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Care to Join Me? -Pig-

By JPG24
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Caption: "Come with me and let me show you a new world!" (Or do you have a better caption?)

As crazy as this may sound...this morph was done on a challenge (dare) Yeah, I was easily lured into this one...but, the model is very pretty and I haven't been challenged like this before (especially by a model)...and with me being in a morphing mood (yes still working on the wolf) I decided to put this together. To be honest, I think it came out very well! I'll have to use this model again...hopefully she'll challenge me. ;)

Note: You know what? After looking this over, I keep hearing the song 'take on me' by A-Ha...I think it fits. ^_^

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Model Info:
Neriah-stock [link]
Original: [link]
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would love to jo-oink-n you
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actually yes I WOULD like to join you as 1 of you :)
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Yes.......I'll be your boar!!!!
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watched an episode of Dr Who where the Daleks were changing low intelligence humans into human pig slaves in 1930s NYC...I envied them
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I find the outreaching hand distracting.
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I would accept her invitation gladly! Does she mean I would become a pig also? :)
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Yes, I'll join you... As long as i get ears like that!!
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how do you do this
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Noticed I never left a comment on this but...

I'd definitely love to join her. :D

The nose and ears are so awesome! It looks so life-like!
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*blushes* thank you...that's what I was working toward!
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Wonderful ... :thumb79553466:
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Wow, that's some thumb you have! :)
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This is just incredibly well-done.
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I'm glad you think so! Thank you! :)
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I now see why orcs are supposed to be pig-like.... this girl reminds me of a pretty female orc! :3
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*L* True...though, you don't see too many pretty orcs around. ^_^
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Heh... She can take on ME anytime. ^^

Great Pic!
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