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Transformers - Seacons

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-Drawing 119-

The hunters of the sea!
These are the "Seacons" from the Decepticon side.
Snaptrap [Leader - left middle]
Overbite [bottom left]
Tentakil [top left]
Nautilator [right middle]
Skalor [bottom right]
Seawing [top right]
I drew them all under the sea ready to hunt!
I had a rocking time drawing + colouring the Seacons for the first and also creating the under sea background was good practice.

Drawings to be continued... and Peace ^_^V
-Date Drawn-

Transformers © Hasbro
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Decepti-Cobra93Hobbyist Artist

Great job on this artwork. I really like this team because they have beautiful colors on them and I am a huge fan of aquamarine colors and their cool alt modes plus their combination.

I really think it would be cool if they attacked the yacht where the Rainbooms were on in Equestria Girls Spring Breakdown then they would fight back against them till the Autobots arrive.

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Nautilator needs more love dangit!!
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JP-V Traditional Artist
You're right! Thank you for commenting and faving!! <3
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Hi 1673, nice video, thank you very kindly for featuring and crediting this artwork in your video along with Ironhide + Ratchet, I really appreciate it!
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Darknlord91Hobbyist General Artist
awesome! I loved it when they appeared in Master Force.
have you ever made the Trainbots group picture? I've watched Headmasters, but I can't tell them apart. o only know one name. Getsui...s that the leader?
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Thank you very kindly Darknlord91! Yes they were cool and fun to see in anime form!
Of course, not yet its on my list to do! Yeah they all look very alike. It's actually Shouki who's the leader of the Trainbots. I've done fan art of them individually which you can see in my gallery.
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You drew/colored this Decepticon subgroup quite admirably.
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Thank you kindly! Yeah I wanted to show them clear and opposing as possible!
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Man do I wish these guys had made it over in the ameracain show exceallent pic sir well done!
JP-V's avatar
JP-V Traditional Artist
I couldn't agree more with you! I didn't like they were treated in Masterforce, as it was a let down not seeing their individual robot modes and character development, but I guess it was not meant to be and atleast we got see Piranacon/King Poseidon.

Thank you so much for the comment much appreciated cybermanprime42!
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adventuremaker16Student Writer
can you show kingposidon
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Hello adventuremaker16, of course I will though I plan to do him later in the future!
adventuremaker16's avatar
adventuremaker16Student Writer
thank you
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Wyn83Hobbyist General Artist
My favourite set of villains from Super God Masterforce. I love their colours. Now that I think about it, I don't think I remember seeing them in robot mode in the series?
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Excellent to know Sherwyn! No they never got robot modes in the series, they were portrayed as more deadly sea creatures which was interesting.
Thanks for the comment. =D
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very nice! love the colors
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Thanks very much! They are a colourful bunch.
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The original TRANSFORMERS toy line jumped the shark in the later years by introducing characters like the Seacons here, but seriously, this Decepticon subgroup in top-notch form!
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JP-V Traditional Artist
To have been brought up loving Transformers G1 toys and the cartoon series was so infinite to me. Realizing there are so many different characters I would of liked to have seen in the cartoon and these cons %100 would of been a brilliant sub-group to put in for crazy reinforcements!
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ryuzoProfessional Digital Artist
I love it when you draw characters I don't know cuz I really get to know all their little details. And the setting underwater is obvious but so well carried out.
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Your comment makes me so happy to hear that and grateful.

Much appreciated for liking my choice of the sea for Seacons of course!
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Piranacon in one of my absolute favourite toys. I really love this one, mate. Great composition and colours.

Really top effort.
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JP-V Traditional Artist
Yo Chiefticon!

Indeed he is a monster gestalt I would of loved to seen him on american G1 series but I can always make it!

Thank you so kindly matey for the comments!
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