his chest. A banshee-like scream echoed throughout the realms.

With a slow turn, Verde Robo proceeded to sheathe its sword, before the banshee scream culminated in Benkei exploding behind them - the Robot unmoving from its pose for the Realms.

It was then, Rafaloth’s terrible anger echoed through the realms. “You haven’t seen the last of me, Verde Rangers! I will be back...in Season 2! ...buy our merchandise, MWA HA HA HA!”

Ve, Ve, Verude! VERUDE ROBO!</i>


Rafaloth’s protectee, the shar pilgrim known as Zelda, stared incredulously across at her companion - for a moment, at a complete loss of words at the parchment in her hands.

She coughed awkwardly, forcing a response at her companion. “You know, when I asked if you had any hobbies, this is not what I had in mind.”

The demon lord wrapped himself tighter in his usual robes, drawing the scarf higher upon his face than normal. “You insisted. So. What do you think?”

“Er . . .”
© 2018 - 2020 JPG816
BTACD MC9 Adventure Time Winner!

NAILED IT. do i get a gold star? :D

Clearly satire/parody using existing characters. Please read the contest text before reading the actual story - it will explain half of your questions.

Rosamarillo, Rafaloth, Benkei, Verde Robo, Azul Farukon, Rojo Duragon, and Myuu Amarillo all belong to this dumbass right here! XD

Verridith and By Tooth and Claw Dragons belongs to Verridith / btacdragons and you can join our awesome cast at btacdragons.com !

Ruza and the concept of Florids belong to ThistleBloom !

NotThePrincess Zelda belongs to Inklaw !

Poinsettia belongs to KibbyKat !

Lyrics are based on the original Getter Robo OP theme, and Getter Robo belongs to Ken Ishikawa, Go Nagai, and Toei Animation.

Inspiration came from Power Rangers, Final Fantasy, GLORIOUS NIPPON NUMBAH WAN ANIMU, and...probably other shit IDFK.
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