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It was not long ago when Tuminio traveled to Howahkan with Margo and his plan failed because of the bastard, Otsoko. Day after day, he imagined the glory and excitement if he had killed Powaqa; the vicious pack would disappear and Na”em could expand its borders. But also, the hatred grew in him as he imagined these fantasies. Powaqa was still alive, since Margo came back safe and untouched, and the red wolf needed to do something about it. 

It was dusk when he left the Na”em border and rushed to Howahkan. The drumming beat from his paws hitting the ground, the rustling of the meadow, and the exhaling breath rang out in the silent darkness. When he arrived at the pack site, he panted and gazed down to see a few pack members mingling with each other. Tuminio, not caring if he was spotted, walked slowly to spot the leader. He actually wished that he would be spotted.


What is this..Na"emmai..doing here? 
Powaqa's furiously red eyes glinted in the low light of the moon as she watched the red and silver accented male move through Howahkan territory with obvious intent, seemingly heading toward a small group of Howahkans that was some distance away
She was not with that group. 
No, in fact she'd been watching him for a short time, her dark pelt blending with the infinite shadows cast by the pine forest that surrounded them. She had ensured she was downwind of the male, her scent being carried away from him by the soft humid breeze. There was a determination in the way this male wolf carried himself. Determination and tension. Aggression. Her lips pulled back, teeth exposed to the warm night air as her hackles bristled. How dare he intrude on the pack territory! She was done watching from the shadows.

"What are you doing?" The Naat'aanii snarled out as she stepped out from between the screen of pine branches and their tightly packed needles. Her posture screamed dominance and fury. Head and tail held high, hackles bristled like porcupine quills and teeth flashing in the dim moonlight as her eyes seemed to glow in the light and sear through the inky atmosphere.


As Tuminio walked to the Howahkans nearby, he figured he would be spotted by a guard or another member before he reached there. All packs had a suitable guard and there was no doubt about it that Howahkans had plenty. It was all a surprise, however, when he heard her voice. 

"What are you doing?"

Their eyes interlocked with each other and her stern gaze sent a shiver down his spine. Those red glowing eyes screamed death and he was uncomfortable to stare into them. 

The red brute faced her -head and tail held high- and replied, "I've come to meet you....well, a gift from Na"em actually." He tried to trick her way into a fight. His victory would be the greatest present for Na"em. 


A low growl rumbled in her throat, her scowl deepening, "A gift..yet you trespassing and do not submit before my presence." The bitch scoffed, "Clearly all arrogant Na"emmai lack proper manners. This is your one warning, retreat from my lands." The tone of her voice promised she was not fooling around.


"Lack of manners?" he chuckled and looked away. Of course she didn't know. 

"Your member, Otsoko, entered our territory just to find a game and then gave me these scars. You're telling me I lack manners?" Thinking of the fight with Otsoko made his stomach turn. Tuminio was still upset he couldn't see clearly from his left eye as he did before. It made his usual routine harder and he hated himself everyday for his weakness. 

He mimicked her stance and produced a low growl. "Now I'm here to repay what he did to me."


Her growl grew louder as Tuminio assumed a more dominant posture than before, her tongue flicking out to touch upon her nose in aggravation. She did not know whether or not to believe this wolf. This enemy of Howahkan. She would have to speak to Otsoko and make ultimate judgement herself. Causing problems without her permission was an offense. However, she would not allow the enemy to come fufill his want for revenge on her own turf. 
"You mean you're here to sacrifice your life please our Spirits. Very well." without further hesitation the Naa'taanii lunged at Tuminio with her teeth bared and her parted jaws aiming for his face. She, herself, kept her chin tucked as she rushed forward, protecting her throat in that manner.


It happened so quickly that he was unable to move from her attack. He accepted her bite to his head and soon the pain. He let out a loud groan and snarl and furiously moved around to try to release her grip. His front paws constantly reached forward to push her away. This wasn't a great start.


As her teeth made contact with his head Pow let out a growl of pleasure. The tang of blood coated her tongue, but she couldn't get a good grip on his round dome. Feeling his paws batter at her chest and forelegs, the bitch jerked back and without hesitating and giving the male time to get his bearings, Powaqa rushed in again. This time she turned and angled her head to attempt to grab and sink her enlongated canines into his throat.


When she released her grip, he looked down to gather himself but felt a trail of blood slowly running down his face. Shit.

He breathed heavily and looked up to see Powaqa charging again. Her force knocked them to the ground and her teeth clasped onto his throat. Another loss. Tuminio snapped his teeth to try to latch onto any part of her face and used his long claws to scrape her from below.


She had her bite and the thrill of the fight raced through her veins, further fueling her attack. Powaqa's teeth sank through the fur, through the flesh, and hot bright red blood spurted into and past her jaws. 
As she held tight to the red male, a searing pain lanced her cheek near her jawline as his teeth caught and shredded the skin and flesh there. This only fueled her fury, causing her teeth to sink in deeper.


Her power was too strong for him; she was squeezing blood out from his body and all he was able to do was to scrape a piece of her cheek. As Powaqa’s fangs dug deeper, the brute felt the squirt of blood splatter out and he began to taste it deep in his throat. He relaxed from biting any more of her and focused on the blood that was gushing out from his mouth. 

Tuminio choked as he tried his best to gasp for air. His hazel eyes stared straight at the starry sky above and wished she would release him from the pain.


With her tight hold on his throat, Pow continued to bear down on the male. Blood continued to pump out and squirt her face with each beat of his heart, and she knew she'd severed the jugular. His death would come in less than a couple of minutes now, at most. The bitch released her hold and stepped back, blood dripping from her mouth and face, and glared down at the Na"emmai. 
"Thank you for your gift." She said, her deeply reddened maw widening in a grin.


The release of her fangs made it worse. Blood flowed out faster and he began to cough furiously. This is it. 

Using his last energy, he turned on his right side and tried to get up, but his legs didn’t have enough power. ”I-I’m not de-ad y-yet, you p-prick.” he spat out and eyed Powaqa. ”F-fight me until I-I’m dead you sh-shit.”


Powaqa laughed deeply, her hind end lowering in a sit while her volcanic eyes bored into him.
"There is no fight left in you. I'd be chewing on a technical corpse. Say hello to the Spirits for me." The Naat'aanii then stood again and moved around to grab the still barely alive wolf by one hind leg. Holding him firmly in her grip, the bitch dragged him deeper into Howahkan territory, the two wolves disappearing into the endless shadows of the night.

I don't usually ask for help, but I'm in need of financial help so my 'boyfriend can visit me. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and it would make my day (actually my life) if he can come! It's urgent because I need to secure the flight / hotel room ASAP.  

Any financial support is welcomed, preferably USD (paypal). The payment is all negotiable, meaning instead of me posting the price, we can talk it out. If you are interested and can help me in any way, please note me and I would love to get started with you!

Here are some examples of my artworks. The last two are my old ones (zoom in please): 

If you can share this to other people, that would be great. :) Thank you!
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1. OC's Name: 

Tuminio Reference *DECEASED* by JPAkita

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag people to do this meme!
1.What is your name ?


2.Do you know why you were named that ?

"No idea. Although, I am not surprised with this unusual name because it runs in the family."

3. Are you single or taken ?


4. Any Abilities or powers ?
"Although I do not agree, others say I have the ability to have a short-temper." -chuckles-

6. What is your eye colour ?

"Hazel, like my mother."

7. How about your hair color ?

"Brown with a hint of red hue."

8. Have you got any family members ?

"Yes, the lovely Aria and Nakotne. Love them both."

9. oh ? How about pets ?

-frowns- "What?"

10. That's cool , I guess. Now tell me something you don't like?

"Swimming. I loathe it."

11. Do you have any activities/ Hobbies you like to do ?

"I enjoy waking up early to see the sunrise or sitting at the top of the hill to see the sunset. Simply beautiful."

12. Have you hurt anyone in anyway before ?

"I have had many fights before, so yes." -smiles-

13. Ever..Killed anyone before ?

"Not yet."

14. What kind of animal are you ?

"...Wolf, what else would I be?"

15. Name your worst habits?

"Possibly eating too much than what I need to consume."

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

"My parents and Coven."

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual ?
"I do not know what those are, but I find females attractive."

18. Do you go to school ?

-tilts head-

19. Ever wanna get married and have kids ?

"Of course, but I have to find my perfect partner first."

20. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys?


21. What are you most afraid of?

"Swimming in deep waters."

22. What do you usually wear?

"...I am guessing my fur? Although, if I find a bear, I would like to wear its fur."

23. What's one food that tempts you ?

"Anything. I will eat everything." -wags tail-

24. Am I annoying you?

"I need to be yes."

25. Well, it's not over yet!

26. What class are you? Low class, Middle class, or High class?

"...Ask me decent questions at least."

27. How many friends do you have?

"A few, but it is none of your business."

28. Any thoughts on pie?


30. Favorite drink?
"Is there anything else than water?"

31.What's your favorite place?
"Anywhere silent."

32. Are you interested in anyone?

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? 

o_o -stares-

34. Would you rather swim in a ocean or a lake?


35. What's your type?

"Someone caring and down to earth."

36. Any fetishes?
"Pale eyes."

37. Camping or indoors?


38. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end?
-starts to walk away-

I don't know if you guys got tagged, but...
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Hello guys,
Once again my studies has started so I won't be able to draw / respond so quickly as I did recently. I'll try my best to check my notifications every day so if you guys wanted to talk, feel free to do so! RPs/drawings will be on hold :C Sorry!!

<3 JP
We lost another idol this year...
Rest in peace Carrie Fisher </3

Fuck 2016.

The stars above flickered in the dark as Tuminio walked through the field. His eyes were focused on every corner and space around his surroundings. The pitch black environment meant that there was more danger, and he wouldn’t let anything go near his pack. It was his duty to keep them safe as much as possible. 

Tuminio’s border patrol task continued everyday. He always heard the chirping of the crickets, barking of a packmate, and rustling of prey, but tonight was different. The noise sounded similar to a wolf, but quite different from the usual rhythm. 

He raised his tail and stood tall with his ears toward the sound. Who could be walking around this late? he wondered. 
[WoLF] Sulien-Relationship/RP track by IceIsland

The she-wolf watched to the den, Sulien was distressed, she couldn't sleep! It was already late but she was fully awake, trying to stay quiet and not bother anyone of the pack. Going outside for a little, with lowered ears she looked at the sky, it was bright due to the moon but well, it was still night and..dark. 
She wondered if her family was okay..." of course they are! " shaked gingerly the head, throwing away any bad thoughts. 
She decided to go explore the lands, somehow blindly in the night. It wasn't the best decision to be taken but she wanted to do something, she needed to.
After walking for reasonable time she stopped, sniffing to the air, hopeful that she wasn't far from the main den...

Her ears tilted, Sulien trembled, had she heard something?great. Of course walking at night was an horrible idea, what she was doing there?
The small she wolf lay down, now hidden by the high grass- aha, being small wasn't so bad. - she observed carefully the place.
"Ugh." The female couldn't keep her mouth when she spotted a tall silhouette, not too far. She just hoped that it was a pack mate...

The scent was fairly close. He approached slowly to get a better smell but froze when he noticed it was some type of canine. A predator? Loner? Scavenger? Whoever it may be, it entered Na”em territory. He needed more information. 

Tuminio continued to stand tall and without hesitation, called out, “You there! Show yourself.” 
[WoLF] Sulien-Relationship/RP track by IceIsland

She had nowhere to run. Whoever it was, it saw her, and didn't seem amused with her presence. Sulien stood up slowly, though the grass still covered almost all her little fox-like body.
With her head out of the grass, she blinked frantically at the stranger. What to do? The figure was nearly next to her, she couldn't do anything but say something.
"...I-I" the fine voice was trembling, almost mute in fear- the shadow seemed now to be twice her height. Why all things and animals were giant in that place!!?

He noticed her small figure and her trembling voice. Was it a pup? can't be. She's too big for that age. was all he wondered. 

Although he despised outsiders, she didn't seem to have any threat or look like one. He lowered his head so that he could see her clearly in the dark. "What is your business here?"
[WoLF] Sulien-Relationship/RP track by IceIsland

Sulien wasn't even calmer with the stranger's question, but now that he approached she could see it was a wolf. Less bad.
...or not.
With the golden eyes shining at him, due to moon's light, she gasped. "I'm not meant to be a threat, Sir.." said uncertain to the stranger. Was she too far from the Mender's den? oh well!!It wasn't really something she had planned, honestly. How long had she walked?

Taking a step back she blinked twice before giving a reasonable explanation, "I was just doing a night walk" said sincerely, with low ears.

“I assume you are not. Do you have a pack and a name?” His hazel eyes looked down at the wolf. He figured his size scared her even more, so he sat down on the tall grass and waited for her response. While he waited, he pondered, Hm.. Night walk for a small wolf. She has to be a traveler, spy, or a mender of some sort. Best to not share much information with this one.
[WoLF] Sulien-Relationship/RP track by IceIsland

"Sulien, from Onni pack." Answered simply, as the male sat down. She continued standing- if she sat down she probably would disappear in the tall grass and didn't want to cause discomfort to the stranger, imagine how difficult it would be to talk to a stranger you can't even see ...

At that moment she felt a twinge of pain in her hurt leg.

"ack" whispered, and realized how wrong was her decision to walk so much.Sulien hoped it wasn't getting worse...she had been resting the leg a lot in the past few weeks, it'd be awful not to recover.
Worried she looked at her leg. If the mender Ahote knew that she forced her leg that wouldn't be cool...

He noticed her wince at the direction of her leg. "Are you injured?"He asked in a calm yet deep tone. Wolves of Na"em accepted everyone, especially if he/she was injured. Tuminio couldn't allow Sulien to be left untreated. "If it is necessary, I can bring you to a healer."

Now it was deeper in the night and silent. He looked around for any danger and figured a small wolf will not be suitable in the dark at this location. Lone wolves and coyotes roamed close by. 

"Actually...It would be best to head back to camp, it is too dangerous for you here. Why don't you stay with us? Possibly for the rest the night so you can head back to your pack as soon as possible."
[WoLF] Sulien-Relationship/RP track by IceIsland

"Oh, nonono it's ok, Sir!" Replied quickly. My leg hurts if I walk too much, it's my fault, I'm an airhead...I got lost in thoughts."
She appreciated his worry but she wasn't that bad, and the pain was her fault because she walked too much when she should stay resting, it meant no reasons for ..the wolf to worry about. Sulien blinked frantically. That night walking wasn't making her calmer. 

About the request to stay there, Sulien felt bad, the wolf was right, she could not deny that it was late and dangerous for her to get back alone, what she had in mind when she went for a walking? ?
"I'm not sure...Could you tell me where I am, Sir?"
The female shrugged, lost. Somehow she felt that no one would miss her..?Her family was too far away from there, she was a bit new to Onni and had few acquaintances, but still, it wasn't right, she had no idea of were she was in that ''Lunar Forest''?talking to a stranger? And at night!

”You are in the territories of Na”em. We welcome everyone who stumble into our territory, so do not fret.” depends. He responded in a fatherly-like tone. Then, he had remembered that she was from another pack named Onni, which he had heard little about. Possibly she can help me with more information about the might be useful in the future. 

”But, before I bring you in,” he cut off, ”I need to know what you do in Onni and if there are any plans against our pack.” He knew that a spy would respond with a lie so he added, ”better to tell the truth…” he huffed. 

[WoLF] Sulien-Relationship/RP track by IceIsland
Sulien froze in fear with his last words, that hit her as a rock. She would not lie! but..she should trust on him...? Why she was still there after all? Well she had no answers for her questions but running or trying to get back now would be even more dangerous, he was twice her height!! Better to make a friend than an enemy, her mother always said, she just hoped that he trusted her..

"I'm hoping to be mender someday, for now I'm just new to the pack itself, Sir." replied politely, lowering the ears and tail in submission. She would stop talking but couldn't, it was not an attempt to sound dramatic, she was simply tired of that day, "I have no reasons to lie, I just found out I'm really far from my actual home, and I was walking to clear my mind tonight, I came here totally out of my intentions, and I actually would get back if I wasn't vulnerable."
Finishing she glared at the tall wolf seriously-if the dark night allowed him to see it- she told everything, if he didn't trust her, she'd need some luck now. 

Her straight forward answer prompted Tuminio to head back to camp. He stood up and walked a few spaces until he glanced back, ”You stay put here, I have to ask permission to bring you into our camp. If anyone asks about you, tell them that Tuminio has allowed you to stay here.” Then, in a hurry, Tuminio disappeared in the darkness. 

He slowed down the pace when he approached the busy campsite, not wanting any attention to where he was or why he was running. He headed to the medicine wolf’s home when all of a sudden he heard voices talk about a “war”. He stopped to listen and faced the other way so he would not be seen suspicious. ”War against the Howahkan and the Onni pack is upon us. Better to start preparing as soon as possible.”

Tuminio ran back hastily to the meadow, worried that Sulien could have been captured. He followed her scent and saw that she remained hidden in the tall grass. ”You must go back to your pack as soon as possible,” he paused for a gasp of air, ”a war has been declared between your pack and mine. I’ll show you a hidden den closeby to where you can hide until dawn. When the sun rises, you must head back. Now follow me.” He didn’t wait for an answer and went in the direction to his old den where he lived for a few nights. It was located at a secluded area in the forest and hidden within the thick tree trunks. 
[WoLF] Sulien-Relationship/RP track by IceIsland
When he leaved, Sulien lay down on the ground, hidding on the grass to not stay vulnerable. She felt sometimes a faint twinge of pain in her leg, but nothing that could keep her from running if needed. She wondered if the male was really asking for permisssion or...if... blinking frantically she kicked the thoughts. 
She caught the wolf's smell when he got back and stood up slowly, to be sure he was still alone.

He seemed nervous and talked fast. Before she could ask why he explained that a war was declared between their packs. "war?!" Sulien blinked in stress, it was just awful, when it happened? while she was out? Before thinking more, in silence she followed him, sligthly limping, at the said safe den. 
Upon arriving the place, before entering the den, SUlien turned back at the tall wolf. "I'm sorry for this.. I ..." she was speechless, there was much things going on her head at that moment, she wasn't being able to form long senteces so she took a deep breath before continuing,
"Good luck. Wars aren't the right way to resolve things, honestly. But we know it's better to stay on our own pack's side for now." she sighed, looking at the ground. "...thank you for keeping me alive." said sincerely, before entering the cave. 

Very early in the following day Sulien went back to Onni and had everything confirmed, the war was really going between the packs, and they had the pack Howahkan as allies. She looked at the void of the tress, in hopes that things didn't get too much worse, and that someday she could return the Na"emmai's favor somehow.

This seems fun! Thanks lilwyverngirl for tagging me!

  • Delve into the 1 character you were tagged into by answering the questions below. Each section must contain at least 200 words to count for the challenge.
  • Once finished, tag other players, choosing 1 character you would like to learn more about!
  • Tag backs are allowed! You must choose a character that hasn't been delved into yet.
  • Have fun thinking outside the box!
Tuminio Reference *DECEASED* by JPAkita

What went into the character’s design and why? Be specific.
I wanted to create a wolf based on my favorite video game character, Haytham Kenway (from Assassin's Creed III). I just love Haytham's personality, voice, and appearance so much I couldn't resist making Tuminio off of him.  

Initially, I wanted Tuminio to be a shade of blue because of Haytham's coat colors, but I guess the reddish brown color stuck with me. He went through A LOT of design/color changes and it actually started out with just dark brown, white, and pink for his scars. Then, I bought a character design that was really complex and it didn't seem to fit Haytham's personality. I tested out the colors here and there and I finally got three colors I really liked and here he is. 

As for the design, I wanted him to look as realistic as possible and since I'm a pretty lazy person, I was looking for a simple, yet interesting design. I referenced some wolf designs from pictures and it really just started from there. I wish I put more color gradations to make him more interesting, but I'm just too lazy. x.x 

Tuminio's fur is actually wavy because boys with wavy hair are very attractive >uo (in my case). I also wanted him to look very macho so I bulked him up and made his fur very fluffy. 

If I could change one thing about his design, it'll probably be his eye color. Although hazel is unique, I would like him to have piercing blue eyes ;0;

Recount some of the important parts of their history. What are your feelings about their history up to this point? Think “Director’s Cut.”
I had Tuminio since December 4, 2011 (from the date of submission) so a lot of his history has changed. As to what inspired me to write his history for WoLF, I wanted to make his life very miserable so he could be very grumpy all the time (I'm a horrible person). He lost his parents and siblings at a young age, pack mates all passed away or left the pack, and the pack site was so gloomy and depressing. He didn't have a good life in the past and he just wants to be loved again by anyone. 

With his negative attitude, I wanted him to be in Howahkan but there's a bit of good in Tuminio so I decided that Na"em was a good fit for him. He's not as nice as other Na"em members, but deep inside he really cares so don't take him seriously. >uo

I try my best to let anyone who is interested to play characters from Tuminio's life. Right now he has two biological sisters and one step sister so there's a lot of sisters in his life xD. If anyone is interested to play either his brother, old pack mate/friend, enemy, or whoever, feel free to ask me!

What does the future hold for your character? Throw out some speculation or plot ideas without giving away the entire goose. ;3

I don't have anything planned for him, I just want to see how it naturally goes. I know I want him to have a lover and pups in his life so maybe that's a possibility? I don't want to push anything or anyone so there's no need to rush. but imagine little pups running around omfg that'll be so cute.

Tuminio is open for RPs if anyone wants to. Right now, he's part of two RPs that can possibly change/develop his attitude/personality. Maybe a lover or enemy?? You'll just have to wait and see >uo. Hopefully that won't be too far ahead. He also needs more friends/enemies, so it'll be great if your character is older so he/she can be a mentor or younger so Tuminio can be like a father or a brother figure.

I'm more interested to do a drawing collab than a writing RP. There's one in progress so if anyone wants to do one, feel free to contact me! Here are some ideas that will be fun to do in a collab: 
-any scenery based (focus on the background and not on the characters)
-fall themed
-discovering something
basically anything xD

How does it feel to really delve into a character? I hope you enjoyed reading about my character! Now it’s your turn. Delve into a character of your own and tag some friends!

I seriously don't know who got tagged so I'll say anyone who didn't get tagged! Feel free to do it! :) 

It was another bright day in Na”em - the sun shined right about Tuminio and there were no signs of clouds in the sky. He walked around the meadow to observe the territory, as he always did during this time. But all of a sudden, there was a rustling closeby and he lowered his body to the ground. Two creatures who stood on their hind legs were carrying a body. A body of a large wolf with their paws. The two settled the canine in the middle of the meadow and disappeared into the trees. 

Who are they…, Tuminio wondered. 

When the noise settled, he peaked his head out of the grass and focused on the wolf lying yonder. He surveyed the area but there was just silence. He proceeded forward until he could clearly see the canine...sleeping? 

He let out a soft bark to stimulate her reaction, but there was nothing. He inched closer to sniff the body, wondering if it may be dead. The brown canine was obviously larger than him and he wondered if it could be an enemy. 

“Wake up.” Tuminio whispered harshly. 

The faint silhouettes of steel buildings menacingly loomed over Sinclaire´s presence. The neon lights of the city shining through the thick smog and engulfing her as the she-wolf struggled to move. But something felt utterly odd. The air smelled different. It was fresh and light, almost as if she was...not in the city?

“Wake up.”

A unfamiliar scent invaded the radar of her sensitive sense of smell, followed by a whisper which Sin was able to hear despite her condition. It caused the chocolate-hued female to stir slightly on the soft ground as she slowly regained consciousness. She should be alarmed by the fact that a stranger was close by considering the state she was in but her mind was still foggy and uncollected for her to properly react. "W-was?" The she-wolf murmured with a hoarsely voice before opening one of her eye-lids, revealing a jade hue.

The view was heavily blurred and dipped in bright sun light. Her vision begun to gradually sharpen after a couple of moments though and the sight became clearer. A purple patch in front of her took shape, her tired eye immediately fixated on it. A violet?

Suddenly it hit her like a brick wall and both of her eyes shot wide open. She instantly swung her head into the air and released a loud bark. "Equinox!"

No answer.

Sinclaire franctically looked around but only saw an endless plain of vegetation. It took her a short while until she finally faced the stranger wolf who was most likely the individual who had woken the she-wolf up from her unintended slumber. The mutli-pigmented carnivore tried to lift her torso up from the grass and she managed but her hind-legs still remained limply on the ground.

A stern yet concerned frown appeared on her face while she stared at the double-hued male. "Who...who are you? Where´s my pack a-and w-where´s the city!?" She required to know, even though Sin kinda knew in the back of her head that the unfamiliar brute could probably not answer her last questions. 

He noticed her wake up and he firmly stood still. He observed her actions, whether she might attack or be kind. 

"Who...who are you? Where´s my pack a-and w-where´s the city!?"

She has no idea where she is. She’s new. 

”I am Tuminio of the Na”em pack. You are on our territory. I do not know where your pack or what the ‘city’ even is.” He frowned his brows and stared into her eyes. “Are you an enemy?” He gripped his paws on the soil. 

While Sinclaire awaited the male´s response, her expression remained serious and her tufted ears were attentively perked. What in the world had happened to all of them?

”I am Tuminio of the Na”em pack. You are on our territory. I do not know where your pack or what the ‘city’ even is.” 

The she-wolf´s eye-brows rose in a perplexed manner. "Na"em...?" She repeated in a much calmer tone than before and then let her gaze wander over the vast plain. Disbelief was seen in her jade eyes as she seeked for the towers of steel but there was only the tranquil presence of mountains and vegetation. She must be far away from the humans´ dominion it seemed. 
No wonder he doesn´t know about the city. He won´t be much of use then...

“Are you an enemy?”

The female was ripped out from her thoughts by the brute´s question and turned her head around again in order to face the wine-pelted wolf who called himself Tuminio. 

"Naja (Well) as long as you behave, I wont be..." She merely replied in a neutral tone, indicating no sign of hostility in her voice despite her probably bizarre appearance. Besides, she wasn´t much enemy-material in her current condition to begin with.

"Tuminio was it, right? So the whole place here belongs to your...Na"em pack. Where exactly is your pack right now?"There was a faint trace of hope visible in her almond-shaped eyes as she asked. Maybe her comrades had seeked refugee in this pack? It´s not assured but still it might be possible.

Tuminio relaxed a little bit as her responses seemed to have no threat. 

"Tuminio was it, right? So the whole place here belongs to your...Na"em pack. Where exactly is your pack right now?"

“Different packs share the large area here. We, the Na”em, occupy the mountains in the summertime and follow the river down in the wintertime.” He stopped for a moment, thinking that he revealed too much information to the stranger. He thought of what he was going to say and continued on, “The pack is currently busy. Say, are you acquaintances with the creatures that dropped you here? The ones who stand on their hind legs.” 

He changed to another topic so that he wouldn’t have to reveal much of the pack, but he was curious to know what those creatures were. Who are they? Why did they stand on their hind legs? Are they a threat? 

They disappeared into the trees a while ago. They might be close, Tuminio thought. Being suspicious, he looked at the forest to the right and kept surveying the area. 

Different packs? Sinclaire repeated in her mind while both of her eyes widened a bit for a moment when Tuminio spoke. Why did this detail concern her so much? 

“The pack is currently busy.”

The multi-hued female surpressed a frown by the male´s brief response. He´s not naive, that´s for sure. Verdammt, Junge (Damn it, boy). 
She doubted that the Na"em wolf would take her to his pack so easily. Sinclaire squinted her eyes a bit and observed the male in front of her more carefully. 

He looks rather well-built, with muscles exposed at parts of his body were the density of his fur lessened. Still, despite his buff appearance, she doubted that Tuminio was the Alpha of this Na"em pack or otherwise he wouldn´t have left the pack only to check on the borders. That would be more likely the job of a scout or guard at least.

"Say, are you acquaintances with the creatures that dropped you here? The ones who stand on their hind legs.”

Sinclaire´s ear twitched by the mentioning of those `creatures´, creating a bit more clarity over her situation. 

So it was them, she only thought grimly before facing towards the direction Tuminio was staring at.

She must be really far away from town if this wolf never even came in contact with men before. It was so surreal for Sin. The female had to deal with humans her whole life and suddenly she landed in a `safe heaven´ were their inhabitants didn´t even know about men´s existence?
Her encounter with Tuminio was surely a clash of worlds.

"Oh, you mean humans?" She merely responded calmly and then glanced back at him, informing the male with the species´ correct term. An idea suddenly popped into her mind. Tuminio´s lack of knowledge about them might just come in handy for the she-wolf.

"Well, more or less. Then again, who isn´t, right? "

His head shot back to see the female when she clarified the name of the mysterious creatures. Humans. Those words repeated in his head. What a strange name.

WIth her knowledge about these “humans”, she must have encountered them or been close. "Well, more or less. Then again, who isn´t, right? Tuminio couldn’t respond to that, so he kept quiet. He never encountered them even though he was born in the Sanctuary. He started to see “humans” more and more as he joined Na”em.

“What is your name?” He immediately changed the topic. He couldn’t keep her here for long. Personally, he would’ve sent her away, but because of the pack rules and traditions, it was necessary to accept all newcomers. He needed more information from her first before he could lead her to the pack site. 

It went silent for a moment after Sinclaire gave a brief introduction of human kind to the other wolf. She kinda expected a dumbfounded reaction from the male yet she hoped that his curiousity would get the better of him eventually.

“What is your name?” 

"It´s Sinclaire" The chocolate-tinted female replied without much hesitation. She doubted that her title would be known around these lands so she didn´t worry much about revealing her identitiy to Tuminio.

"You know, if you´re interested, I could tell you a bit more about those humans..." She offered to the Na"em wolf while she viewed the mountain peaks with a nonchalant expression.
"...that means, if you´re willing to guide me to your pack in exchange." Sin added before glancing back to the double-shaded, a faint glint visible in her jade eyes.

"Come on Junge (boy), deal?"

To be honest, it wasn’t a bad deal at all. He could know more about the humans and she could possibly be a member of the pack. He sat down and continued to look at Sinclaire. “Hmm” , he lifted his left brow. “You have a deal. Now follow me.” He began to lead her to the pack site, even though he sat down for a quick second. He looked back to face her after a long silence between them, “Our pack’s traditions and rituals are quite difficult to understand for a newcomer. You will not be accepted unless you have found your Song and you should speak to Coven about your stay. Once you have settled down, we can continue about the humans.” He gave a quick rare smile and faced forward. 

It has been a strange day - discovering the humans and finding Sinclaire, who could possibly be a future packmate. He was not used to this kind of encounter, but he just has to get used to it. He enjoyed meeting new packmates in a way, even if it may intimidate the other. 

They continued on, walking through the long meadow that will soon lead to the Na”em territory. 

“You have a deal. Now follow me.” 

Feeling victorious after hearing Tuminion´s aggreement, Sinclaire rose fully from the lush ground with newly gained strength and shook the shreds of plants off her chocolate fur. She then gave the lad a small nod before volunteerily walking after him. The foreign female was still a bit worn out and her gait was slightly slower because of it but she would recover soon.

Sin´s tufted ears perked forward when the Na"em wolf started to inform her a bit more about his pack. From what she understood, a wolf entitled as Coven must be the clan´s leader. However, she found herself a bit confused by the mentioning of `her song´.
"Um, sure" Sinclaire simply replied to the male, replicating his quick smile even if it came off as somewhat half-hearted.

The she-wolf was lost in thoughts during the rest of their hike, thus she remained quite silent among Tuminio´s presence but there were so many things right now Sin had to process in her mind. Especially the sudden disappearance of her followers and mate were beating her up. Her desire to see them was big and she desperately clinged onto the hope that they might be somewhere within these packs. 

However, the tri-shaded female exposed nothing of her inner turmoil and let her emerald-eyes wander over the vast landscape. 

Mh...the safe heaven of wolves. Wie träumerisch (How surreal) 

The sun was high up in the sky, beaming down a heat so unbearable to Tuminio. His dense fur was no match in the summertime. He wished to lay down in the shade to rest for the evening, but his stomach needed food. He was in no mood to get up but he had to in order to settle the noise his stomach was making. With a loud groan, he got up on his fours and walked through the woods, searching for any meal.

A few spaces away, he saw a rabbit wandering around. He laid low - his eye lined directly with the rodent and his chest almost touching the ground. The prey would stop at times to perk its ears up and look around its surroundings, but would continue hopping around right afterwards. An easy kill , Tuminio smirked at his thought and proceeded forwards, but also cautious so that he wouldn’t alert the prey. 

As he jumped for the kill, a figure bumped into his body and made them both fall to the ground. The rabbit scurried away in shock. 

WoLF:. Aria Medallion by Soyala-Silveryst

Aria was a jump to have a delicious rabbit in his mouth when suddenly something jumps out of the ground in front of him causing him to lose his chance to capture the rabbit, what was that?, when she opened her eyes noticed a large brown wolf fallen at his side. Tuminio?, she had seen him in the small group of wolves that as she had joined will Na'em a few days, she had never approached him before because he always seemed to be in a bad mood and at that time was not very happy.

"Hey, where did you come?" She says as she got up and tried to remove the dust from his body.

When looking at the field she notes that his rabbit disappeared, vegetation was quite high and find it again after that would be more difficult. "And you still managed to scare my rabbit" she said turning to Tuminio that seemed to be angry.

"What's wrong with you?". She looks at him with more serious voice. Aria had a terribly boring day, I was hungry and in his attempt to capture a rabbit who luckily appeared on his way but be overthrown by someone ruining everything destroyed your mood even more.

He got up and saw that Aria, the newcomer like himself, was the one who bumped into him. He growled low and kept his stance firm, “Your rabbit? You must be joking.” 

"What's wrong with you?"

Her response made Tuminio even angrier. He produced an even louder and lower growl, baring some parts of his teeth. “It is your fault that made the rabbit run away. It was obviously my kill. You are lucky you are in Na”em because if you were a complete stranger, I would not be hesitant to tear your neck with my fangs. You should go off and bring a kill for me.” 

Aria takes a few steps back, he is much more grumpy than she thought but did not seem willing to attack her even if he had a good reason and it made her think that he should not be a wolf completely rude and unemotional. Well she always had the curiosity to know something about him as he was the most mysterious was the pack ever seen member talking to someone, smiling and was always alone, it would be interesting to know how Tuminio really is.

"You want me to do what?" She replied angrily. "The rabbit was mine, and I will not bring anything to you".

At that moment the rabbit reappears a few meters calling the attention of the two. Aria soon saw a perfect opportunity to test Tuminio as he also seemed to be hungry and there was only a rabbit, he would be no better than she hunting, or would it be? what he might do if she challenge him for something ?. She loves competitions.

"You see that rabbit?" she says. "If you really want will have to kill him before me".

"Well... but I would not worry as you may not know to do anything except sleep under trees, right?" she says giving a slight smile competitive and rapidly moving away toward the rabbit. "See you later lazy."

Her sarcastic comment made him frown even more. He ran behind her after acknowledging about the competition. He wasn’t fast, but he kept running with strength. 

The two chased after the rabbit, as it ran frantically over and through the bushes. He could see from the corner of his eyes that Aria was running faster and he grunted. He couldn’t keep up with her but he kept going. All of a sudden, the rabbit dodged to turn the other way, but ran right into Aria. She quickly caught the prey in her mouth and walked off in pride. She gave a smile toward Tuminio.

”You were just in luck.” He huffed and walked off. 

WoLF:. Aria Medallion by Soyala-Silveryst

Tuminio was walking away, though he looked angry he was the first in many who accepted his challenge and did it without tricks or steal the hare from his mouth.

"Hey! wait!", Aria says running toward him putting the rabbit on the ground, "We can divide it", she smiles.

"I'm sorry for the challenge, you are not very good at hunting, right?" Aria asks still smiling. "So I think that's why you're in Na'em ?, you look like a wolf who prefers to live alone."

"Hey! wait!"

Tuminio looked back in confusion and stopped walking. 

"I don't do well when I'm hunting smaller prey. I do well with deer or moose." He continued, "I chose Na"em because it was a pack closer to my old pack and their views of the world seemed...interesting." He shifted his body to face her completely, "The majority of my life consisted of eating and being alone. I've had enough of the loner life and want to be acquainted with others. Just...not with haste." 

He didn't mention that his other important goals were to raise a family of his own and meet new wolves. He wanted to be loved again. 

Her kindness reminded him of his real sister, a small wolf who passed from a disease. He never got to know her since he lost her when she was young. Yet, he didn't mind having another sister again. 

WoLF:. Aria Medallion by Soyala-Silveryst

Aria to smile, it was really different from what appeared to be on the look and seemed to have gone through difficult times in his solitary life as her.

"Oh ... I understand", she looks at the rabbit in his paws with a comprehensive look.
"After the loss of my parents part of my life has also been lonely, I was lucky to find Na' em that would accept me without having the knowledge of how everything works as I've never been in a real pack." she says with sad tone.

Aria sits and watches the mountains beyond the large field.

"It's not exactly a big loving family as I imagined in my puppy times but it's better than being alone" -Smile-
"I miss those times but as the river time will always move ahead".

"Well ... I'm sorry to have challenged you and for silly questions." She gets up smiling at Tuminio.

Hearing her story made him sorry for her. She explained how she missed her family and the life of a big pack. How was Tuminio supposed to respond to that? He just looked at her in sorrow and he noticed that the rabbit was right under him. 

He tore the rodent easily and walked over to give the other half to her. ”No need to apologize. I’m fond of a good challenge...well depends what kind” He chuckled. “Silly questions? You were just getting to know me better. They’re not silly.” 

He went back over to his spot and laid down to start eating his meal. 

WoLF:. Aria Medallion by Soyala-Silveryst

Tuminio remembered his father, he was more serious but still seemed to have the same kindness in his heart.

"My parents talked the same thing to me when I was a puppy", She whispers looking up trying to stop a stubborn tear that threatened to fall.

Aria never had brothers, well...his mother has told once they were born in a very cold night but only she had survived. Aria never met them but every day felt a void in his life, without someone on your side to play, talk, protect and be protected while their parents went out to hunt.

At that moment she felt as if Tuminio was one of his brothers taken away by night.
Aria gets up and walks to Tuminio, she did not know why but all she wanted now was to be close to him and give him a big hug.

She approaches lie down beside him laying her head on the back of Tuminio

"I ... I can help you to hunt small preys if you want?"She says with a slight smile. He had a problem with small preys and she was the right to help in some way.

He was crunching on the rabbit half when Aria came over and rested her head on his back. He stopped eating and was surprised. It has been a long time since anyone has “hugged” him; the last time was from his mother. But that was long ago. He wasn’t fond of any affection from anyone, but this was different. He felt he needed to comfort and protect her, similar to how an older brother would act to his younger sister. He tried to turn his head to face her, but his head couldn’t extend that far. His brows relaxed and spoke, “You can help me with smaller prey only if I can help you hunt a big prey. That seems fair, doesn’t it?
WoLF:. Aria Medallion by Soyala-Silveryst

Aria had never hunted big preys because they were rare in his old home, their most common targets were rabbits, mountain hares and wild boars. She really needed to learn to hunt antelopes and deer to help the pack. 

"This looks great!", She smiles "where I lived had not prey very large so I would love to learn some techniques."

Aria then see his part of the rabbit and decides to eat beside of Tuminio.

"But do not think I'll make it easy for you," she says when tore one piece to eat. "I know a place with very smart rabbits." -giggles-
kai medallion RP by Encharm

Kai trotted along, purpose in his limping gait. He had to find it. He'd seen the gully near Howahkan, into which the Wraith had dragged the Scientist when they had been escaping. He had seen the beast drag Tonkwan into the darkness of the gully, and he'd seen the blood, and heard the pale wolf's cries....

The Scientist might be dead, but Kai had to be sure. He had to know the mysterious wolf's fate.

He crossed the plains towards Howahkan, splashed through the river (stifling a rush of fear that came with the memory of running, his broken leg, Lyall beside him, and the roar of the monster behind.

Following the river along, Kai retraced his steps back towards the deadly gulley. The sun was high in the sky still (thank goodness) and he'd seen neither hide nor hair of the Wraith. He hoped it stayed that way.

Splashing out of the river, Kai trotted up to the tree line. He frowned looking around. Where was that gulley?

Out of the corner of his eye he saw something--quickly the wolf turned. And then he blinked. It was another wolf, not one he had seen or scented yet, and it was coming his way. He didn't know what to do, what to say--he had to get away. The wolf scooted into the bushes...

...and fell.

He yelped as he tumbled down the gulley wall, small stones cascading around him. He landed with a thump at the bottom, and for a moment all was dark. Then he opened his eyes, moaning. The reddish wolf was at the lip of the gulley, looking down at him, saying something. But he didn't hear for a long moment.

His eyes were fixed on the pool of long dried blood between his paws.

Tuminio heard about the Wraith. This horrific beast. A murderer. He’s seen it a few times around the borderline of Na”em and Howahkan in the wintertime. Convenient enough, he was around the area (even though it’s summer) and wanted to see face-to-face with the monster. 

From afar through the bushes, he saw a figure looking around in confusion. Who might that be, he wondered. Tuminio inched closer with caution, knowing that he is entering another pack’s territory, to get a better view of the wolf. When he was close enough to see the wolf clearly, he noticed that it was slender with abundant scars. It can’t be a threat,Tuminio thought. He got out of the bushes and quickly ran toward the stranger. Maybe it knows something about the creature.

Just when he was about a few spaces from the stranger, it ran away and disappeared into the ground. The wolf let out a cry and Tuminio ran toward noise. He approached the edge of the gully and noticed that the skinny wolf was in pain. “Are you alright?” Tuminio shouted, hoping that the stranger can hear his voice. The wolf didn’t respond and was just staring at its own blood. 

Tuminio analyzed the situation. If he went in, what were the chances of both of them getting out? But if he just stayed out on the lip of the gully, how can he pull it out? God damn it.Tuminio couldn’t think of anything but to go in and help it out. He slid down carefully by going down from his side. Tuminio kept a distance from the wolf; he’s not the type to interact with strangers but if someone is in need of assistance, he can let that aside. 

Are you alright? Tuminio repeated the same question from before. 

kai medallion RP by Encharm

"Are you all right?"

This time the voice registered with him. Kai looked up. The wolf from the top of the gulley was standing before him, looking anxious. Kai staggered to his feet, shaking himself off.

"Yes," he replied quietly, his eyes traveling back to the smear of old blood. "I'm all right." The Scientist isn't....

He looked up at the new wolf, the he-wolf, and blinked. How and why was he here? This wolf smelled vaguely of the Na"emmai. Why, he shouldn't be near their Winter territory yet! Aponi had told him about how the migration worked. This wasn't right.

"Who are you--and thank you for coming to look for me--but why did you come?"

It’s a male, Tuminio thought after hearing the wolf’s voice. He was hesitant to answer his questions so he took a moment to collect his thoughts. “I have seen the Wraith roaming around the borderline. Do you know where it may be?”Tuminio wasn’t ready to answer why he was here in the summertime, he didn’t want to share a lot of information to a wolf he just met. 

“I mean no quarrel with your pack,” he added, “I just want some information. That is all.” 

Tuminio guessed that it may turn into a fight since he trespassed into another territory or this stranger can be kind enough to share some information about the Wraith. He waited for his response with a bit of fear, but stood tall.

kai medallion RP by Encharm

The other wolf's words made Kai's blood run cold. The Wraith had been sighted near Na"em?! He stifled a terrified whimper.

“I mean no quarrel with your pack,” the reddish wolf added, “I just want some information. That is all.”

He looked apprehensive, Kai thought. And if he knew anything at all about the Wraith, he was right to.

But answers...?

"To be entirely honest with you, I don't know that much, myself.... I lost all of my memories. All I know is that this beast... is... hunting me...." He shook his head, getting to his paws and nosing at the blood. "There was a wolf who knew more--but he was killed." He shook his head again, beginning to follow the trail, hesitantly. "And this is where it happened."

After hearing his words, Tuminio felt sorry for him. Losing all of his memories and now, being injured. “The beast is hunting me.” those words chilled his spine. What do I do now...he’s no help at all...But he may remember something if we ‘venture around the area, Tuminio thought. 

“This wolf you speak of. Are you certain that you saw it’s dead body? Where did the creature bring it to?”Tuminio was eager to know more. “If you know the location, we may be able to find where it rests.”

kai medallion RP by Encharm

Kai listened sadly to the other wolf's words. Yes. Yes, he was sure. He nodded in reply, and then paused at the wolf's next query. It was a good idea, but somehow, Kai felt hesitant--afraid. What would happen if he did find Tonkwan's body? For some reason, he didn't want to see it.

Where it rests...

It was his fault that Tonkwan was dead. The thought stabbed him like a set of fangs. He had essentially killed the only wolf who knew anything of his past--not only that: he'd killed a wolf.

The Scientist deserved to be laid to rest.

"Ok," he said in agreement, and, the stranger beside him, he began to follow the trail of blood down the dark gulley.

The blood grew thicker as they went further, as did the feeling of dread deep in Kai's chest. He blinked against the darkness that grew around them, and it was a long moment before he realised that they had entered the gaping mouth of a cave.

He blinked, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

When they did, he wished they hadn't.

The cave was littered with bones. Skeletons lay casually around the lair, cast around like discarded sticks. Kai's heart beat faster.

This wasn't just a cave.

They'd stumbled upon The Wraith's lair.

Fighting panic, Kai took another step forward. There was no sign of the Scientist, nor, to the wolf's confusion, fresh bones. The blood was plentiful, but the wolf--nonexistent.

"What the...?" Kai muttered, nosing around.

Tuminio observed the change in his emotions. He felt sorry for the wolf and regretted asking him those questions. 

Tuminio followed the stranger and noticed the trail of blood. He took a quick smell and could tell it wasn’t the blood of just one wolf, but many. He lifted his head back up so that he could examine the surroundings even more. 

It was getting darker as time went on and when the wolf stopped, he noticed that they ended up in a cave. The scent of blood and old bones overwhelmed him and he tried to look away. He took notice of the pool of blood a few feet away. Maybe the Wraith is in here, Tuminio pondered. 

Without a word, Tuminio crawled close to the ground and proceeded further in the cave. He tried his best to avoid stepping on the bones but couldn’t go around the pool of blood. His paws were now dripping red, but he quietly continued on.

kai medallion RP by Encharm

Slowly the realization came over him. Why the Scientist body and bones did not lie here--why there was no trace of the dead wolf within this dismal lair.

The Scientist wasn't dead.

There was a cracking noise in the depths of the cave, back where Kai could not see, where the darkness swallowed all. Something was coming down the tunnel--presumeably from another entrance. The thought made Kai's blood run cold.

"Tuminio..." He said slowly, cautiously. "I think we should go...."

He began to back away, then jolted and wheeled around, breaking into a run at an abrupt movement in the back of the cave. As he ran for the open, dodging around the blood, he risked a glance back over his shoulder.

There was an enormous shadow, shadow among shadows, moving at the back of the cave. It didn't pursue them--it simply stood, watching.

Kai didn't know what it was, and he didn't wait to find out. He turned and, Tuminio by his side, fled the cave, and up the gulley.

He hoped never to return.

Tuminio stopped and could see the dark shadow a few feet away. He was amazed and astonished at the sight. Is this the Wraith?”. It looked fairly small from where he stood, but he wouldn’t know since he only saw the creature from a far back at the borderline. 

He heard the wolf call his name and quickly followed after him, still glancing back over his shoulders to see the shadow. 

They hurried up the gully but Tuminio kept slipping because of the blood on his paws. He was struggling to get up but gripped his paws to push himself up. When he was finally out of the gully, he asked panting, “Was that the Wraith?”

kai medallion RP by Encharm

“Was that the Wraith?” 

The same question was ringing through Kai's mind, as well. What was that? It was large, but compared to his memories of the Wraith, it had been tiny. Kai began to scramble down towards the river, panting. At the water's edge he waded in and then stopped, turning around to look back the way they had come. The creature--whatever it had been--hadn't followed them.

"No..." he said slowly, shifting his gaze to the other. "No, I don't think it was...." He frowned and looked back nervously. It was still high noon. The Wraith didn't usually attack in the day....

"We should return to our respective territories, I think..." He said quietly, looking up at the other wolf, noticing the fresh blood on his pelt. His heart skipped a beat. Who's was that? Had the Wraith killed again?!

They should leave, before it became two more...

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