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Decided to kick out an old journal and do a meme while I'm at it, just because I can.

1. Post these rules.
2. Chose 1 character you own and post 10 facts about them.
3. Tag 5 other people along with the characters you want them to write about, posting their avatars and the character names next to them.

So today, we're going to talk about Soaron, one of my lamest dweebs I rp with.  Soaron ref by JP-ZX-Shifter

1. He was originally supposed to have been a fakemon when I first made him. I still have that old sprite ref somewhere in my folders from my older laptop. Then I later drew him traditionally, remaking him into the original alien species now, a Feratherian.

2. Soaron actually was originally made to be in either a movie or a video game meant for an old console concept I also still have. It was called SKAVENJERZ and centered around Soaron and his best friends accepting a mission to Earth to find his dad, whom had gone to research on the planet. Either was going to be a platform or point n' click adventure game of sorts, which was never decided...

3. He's one of the youngest individuals on his planet to graduate early from the equivalent of college with a degree in quantum-bio computer engineering, which is most of their computing technologies that you can see on his shoulder in his refs.

4. Of course, like most computer geeks, he's not exactly athletic even though he gets out more. This puts him in various situations that tend to put him at a physical disadvantage, so everyone is busy saving his butt.

5. He was sort of like a couple of well-known fictional protagonists that try to save some missing family member, regardless of how much they knew about the situation. It even has typical complications, like how I had originally intended for him to find his dad, and at the same time, find that human partner he had throughout the movie/game was his half-sister from a previous affair.

6. Even though he didn't get that push into the entertainment world, he does exist in the roleplaying world like some of my other newer and revived OCs. He exists in the TETRION continuity, the independent-sister continuity of Deriino's IWTEOYF.

7. The continuity in #6 is where he, his best friend Zakk, and childhood friend Auora (who later get's separated between dimensions from them) end up meeting the IWTEOYF gang on a civilization-uninhabited planet that the latter was exploring.  RP Archipelago Map: Solecchina by Deriino

8. In TETRION, Soaron tends to be last person to get anywhere, since everybody else either outruns and/or outlasts him at running and walking. He also ties with various other characters who are known genius' in the group in some way, being only different because his expertise in his homeplanet's technology.

9. He has a bit of a nervous/shy streak in certain cases and can be easy to startle.

10. Despite being younger than him, he get's along well with Poochster  Poochster redesign by JP-ZX-Shifter who is more outgoing, easily accepting, happy-go-lucky in most cases. In contrast, he's turned off by Rektor Rektor iamanoc icon by JP-ZX-Shifter, mostly due to his overreactions, sporadic, easily-distracted, sometimes even over-bearing personality despite working with him as a lab partner.

And so I end the new journal with my tags, whom are unfortunately:
:iconderiino: - Noel Drewlie
:iconillusionconfessing: - Illusion the Zoroark
:iconthwill: - Thwill (even if we already know just about everything, WHO CARES)
:iconwolf-prince-leon: - Leon
:iconcoastharbour: - Mentos
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