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Gero, the third moon of Demen by JPBeaubien Gero, the third moon of Demen by JPBeaubien
A nice little surface map of Gero. The lava was difficult to render. The full orbital map is here…
space-commander Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, I thought a volcanic moon would be more likely to be the closest moon.  What's the rationale for this one?
JPBeaubien Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Professional Artist
Good observation. Most volcanic moons are a result of gravitational forces from a gas giant. In this case even if the moon was close to Demen, the gravimetric forces wouldn't be enough to cause that amount of volcanism alone. This means that Gero must have an active hot metallic core, but one not heavy enough to break free of Demen's gravity. That also would not be enough to explain the hyper volcanism of the moon leaving two other factors. One is that the second moon Valde generates an anomalous magnetic field that keeps Gero trapped in orbit (Amo in turn keeps Valde locked in a binary orbit sort of like a rock paper scissors for moons). The only other factor would be human intervention as there were once extensive mines on Gero (emphasis on once) and considering that Demen use to be more earth like, well I don't see why they would have been careful with Gero.
To be perfectly honest though this was a map I made years ago in college before I was aware of hyper realistic solar system modeling software. The moons were designed more for symbolism than anything else as each moon represents one of the main ideologies/factions on Demen. Gero is symbolic of the Freedom Fighters faction on Demen. Basically they were both exploited and their exploitation results in violent eruption that wreaks any semblance of civilization.
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