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SIgnature text tutorial

I made this because At the void a lot of people have been asking for a tutorial on text. If you don't like the way i laid this out, then please feel free to keep it to yourself. This is like my 3rd version of it, because i have been racking my brain to figure out a good way to show people the basics of text.

If you did liek it though feel free to check out the rest of my work at:

This is just my account I made for tutorials.
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Jack-GFX's avatar
May I post this on a forum to help my friend out?
LeonardoNightingale's avatar
Jack-GFX's avatar
Great read! I have recently start putting text over text after looking at your Aeon Flux tutorial! Favourited!
CalebButcher's avatar
Is it alright if I post this guide in a forum I mod? You would get full credit I just find this to be an amazing guide in terms of how to use text well!
CloakedObserver's avatar
wow! i was just looking for this kind of tutorial. helped a lot. thx!
CamperDesigns's avatar
This helped so much... I think i owe u million dollar bill man! :D
FancyPants431's avatar
thanks, this is awesome! i've been wondering how people make their text look so amazing and now i finally know :D
Bennzxc's avatar
Thank you so much, I've always used the Overlay options, but now I don't xD
FalconZX's avatar
great tuto, helped me with very little problems I had with my fonts, fav ;p
jwajcosmo's avatar
Great tutorial I posted it Ikariam Boards Us and gave you full credit. This tutorial will really help our newer artists :D
joozeppi's avatar
u made me orgasm
YoukaiShadowClaw's avatar
great work helped me a lot, nice dude
super good man this is great!
Szpaj's avatar
Great tut :D

Hyourinmaru7's avatar
thanks for the tut it helped me out alot :D
TheInv4sion's avatar
for the bicham can U gimme a link?
Thanks!I had difficulties with texts but now they are all gone.
DEV666IL's avatar
thanks a lot m8 for the fabulous tut
fireballw360's avatar
thank you so much! ive been struggling with text for a while, and this tut really helped me alot.
Xynyx's avatar
What font did you use to type example?
I have been struggling with text on my sigs for a long time and this tut has helped immensly....big thanks :)
WhiskySK's avatar
The best PS tutorial i've ever heard. Most helpful tutorial of all time. Dude, i was looking for something like this for a veeeery long time. I will be thankful for this till end of my life.
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