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BTACD Contest #7: Rana and Splodey
SPECIES: Elemental
GENDER: Female
Rana takes the rough shape of a modestly-blessed humanoid female with frizzy wavy locks – a set of flames of a darker shade acting as clothes for her form, which includes a conical witch hat with a mouth on the front of it. Her eyes and spark-like heart have a golden yellow glint to them. Always with a smile on her face, Rana’s inner fire dances between warming hearts and setting the town ablaze. She wields a broom where the straw part is constantly ablaze like a torch.
Vroom Broom: Rana can fly naturally, but her broom acts as a flight aid – maneuverability takes a hit, but her speed increases exponentially, allowing her to rocket forwards at ridiculous speeds. Unfortunately, this often results in crashing explosively into things.
Crackobooms and Flim-Flam Flame Slams: Rana is skilled with a variety of magic in the fire department – specifically, she loves
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On Scripts and Choice (rough draft)
On Scripts and Choice: A Geeky Script for Emotional Liberty
There was a NDS game I played a long time ago. It was one of those japanese animu weeby really long-named games. It was called "Endless Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga" That's a mouthful, eh?
It's not a game I recommend for kids. A bit too much fanservice. You know the sort. Rather buxom - though never nude - women. Big guns. Big robots. Big swords. Innuendo. Definitely a teen or up at least. But there was a scene that stood out to me.
A little backstory. The game stars a bounty-hunter named Haken Browning who considers himself an "amateur's ladies man" - a little classy even if a little bit of a perv, he's quite charming to watch. It never gets beyond heavily innuendo-laden flirting and dorky nicknames. As an example he often calls a certain 'well-endowed' princess the "Cow Princess" and often makes awkward yet charming passes at her. It's dumb Japanese fun.
The circumstances of his "birth" were odd. He was found on a cras
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Granny Ning Su - Giftart by Verridith by JPG816 Granny Ning Su - Giftart by Verridith :iconjpg816:JPG816 6 0
Debunking the Link between Life and Morality
The Presupposed Link Between Life and Morality
Journal Entry, Icarath, before Ascension to Demon Lord:
In the wake of Lithmor's awakening, the resulting catastrophe just claimed yet another Lord of our kingdom. As I watch the milling about of the unenlightened peasant dregs below cannibalize each other both proverbially and literally, I was continuing with my projects, and as I worked, I meditated on the problems outside and prayed to Lethias for guidance. And in doing so, I reached an epiphany – one that I shall expound upon.
A presupposition of morality is that it is righteous and just to preserve sentient life. I dare to propose the obvious questions to this sentiment: Why? How? What makes sentient life – really, any life, worth preserving?
Life requires energy. A requirement of life is to reproduce, which requires a ludicrous amount of energy to be inputted - oftentimes with an inefficient, nonequivalent exchange. While energy may not be destroyed, so much of it goes to
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The Jamboree of Jadedness
The Jamboree of Jadedness
We live in a society where it is no longer a rebellion of intellectualism to criticize what's popular - to criticize what we perceive to be popular has become what is popular.
With the advent of the internet, we have seen the rise of people bonding over what they hate, what they are offended by, what they are outraged by - it sounds ridiculous, but think of it like an extended gossip session amped up to 11. It's partially why a film like Sharknado is a financial success.
With channels like That Guy with the Glasses, Mister Metokur, the Angry Video Game Nerd, and the various channels like these... there are a multitude of channels dedicated to reviews of bad media. Note, I'm not judging anyone for liking these, I'm just pointing out that they do target focusing on the bad parts of whatever subject they're into.
Meanwhile, channels like Gaijin Goombah, Gnoggin, and Game Theory - channels that thrive on at least some attempt to construct something wonderful or ed
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NPC Theory and Hypnotic Trances
Hoo boy. Like mixing steak and ice cream. Let's see if I can make anything of these ingredients.
So, those who follow the more "shitposty" side of politics may be aware of a relatively new silly theory based on a study linked below from PsychToday, where it's believed that something like 25% of the total population has an 'inner voice' with an inner monologue.
Please note, not even gonna touch politics here, I just find the idea fascinating.
Personally, I think the study is very unclear on its implications, if it's valid at all. Most everyone talks to themselves and has these inner conversations. For some people, these conversations are more involved than others.
But I don't think the theory that's resulted of it is wrong (and quite frankly it's possible 4chan was looking for a weird statistic to bound off of and actually don't care about the stats anyway).
This idea revolves around the gaming concept of a NPC - or non-player character. In a virtual world, the avatar you play as is the
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Thursday Prompt - 10-4-2018
There it was. That sound again. A low moan, a low long moan with a auditory texture like creaking wood which echoed through down his spine, reverberating through his vertebrae.
The young boy rose from his restless slumber, grabbing his flash light, and made his way down the steps - stepping on each step of the stairs with feather-light care, as he  outside out the back door - for groaning meant the restless dead walked. Maybe he could get a glimpse before they saw him. See him up and about, like he had so many days before.
He stepped through the rain, the dirt underneath giving way to mud which clung to the bottom of his feet - but he had to find out before the restless dead could get away.
Finally, he reached it. His flashlight shone upon the small, engraved headstone.
Nothing. He saw nothing. The grave mound was still there, just like it was, so many days before.
His face dropped. Tears flowed. He fell to his knees before the gravestone. He mumbled the words which were engraved
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Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 17 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 17: Silver Spoon
“I appreciate your company. The Queen will be reassured that I have some sort of accompaniment when I meet up with her.”
The prince did not pack as extravagantly as she had expected. On the contrary, most of the burden he carried were things like basic rations, arrows for his bow, his sword. She had half-expected him to carry a bed with lace curtains with him. Instead, she found herself ashamed of bringing as many rations as she had – nearly double what he had packed.
Meanwhile, his white-scaled feylizard - a doll-sized dragon - Razgriz, preened itself. He paused his maintenance of his scales to eye Kari – a certain proverbial stench emitting from his eye.
The angel forced an awkward smile to both tiny dragon and elf. “I am honored to be part of your accompaniment, Prince Arnus. I wish to aid Vystriana how-”
“Please, just call me Arnus. And I can't make you official myself. That would be up to the Queen. But...well...
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BTACD Short: Mis-bee-having
A graceful creature. The light of his life. A queen, royalty of the highest of caliburs.
The spider queen of this zirus hive. He watched her come out into this same forest clearing at the border between twilight and night. Again. And again. Day after day. Often followed by her attendants and some of her younglings.
On occasion, he would fly by, and give her a wave. He was mostly sure she noticed. One time she actually looked his way. He was sure he saw her smile!
It was the buzzing. Chicks digged his buzzing. As a zirus modeled after the bee - the serenader of the flower gardens – Antoine knew how to serenade the dew from the petals of flowers of all kinds.
It was today that the queen, the spider zirus, Nechesa, was all alone. She had settled upon that same clearing, where his eyes danced upon her form – that rotund spinerette, and lovely segmented slender legs.
And it was today that not only would his eyes dance upon her form, but their hips and their forms. He would sweep
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MC13: Unlucky Fools (BTACDragons)
MC13: Unlucky Fools
Defying, Defining My Path
Chimaera. An odd name to christen a child. But it was his name from birth - wherever, whenever that may have been.
The oddly named black knight stepped into the hall, clad in his blackened leather armor, leaving his white-haired, fair-skinned Halgian face uncovered. Also left uncovered were his writhing, spiky tentacles, which took the place of where a left hand should've been – after all, he was not Halgian, but flesh golem - one that slowly took on the features of whatever he consumed.
He stepped tenderly through the empty, ivory-tiled great hall of the castle, dimly lit by flickering candlelight from the fixtures upon the rows of pillars designed with visages of various demon skeletons – whether they were carved into the pillars or forcibly cemented into the pillars against their will, Chimaera wasn't sure, nor was he sure he wanted to know.
As he made his way down the royal red carpet, he swore he heard a scream in one of th
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Bear Hans: random excerpt from RP
A tremendous warcry like that of a divine lion shook the foundations of the city, followed by the thundering of mighty footsteps came blasting closer, and closer, and closer, surrounded by the screams of passerbys and the crashing of building and store stall alike.
Until CRASH. Through the window, a nearly seven foot tall stout monster of a man clad in a various pelts - bear pelt enveloping his back and head, and lion pelt tied around his crotch - burst in, raining glass shards everywhere, rolling into a flexing pose as he came to a stop, showing off his mighty biceps, thick as tree trunks.
In a thick, rambling growl, the man with the crazy pelt-like flowing beard spoke. “I AM the great muscle wizard, the master of the divine art of the exploding finger, BEAR HANS!” Then, the massive saurian parked outside the bar let out a building-shaking roar and shot off a random gout of flame into the air while stamping its thundering clawfeet - as if a rehearsed cue to announce his pr
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Yesaria: The Spirit of Mercy Ch. 3 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 3: The Lamb
A crooked grin crossed his face, still bloodied with the specially-ordered raw meat that had been slipped through the door for lunch.
“Likewise, Miss Yesaria. Thought you'd never come. I've heard so much aboutcha.”
Yesaria stepped forward, armed with naught but a bucket and a washcloth. One of the guards shakily stepped forward as well – offering a slice of bonafide buncha-berry pie, the knife still in the pietray from having freshly cut the slice. “Oh, have you?”
“They say you treat us filthy blokes like, well, people. Ya wash our feetsies. Ya always bringing that healing oil stuff. And, just top it'all off, ya bring us baked goods. I've always wanted to show my...dearest appreciation..”
Yesaria kneeled before Jude, dipping her washcloth in the fresh clean water. “The goddess L'zayn's light should not discriminate based on past sins. We are all horribly flawed, yet capable of such more.” With her free hand, she
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Yesaria: The Spirit of Mercy Ch. 2 (BTACDragons)
Ch. 2: Honor thy Father
“Did you enjoy the pie I baked you for your birthday, Poppa?”
Warden Yosef looked up from the paperwork regarding the Sunfire Skinner. “Why yes, yes I did, Yesaria. Thank you, my little angel. What did you call it?”
“Bonafide Buncha-Berry pie!”
“Scrump-deli-icious. What's your secret?”
She giggled, and gave a smug, sly grin. “Love.”
“Oh come off it, that's...” He paused.
That's what the missus used to say. Marina was such a lovely lass. Back then, he was a lowly guard for the prison, and had to work long and hard to provide for her pregnancy. And that meant he couldn't be there for her.
He cast his eyes away. That's why he had to drag Yesaria to this horrid place – it was the only way he could have time to be both father and warden.
His gaze snapped back to Yesaria. “Indeed. The special ingredient everyone knows.” That's what Marina used to say, anyway.
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Yesaria: The Spirit of Mercy Ch. 1 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 1: Leading on your Knees.
“Warden Peter Yosef.”
A miniature parade of armored knights under Vystriana's banner lined up with a shriekan in tow, bound and shackled in chains as well as a rune-covered muzzle to prevent the mind-blowing scream that their people were known for. Scales were missing, scars and gashes covered his form, blood dripping from several areas upon his person.
“A helluva time, but we caught the Sunfire Skinner.”
The warden looked up, brow wrinkled from long hours at the desk and wandering up and down the halls of the prison. His beard bristled as he processed the information.
“So you want us to take in yet another psychopath?”
“Well. Given your prison's work with other criminals of this uh...caliber, we were hoping you could get him to calm down, too.”
“That's not my work you know.” A small smile crossed the warden's beard. “It's all due to my little girl.”
“Oh come off it, I'm on b
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Mature content
Opinions and Assholes :iconjpg816:JPG816 2 4
Legend of the Winged Knight Ch. 16 (BTACDragons)
Chapter 16: Questioning
No matter how glorious the victory in a war, the clean-up was always something to dread. And the battle of D'issan was no different.
Many were wounded, injured, or dead, thanks in no small part to the tar beast, but also by the hands of man and dragon alike. Corpses charred to a crisp, riddled with arrows, pierced with spears which lay broken at another corpse's side.
And whether it was a small fishing and farming village like Kriss, or a bustling center of civilization like D'issan, the Word of Daama was clear – the dead were to be sent off with dignity, no matter friend or foe.
And so, as Kari deposited the drunken orc in their room for the night, the angel stepped out of the room and shut the door quietly behind her, clad only in a simple, ragged tunic. She then left her companion in the efforts to build the bonfire through the night, helping carry the lumber to the ginormous pile in the center of the city square alongside the other drow and some of Cap
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Dirty Deeds Done Cheap
$10.00 or 1000 points for a story of up to 500 words.
$7.50 per 500 words on top of that, rounded up.

I reserve the right to charge extra for:
- obscene/adult content ($12.00/$8.50)
- anything where I need to research the lore in a significant amount of depth (negotiable - may drop price if you simply provide me the research I will need)

Please ask if there are any questions - I check my dA inbox frequently.
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Rereading ch. 16 and 17 of Winged Knight to iron out kinks...thinking I might need to rework them. I think I may have really rushed the romance in my eagerness. :/

FML. So mad at myself. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.


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