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Celebrating 100k hits - Part 2

By JPG24
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Update: I restructed the face and snout to better fit, hopfully everyone will like this one better! The original can be found at [link]


Celebrating 100,000 hits Part 2

Well it looks like my catgirl went over rather well, though I forgot that my fan base is split between wild anthro beasts (cats, ect) and domestic farm like animals (cows, pigs, ect). As a result, I got quite a few complaints and I felt like I was leaving some of my fans, at the request of about a dozen people, I am here to present another morph (same model) in celebration of my 100K hits. Enjoy!

- Please click on the image for the best view-

Model Info: (please forgive me Natalie)
Natalie Paquette
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Awesome snout!!!
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Hey! Snout and ears seem to fit her ;) Really lovable job!
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best pig girl thing ive seen :)
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Really great morph.
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That is great!! I love it!!!
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Thank you! I'm happy that you like it so much! :)
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Her neck to the right looks weird.
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Hmmm...I didn't notice. It's not something I least I don't think it is. I'll see about adjusting it in the new version.

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Glad if was a help ^^,
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nice! and, it is better!
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your welcomes
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Heh, didn't see anything wrong with the original but this looks great too :)
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I had a lot of complaints about the nose and the lower lip. The original is in the scrap bin if you like.
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Hmmm... That wasn't what I expected you to do, but I'd have to say that it works nonetheless. It's made her expression look more mild and inviting. Thanks again for considering my suggestions.
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Oh? What did you have in mind? *S*

Well, in either case, I'm glad that you like it and I do take criticism seriously. It helps me get better and makes people happy all around. ^_^
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I suppose I was expecting you enlarge the nose a little and melt it into the upper lip, whereas you seem to have just eliminated the upper lip altogether. However, don't take this as disappointment; it looks great. (Did you also compress the face horizantally?) Thanks again, Jen.
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I could have gone that route...though, I wanted to avoid making her nose look to big. I'm really trying to keep the human here...though, I'm not sure how I did with changing her upper lip. Still, I think it looks good for the most part. ^_^
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Thanks i'll go take a look at it :aww:
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Awesomesauce! :8)
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It works great.
once again, good job.

By the way : Cats will take control of the whole world !!
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